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LIT Review

WayForward Technologies and GAMEPUMP have ported the light-versus-darkness puzzle title LIT over to the PC platform, but was doing this a bright idea?

We Are Chicago Review

We Are Chicago Review

Culture Shock Games aims to take players on a tour through the tough life of Chicago's youth in We Are Chicago, but the game struggles to do its subject material justice.

Back in 1995 Review

Back in 1995 Review

Back in 1995 is a game that aims to make gamers feel like it was 1995 again, and while it succeeds in garnering a retro aesthetic, it falls far short everywhere else.

Chasing Dead Header

Chasing Dead Review

Horror-themed FPS Chasing Dead suffers from a lack of all-round polish, resulting in sluggish and sometimes confusing gameplay and awkward graphical issues.

Blood Alloy: Reborn Review

Blood Alloy: Reborn Review

Suppressive Fire Games releases Blood Alloy: Reborn after a failed Kickstarter campaign, but problems with basic gameplay elements hinder a title that had potential.

Yasai Ninja Review

Yasai Ninja Review

Marred by awkward camera controls and sluggish gameplay, Yasai Ninja's content doesn't deliver on the zany premise of a feudal Japan inhabited by ninja vegetables.

Toren Review - Moonchild

'Toren' Review

'Toren's artistic approach is marred by finicky controls, a troublesome camera, and gameplay that feels more like small proofs of concept than a cohesive product.

NBA Live 14 Review

'NBA Live 14' Review

Read our 'NBA Live 14' review to see why EA Sports' attempting at reviving the series might just be he the weakest next-gen launch title.

LocoCycle Review

'LocoCycle' Review

Read our 'LocoCycle' review to find out if Twisted Pixel can successfully introduce their trademark combo of unique combat and zany humor to the Xbox One.

Zombie Slayer Diox Review

'Zombie Slayer Diox' Review

The downloadable eShop title 'Zombie Slayer Diox' was released on the 3DS just last month. Does the rhythm-focused zombie game manage thrill consumers, or is it better off being left for dead? Read our review.

Reality Fighters Review

'Reality Fighters' Review

'Reality Fighters', was built to show off the PlayStation Vita's AR capabilities but is the title also a competent fighting game? Read our review.

Amy Game Reviews

'AMY' Review

The latest entry in the survival-horror genre is dividing players and critics alike, so what do we think of stealth hand-holder 'Amy'? Read our review to find out.

X-Men Destiny Review

'X-Men: Destiny' Review

Activision and developer Silicon Knights fail to bring a good story or good gameplay with 'X-Men: Destiny.' Read on to see why this game never should have been made.

Supremacy MMA Game Rant Review

'Supremacy MMA' Review

505 Games promised a superior UFC-style fighting game with 'Supremacy MMA,' an arcade-inspired brawler, but does the title beat similar gamers into submission or flail around the mat in pain? Read our review.

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