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the blackout club review

The Blackout Club Review

The Blackout Club squanders its promising premise of a 4-player co-op adventure with repetitive gameplay and a lack of compelling content.

the sinking city review

The Sinking City Review

The Sinking City is yet another Lovecraftian horror game that fails to live up to expectations, largely thanks to a flood of technical issues and tedious gameplay.


Metal Gear Survive Review

Thanks to overbearing hunger and thirst systems, unintelligent enemy AI, and an utterly forgettable story, Metal Gear Survive is the worst game in the series yet.

skykeepers review

SkyKeepers Review

SkyKeepers has some snippets of fun gameplay, and a couple neat ideas, but the overall package offers up more frustration than fun alongside a general lack of polish.

1 2 switch review

1-2-Switch Review

As one of the first-party launch games for the Nintendo Switch, 1-2-Switch has its high points but ultimately falls short of being anything but a mildly entertaining party game.

MilitAnt Review - MilitAnt gameplay

MilitAnt Review

MilitAnt's poorly implemented targeting system combined with its weak visual presentation and mediocre platforming gameplay squander its interesting premise.

Party Hard Review - Party Hard logo

Party Hard Review

There are some things to like about Party Hard, but overall, the game feels like a half-baked experience that doesn't evolve beyond its basic premise.

Dinocide Review - Forest

Dinocide Review

Dinocide from AtomicTorch is a throwback to the NES era of gaming in more ways than just its 8-bit style graphics - it also has plenty of archaic, frustrating gameplay.

Cibele Review

Cibele Review

Cibele is a mature interactive game based on a true story which tells the story of Nina, a young 19 year college student who falls in love with a man in an online videogame.

Back to Bed Title Screen

Back to Bed Review

Back to Bed looks like a surrealist painting, but the similarity is only skin deep: this isometric puzzle game is as conventional and uninspired as they come.

'Infinity Runner' Review

'Infinity Runner' is a valiant attempt to bring endless runner gameplay to consoles, including a unique werewolves-in-space storyline, but it's gameplay is hit-or-miss.

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