It’s no secret that 343 Industries is developing a new Halo title, but they’ve worked hard to make sure that’s all we know. While we’d be happy to get any hints at all as to 343’s new game, the question on everyone’s minds is, will their first game be a Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake, or will it be a brand new installment of the franchise in the form of Halo 4?

Hints pointing towards both outcomes have dropped, with the Combat Evolved HD remake seemingly set to release this holiday, but there are also remarks teasing a continuation of Master Chief’s story. Now, a posting for a job opening provides a little bit of insight into what 343 Industries is doing with the Halo franchise.

“Microsoft Game Studios’ 343 Industries is looking for exceptional art talent to contribute to a new experience in the Halo universe. Teamwork, innovation, attention-to-detail and unbridled passion are characteristics we look for in all of our artists.”

The words “new experience” certainly seem to suggest that 343 Industries is hiring for a brand new, original Halo story. Many fans have praised Combat Evolved as being their favorite of the series and so support of the HD remake is fairly widespread. However, fans of the Chief have been waiting to see what was next in store for the hero since the bittersweet ending of Halo 3. While Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach introduced some great gameplay elements and improved on what was already the best multiplayer around, none of the stars of those games had quite the fan reaction that the Chief did. The characterization in the Halo games haven’t been deep to say the least (the novels do a better job of it), but there’s something about the Chief that sets him apart from the rest, and fans are eager to step into his boots once again.

However, one would have to ask, does going back to Master Chief constitute a “new experience”? Another part of the ad reads:

“The Character Artist will play a significant role in establishing and maintaining the vision for both new and redefined characters.”

Can this mean that we’ll be playing someone different in the next Halo game? New Characters doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll be playing as someone new, and “redefined” can mean pretty much anything as long as it involves one of the characters we’ve seen before. Perhaps the protagonist will be an unmasked, fleshed out version of Master Chief?

One thing is for sure; with all the emphasis on “new” and “redefined” content, it looks as if 343 Industries is focusing on Halo 4. With the HD remake of Combat Evolved set to release later this year, it’s possible that 343 has enlisted the help of another development studio to handle the bulk of that project while they set their sights on the new future of Halo. One thing you can be sure of is that Game Rant will update you with the latest news as it comes out.

Source: Gamasutra