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Zombii Attack Review

'Zombii Attack' Review

A new title for WiiWare by Gamers Digital, 'Zombii Attack' is the company's first foray into console-based gaming, promising a physics-based arcade-style zombie shooter. Read our review.

The Black Eyed Peas Experience (Review)

'The Black Eyed Peas Experience' Review

Is 'The Black Eyed Peas Experience' a worthy spin-off from Ubisoft's popular 'Just Dance' formula or is the game just an excuse to cover a no-substance 'Experience' with Black Eyed Peas stylings? Read our review.

Thor God of Thunder Nintendo 3DS Review

'Thor: God of Thunder' 3DS Review

Long after its console brethren, 'Thor: God of Thunder' has finally landed on the Nintendo 3DS. Is the Norse god's 3DS debut an electrifying one or does it fail to spark any interest? Read our review.

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem Game Rant Review

'Worms: Ultimate Mayhem' Review

'Worms: Ultimate Mayhem' offers a bundle of two classic games with new content, but is it enough to justify a purchase or does the package fail to impress? Read our review.

Nail'd Review

'Nail'd' Review

Nail'd is the latest ATV and Motocross racing game from the developers at Techland. Can this budget title keep up with the leaders of the genre? Read Game Rant's review to find out!

Arcania Gothic 4 Review

'Arcania: Gothic 4' Review

The Gothic RPG series gets its fourth offering, this time from a new developer. Can Spellbound Entertainment pick up where Piranha Bytes left off? Find out in our review!

Rocketeer HD Review

'Rocketeer HD' Review

It has it's own set of problems and shortcomings, but if you're looking for an app to pass the time, Rocketeer HD is worth 99 cents.

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