Back in 2008, there was a hefty amount of rumors and speculation over the potential release of a BioShock or Civilization MMO from company owner Take-Two Interactive. While the prospect was delicious and not without its own rewards (like upcoming BioShock: Infinite), the idea of a Take-Two inspired MMO never really got out of the minds of players. Lucky for them: it never got out of the heads at Take-Two and they are doing something about it.

Take-Two officially announced yesterday that 2K has teamed up with XLGames to bring one of their IPs to life, in a massively multiplayer way. XLGames is currently helmed by founder Jake Song, responsible for games like Lineage and The Kingdom of Winds. “We have already been working together for a year on the game, and I can tell you this is one of the most exciting projects that I’ve ever undertaken” Song admitted, adding that this partnership was one that would capture both companies’ passions in cutting-edge technology.

“One of 2K’s key long-term initiatives is to bring our groundbreaking, triple-A entertainment experiences to broader audiences through emerging online platforms and markets… Our partnership with XLGAMES underscores our ongoing commitment to expanding 2K’s presence in online gaming and the Asian market by leveraging our creative expertise with companies that are proven leaders in the region. With the addition of the XLGAMES partnership, we have now announced three exciting projects to develop online games in Asia.”

Not much else is known about the MMO, other than the partnership with XLGames being an attempt towards an MMO with the Asian market in mind and that it’s based on one of the several 2K Games franchises. While it may seem that BioShock could be the first choice, given its popularity, it may take the form of Mafia, Borderlands… even dear ‘ole Duke Nukem. There is a lot of ground for XLGames and 2K to play with, and you can bet that come E3, they will have something shiny to show for it.

Sources: Take-Two Interactive, MMOnews