Bungie may be leaving Microsoft after the release of Halo: Reach, but that certainly doesn’t mean that Microsoft doesn’t have other plans for the Halo series. A current job posting on the 343 Industries official site proves that Microsoft wants another Halo game ASAP.

The site clearly states that people should “join 343 Industries and be part of Halo history,”, so it would appear that they are certainly not being shy about the fact that they are working on a new Halo game. Although, the fact that the studio was created in the first place was to take over for Bungie and pump out more Halos.

The full message on the site says the following:

Halo is a rich and exciting universe that encompasses AAA video games, New York Times best-selling novels, world-class animation and much, much more. Just you wait. 343 is set to revolutionize gaming and entertainment by putting the industry’s fiercest talent in one room and diving for cover. Come be part of the awesome.”

You’d have to be pretty stupid to not want to be part of that awesome, and there are currently 24 different positions listed on the 343 Industries website. Some of the jobs available are Senior Character Artist, Missions Designer, and Lead Environment Artist, among many others that will all likely fill up quickly. For those of you who are going to apply for one of the positions listed, make sure you remember who gave you the heads up for the job if you land it — free Halo swag is never a bad way to thank a fellow gamer.

Game Rant’s speculation on the title is that we will likely see Master Chief brought back for a Halo 4. He is the face of the franchise and he didn’t even show up in ODST and apparently he won’t make an appearance in Halo: Reach either. I wouldn’t be mad if he reappeared – he is the only game character I know who jumped out of a spaceship and fell several thousand feet in order to “give the Covenant back their bomb.”

The new Halo is undoubtedly still in its early stages of development, so fans will have to make Reach last them at least a few more years when it releases on September 14th.

What plot line do you think the new Halo game will take? Do you want Master Chief to return?

Source: 343 Industries