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team sonic racing review

Team Sonic Racing Review

Team Sonic Racing's co-op racing gimmick fails to elevate it above being an average kart racer, and its roster of racers feels lackluster compared to previous games.

observation review

Observation Review

Inspired by sci-fi classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Observation delivers an unnerving story with a creepy atmosphere that goes to waste thanks to poor gameplay.


Fallout 76 Review

Fallout 76 attempts to take the series into the world of always online multiplayer, but it may have left too much of the original franchise trademarks behind.

Deracine Review

Deracine is a bizarre story-driven adventure game that mostly nails the story, but is oftentimes frustrating to play due to some unfortunate design choices.


LEGO DC Super-Villains Review

LEGO DC Super-Villains does next to nothing to distinguish itself from past LEGO games, even carrying over some of the franchise's usual glitches and technical issues.

super mario party box art

Super Mario Party Review

Super Mario Party has some strong new ideas, but the game suffers from issues that have plagued the franchise for years, and the online mode leaves much to be desired.

donut county box art

Donut County Review

Donut County has a great art style, hilarious writing, and unique gameplay, but it's too short and its gameplay never evolves far beyond its core concept.

vampyr box art dr jonathan reid

Vampyr Review

Vampyr delivers top-notch story and atmosphere, but it's held back by serious technical issues, frustrating exploration, and dull, uninspired combat sections.

Perception Review

Perception has some good ideas, but it is ultimately a disappointment thanks to an annoying art style, frustrating gameplay mechanics, and an underwhelming narrative.

Brut@l Review - Brut@l logo

Brut@l Review

Brut@l is a clever homage to old-school ASCII dungeon crawler games, but its stiff difficulty, cheap deaths, and repetitive gameplay limit its appeal.


Ghostbusters Review

Ghostbusters offers a top-down co-op shooter with light RPG elements that fails to capitalize on the magic and humor of the supernatural franchise.

Umbrella Corps Review

Umbrella Corps Review

A boring excuse for a single player mode combined with a series of non-complimentary game mechanics have turned Umbrella Corps into its own version of a confused, shambling husk.

mighty no 9 new release date

Mighty No. 9 Review

Mighty No. 9 attempts to breath fresh life into the 2D platforming genre but it lacks the polish and magic that made Inafune's iconic series such a staple of 90s gaming.

Breached Review

Breached Review

Breached is a game that offers polished graphics for gamers to explore in the drone segments, but as the gameplay doesn't offer much challenge as it progresses.

Oxenfree Review

Oxenfree Review

Oxenfree is a mature look at growing up through the lens of a supernatural mystery, but awkward pacing and simplistic interactivity hold it back from excelling.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Review

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is a barebones installment of a beloved franchise on Wii U that leaves gamers with very little to do outside of a few traditional game modes.

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