343 Hiring Creative Director For Next ‘Halo’ Game

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More than a few skeptics were silenced when 343 Industries showed off a portion of Halo 4 at last week’s E3 2012 Microsoft press conference. Even so, there are sure to be a few who think that they’ve got a better idea of where to take the Halo series. Luckily for those optimistic game designers, a new job posting by Microsoft confirms that the next game in the franchise is currently looking for a new Creative Director.

The idea of a new Halo game already being in pre-production isn’t too surprising, with Halo 4 looking well on its way to critical and financial success. Since that new adventure in the life of Master Chief is likely to be the last on the Xbox 360, it’s never too soon to get to work on the game that very well could be the Halo installment that helps launch Microsoft’s next system.

With this in mind, it isn’t so surprising that Halo 4‘s Creative Director and 343 Industries parted ways when they did. It’s going to be all hands on deck as the team within Microsoft start to make the next generation of Halo games a reality. The Halo 4 concept artwork released looks like far more than a single game could do justice to, so the developers aren’t exactly starting from scratch. And while the studio might have the next decade of Halo “mapped out,” they’re currently looking for the person to take on the responsibility of leading the franchise somewhere new.

The job opening posted on Microsoft’s website claims the company is looking for “an experienced Creative Director to lead and deliver a groundbreaking new AAA entertainment experience set in the Halo universe,” which is more than a bit daunting. Josh Holmes has done the job of filling in as Halo 4 approaches completion. but 343 is clearly looking for someone with a proven track record. That might be a necessity, considering just how much broader the Halo universe has become, with the newly-revealed Spartan Ops and expanded multiplayer.

The job posting also explains that the Creative Director of ‘Halo 5’ will be responsible for delivering “AAA experiences that showcase the unique values of our platforms.” Whether the plural use of ‘platforms’ means that Halo might be launching on the PC as well (unlikely), or the wording relates to the still-experimental Xbox Smart Glass is unclear. The new tablet/console/smartphone integration is the most likely, and if that’s being considered in hiring candidates, it certainly backs up the claim that all Microsoft games will be putting their weight behind the new technology.

Expect an industry heavy-hitter to land the job, but exactly what past projects – and platforms – they’ve worked on may say much about the direction 343 Industries is taking the Halo universe.

Halo 4 will be released for the Xbox 360 on November 6, 2012.

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Source: Microsoft