343 Industries Not Working On ‘Halo 2: Anniversary’

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343 Industries Not Making Halo 2 Anniversary

After the success of last year’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, many players may have expected Microsoft to remake the franchise’s other original Xbox outing. This doesn’t seem to be the case, as 343 Industries claims that it is not working on Halo 2: Anniversary.

We reported on Halo 2: Anniversary over the weekend, after a quote from Official Xbox Magazine indicated that the title was in development at 343 Industries. However, a 343 Industries representative states (in an interview with ExpertZone, a website designed to offer training and information to Microsoft’s retail partners, reprinted by The Halo Council) that the studio is completely focused on the development of Halo 4, and is much too busy to work on a Halo 2 remake. Microsoft gave the obligatory “we do not comment on rumors or speculation” response.

However, just because 343 Industries is too busy to work on the game doesn’t mean Microsoft couldn’t hire another developer to do so. Although 343 worked on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the game was primarily developed by Saber Interactive. Certain Affinity also pitched in, though that studio is currently busy working on Halo 4‘s Forge tools, which leaves Saber as the most likely candidate.

Halo 2 Anniversary Not In Development

Microsoft previously stated that it has no plans for other Xbox remakes. That, however, was before the launch of Combat Evolved Anniversary. It’s hard to imagine Microsoft would ignore the amount of revenue a Halo 2 remake could bring in — and with Halo 2’s ten year anniversary coming in 2014, Saber Interactive (or 343 Industries, for that matter) would have plenty of time to develop the game (for either Xbox 360 or its successor). However, 343 will need to rethink how it presents the game’s multiplayer.

The Combat Evolved remake used a multiplayer set up similar to that of Halo: Reach, which released one year prior. With Halo 4 releasing later this year, it’d probably be in Microsoft’s best interest to update Halo 2′s multiplayer rather than have it play just like the latest title in the franchise. Part of the love fans have for Halo 2 comes from its online component, and with the game’s multiplayer no longer up and running, fans may be more interested in reliving past memories than simply playing Halo 2 maps in Halo 4.

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