Now now, before you become upset and accuse me of being a Modern Warfare 2 hater, hear me out.

I love the Call of Duty franchise, and have been playing them since the first game on the PC.  That being said, the high price of the new map pack ($15) has caused a little bit of an uproar in the gaming community.

I definitely agree that the price of the content is a little too high, and sadly have the feeling that Activision and good old Bobby Kotick are gouging us on the price because they know we’re going to buy it anyways.  It’s too bad for us gamers, especially since we helped Modern Warfare 2 become one of the best-selling games of all time.  You would think that they might thank us by pricing the DLC reasonably, but that’s not the case.

Xbox Live is filled with so many fantastic games priced from $10-15 that it makes the DLC’s price seem even sillier.

So what I’ve done is made a list of 15 games (shout out to fellow GR writer Rory Young for the idea) that I think are great alternatives to spend your Microsoft Points on if you choose to protest against this map pack.

By no means is this a definitive list, just some personal suggestions.

$15 Games (1200 Microsoft Points)

  • Shadow Complex – An absolute no-brainer.  One of the best games that 15 bucks can buy [ link]
  • Trials HD – Super-addicting and a game that brings out a bit of the masochist in all of us [ link]
  • Castle Crashers – Great co-op fun, and and a must have for the platform [ link]
  • Portal: Still Alive – If you haven’t played portal yet, then I urge you to do so as soon as humanly possible [ link]
  • Battlefield 1943 – Solid multiplayer FPS fun in a value-priced package [ link]

$10 Games (800 Microsoft Points)

  • Peggle – One of the most addictive games of all time [ link]
  • Mega Man 9/10 – Great classic fun, and 10 releases the day after the map pack comes out [ link]
  • Perfect DarkFantastic high-definition redo of the classic N64 game [ link]
  • ‘Splosion Man – Explosive platforming fun with a comedic twist [ link]
  • Puzzle Quest – Fun mash-up of puzzle and RPG games, and in my opinion, much better than it’s ($20) sequel [ link]
  • Geometry Wars 2 – Great twin-stick shooter with addictive gameplay and vivid colors [ link]
  • N+ – Concentrated platforming in small level-by-level doses.  Hundreds of levels and the ability to create your own [ link]
  • Every Extend Extra Extreme – A strange but engrossing musical-gaming experience [ link]

$5 Games (400 Microsoft Points)

  • Chime – Great little puzzle game that benefits charity to boot [ link]
  • Peggle Nights – Add-on pack to Peggle, and easily worth the small price [ link]

Bonus: Freebie (0 Microsoft Points)

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIP Map Pack 2 – It doesn’t technically add any new maps, but it allows you to play two current maps on different game modes.  Free to all players with VIP access, and the pack comes out the same day as MW2’s

When March 30th rolls around, the choice is yours.  You can either support Activision’s dirty practice, or show your love for some other XBLA titles.  Don’t worry though, if you buy the map pack, we won’t tell anyone.