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GR Pick 80s Game Nightmares

Sometimes when a video game bases its story on a real life situation, they end up going over very well (take Black Ops for example). Other times, when a film uses another storyline as the foundation for a video game, fictional or not, the result can be awful.

The always-clever folks over at College Humor put together a little “What if” video that imagines what games based on popular moments from the 80s would look like. All of the staples are there including the Berlin Wall, the Jamaican Bobsled team and even a Milli Vanilli lip synching game (take that Rock Band).

Imagine that you fire up your system and instead of playing through one of the solid 80s titles like Donkey Kong, you were stuck playing as Ronald Regan trying to tear down the Berlin Wall with a mallet. Field of Dreams is absolutely a classic baseball film, but what if you’re entire team was made up of baseball’s legends in ghost form. It’d be pretty hard to tag the guy stealing second if you’re hand goes right through him.

See if you recognize all the 80s references in the video below:

Many of the imagined games emulate the popular moments from the situation/piece of media and portray them as the key moments in the game. They might not be fleshed out games but some of the titles actually seem believable.

Though many of these games  would have been considered appallingly bad, it doesn’t mean that those titles released in the 80s were all classics. If College Humor had decided to throw in actual gameplay footage from E.T.,  many might pass it off as just another parody. E.T. might very well have been the inspiration for this entire video. Either way it's great to think about what might have been.

What classic 80s moments would you like to see recreated in video game form? Which of the games shown do you wish was an actual game?

Source: College Humor

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