2K Teasing Upcoming Game With Mysterious ‘Advent’ Images

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Over the years, 2K Games has published a ton of noteworthy titles, including XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Spec Ops: The Line, and Sid Meier’s Civilization series. It’s helped bring gamers the powerhouse Borderlands franchise, the underrated Darkness games, and this year’s multiplayer hit Evolve. For 2016 they’ve got the FPS/MOBA hybrid Battleborn, developed by Borderlands vets Gearbox, and a Civilization Online MMO. So a new title from 2K is worth inclusion on any gamer’s radar.

And it seems that a new 2K game is indeed on the way. 2K’s Twitter feed has today begun teasing something called Advent, hinting at a mysterious dystopian setting surrounded by secrets and paranoia. At this point, the clues are few, but this close to E3 2015, a bigger reveal is almost certainly incoming.

It began earlier today with a tweet that included the image up top, along with the message “Luxury for the privileged few is outdated. This is the future of urban living. #ADVENT.” The tweet then linked to the website adventfuture.org. A later tweet took a darker turn with the following video, tweaking the slogan from the header up top into the more ominous “Move in today and FEAR the world of tomorrow!”

The Advent website opens with an image of a spinning globe beneath a mysterious symbol, along with Facebook and Twitter links inviting users to “spread the word.” It all looks very inviting – except for the fact that the image keeps glitching out, suggesting something isn’t quite right. On the surface, the site advertises something called the ADVENT Administration, which allegedly “strives to create a world free from hunger, pain, sickness, and war.” It positively reeks of 1984-style propaganda, an impression only strengthened by the fact that the rest of the site is vandalized with bold red warnings such as “Sign up at your peril” and “The ADVENT is lying to you.”

While the website is intentionally vague about just what ADVENT actually is, there’s talk of DNA splicing curing not only diseases but also mental illnesses. So we can assume that Advent the game will somehow incorporate these sorts of concepts, perhaps in BioShock-style powers that players can use, or else powered opponents they’ll be up against. Either way, things will unquestionably not be as rosy as the picture that The ADVENT Administration is trying to paint.

2K teasing Advent game - Advent concept cityscape

The website also includes lots of talk about “ADVENT City Centers.” These are presumably related to the tall building prominently displayed in the picture up top, and they are described as high-tech residential towers that “provide the comforts and amenities of a resort.” It all sounds well and good until you get to the part about the City Centers being protected 24 hours a day by “ADVENT forces.” Odds are high that gamers will spend much of Advent shooting those guys in the face, but this is just some friendly speculation.

2K’s Twitter has also shared several more pieces of Advent concept art.

2K teasing Advent game - Advent concept streets

2K teasing Advent game - Advent concept tower

Expect more teases to come from 2K’s Twitter feed in the weeks to come, and likely a ton more information about Advent at E3 2015.

Source: Twitter