EA’s focus on coop at E3 certainly didn’t do wonders for skeptical Dead Space fans, worried that Dead Space 3 will take the franchise in a more action-centric route. While coop definitely looks to be that way, the singleplayer footage in the above gameplay trailer is certainly more reminiscent of past titles in the franchise.

The latest Dead Space 3 trailer clocks in at just over twenty minutes and shows off brand new footage, as well as the coop sections seen during EA’s E3 press conference. Players will also see new and old necromorphs, as well as some Uncharted-esque action sequences.

Much like past games in the franchise, necromorphs drop ammo when killed. This time around, however the ammo they drop is universal. Those who loved resource managment in the first games are certainly going to be disappointed by this, as it alludes to more of an action title than a horror one. Issac is also seen picking up and item called “somatic gel” – though its purpose is not yet clear.

Dead Space 3 Feeder

Thankfully, there’s still plenty of good in the trailer. While EA and Visceral have showcased Dead Space 3’s coop quite a bit, this is the first time we get to see Issac alone, and the game still looks quite atmospheric. Even though players aren’t moving through the cramped corridors of derelict space vessel, the planet of Tau Volantis is still crawling with scares. EA says they ‘don’t want to piss of Dead Space fans‘, and from the solo gameplay alone they’re certainly sticking true to that.

Coop is, however, a big part of Dead Space 3, and those interested can also see coop footage in the trailer. Joining Issac is his John Carver, who was revealed prior to the official Dead Space 3 announcement. Rather than just shoehorn an extra player into the game, Dead Space 3‘s story and gameplay will make changes to incorporate the second player. The coop section Visceral shows off actually starts just a few minutes before the solo footage ended, and the scene plays out much differently.

It’s clear from this footage that Visceral has put quite a bit of work into making sure Dead Space 3 still appeals to old fans, while also opening up opportunities for new ones to jump in. Despite initial skepticism, Visceral’s latest is looking great – and just as pretty and creepy as ever. So rest easy fellow Dead Space fans!

Dead Space 3 releases in February 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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