One series that’s known for its cutesy characters and ‘E for Everyone’ rating is Nintendo’s immensely successful Pokemon franchise. The adorable exterior of each title manages to appeal to wide selection of gamers and fans, and users can’t seem to get enough of these titles — this much is evident by the fact that Pokemon X and Y moved more than 4 million copies in 48 hours. Yes, these adorable monsters really resonate with a particular audience, which makes it very disturbing to hear that these friendly creatures could easily take a life without batting an eye.

Fan-favorite YouTuber Vsauce3 has put together a brief video exploring the deadly nature of three Pokemon that are more than capable of murdering innocent people. One monster on the list may not even mean to make homosapiens burst into flames, while the other two are just stone cold killers that would make warfare and disposing of rotting corpses incredibly easy tasks.

3 Pokemon That Could Kill You

Despite the potentially deadly nature of the three Pokemon featured in this video, there are still even more creatures that are capable of obliterating the human race whenever they see fit. True monsters like Gyrados, Charizard, and Mewtwo (just to name a few) have the ability to devour, incinerate, and implode people, respectively. The first Pokemon movie, for example, featured Mewtwo killing his creators, so fans know it’s something that happens within the universe.

As many longtime players are well aware, Pokemon has a very dark underbelly that isn’t brought to light unless the game’s mythology is further analyzed. Some readers may have already seen Game Rant‘s list of the 10 most disturbing Pokemon, something that’s sure to turn a few heads in unadulterated horror, and is a prime example of the terror that lies just beyond the surface of this kid-friendly RPG series.

What do you think of the Pokemon listed on Vsauce3’s latest video? What other Pokemon do you feel would be more deadly?

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Source: Vsauce3