One Pokemon GO field tester uploads footage taken from the Pokemon GO beta to YouTube, revealing how Pokemon are captured, as well as how evolving and leveling works.

Pokemon GO has had Pokemon fans excited since its announcement nine months ago, but not many have actually gotten their hands on the game. While Pokemon GO started field tests last month, only a select few were chosen, and the rest of gamers are still waiting for their shot. One gamer has taken it upon himself to share some footage from Pokemon GO with those who haven’t been lucky enough to play it themselves.

It should be noted that field testers of Pokemon GO aren’t supposed to share any footage or inside information regarding the Pokemon GO beta test, but obviously that’s not stopping YouTuber Rob Van Dyke. The gamer has leaked sixteen minutes of Pokemon GO footage online, revealing quite a bit about how the game works.

The video, seen below, begins with the game’s Pokemon capture system. Rob’s character can be see wandering the world map until he encounters a wild Pokemon. Once a wild Pokemon appears, the camera switches to a real-time view of the world with the augmented reality Pokemon displayed over it, which looks rather impressive for a mobile title. After capturing it and showing the details of the captured Pokemon, he also briefly shows Pokemon GO‘s Pokemon Gyms in his area, which can be viewed from a distance but have to be within range in order to challenge the gym leader.

Each Pokemon capture grants the trainer EXP, and more experience is awarded if the player has never captured that particular Pokemon before. Gamers are also awarded EXP for fulfilling goals, like walking a certain distance or capturing a certain type of Pokemon.

Rob Van Dyke also demonstrates how leveling and evolving Pokemon works in the video. Unlike traditional Pokemon games, leveling and evolving a Pokemon in Pokemon GO requires certain items, which can be acquired from drops or the Pokemon shop. If Pokemon GO ends up having microtransactions, this is probably where they will come into play.

Perhaps most shockingly is that trainers are allowed to carry up to five hundred Pokemon. Chances are this is just a beta function, as the ability to transfer Pokemon to a Professor does exist; the finalized game may enforce a strict limit on the number of Pokemon a trainer can carry at any given time.

It may be quite a while yet before Pokemon GO is released to the public, and not everyone is convinced that Pokemon GO will be a good experience. Whether the Pokemon GO manages to be a success or not, videos like these are a nice treat for gamers who won’t be able to play it until the finished product releases.

Pokemon GO is set to release sometime in 2016 for Android and iOS devices.

Source: YouTube