14 Year Old Makes Six Figures Playing Fortnite

fortnite teen makes six figures

For many Fortnite fans, it will come as little surprise that Epic's battle royale sensation is providing significant income for a number of dedicated players. In fact, the extremely popular content creator Tyler "Ninja" Blevins reportedly made $10 million in 2018, with 70% of this revenue coming from his Fortnite-focused Twitch and YouTube channels. However, some may be amazed to learn that a player as young as 14-years-old is now making a six-figure salary off of the game.

Griffin "Sceptic" Spikoski is a teenager living in Long Island, New York, and he has found considerable financial success through playing Fortnite. Last year, this success was to the tune of approximately $200,000, income that was generated partly by Spikoski's Twitch and YouTube-based content.

Indeed, Spikoski's YouTube following is significant, with over 1.2 million fans currently subscribed to the 14-year-old's channel. This all began nine months ago when Spikoski uploaded a video of him eliminating Tfue, another well-known Fortnite player. This video now has 7.5 million views, and its success solidly established Sceptic as one of the Fortnite elite.

Since then, Spikoski has continued to hone his skills, playing Fortnite for approximately eight hours on a typical a day, and up to 18 hours on weekend days. The young man is forthcoming when he says that he plays "a lot," but his parents, Kathleen and Chris, have embraced their son's passion and success.

This support has materialized as transitioning Spikoski to online schooling due to the distractions being caused in the traditional high school setting by his success. Spikoski's parents have also hired an accountant and financial adviser to make sure this new income is being managed properly.

So too, Sceptic seems committed to making the most of the money he is currently earning from Fortnite. Specifically, he has indicated that he will be saving this income to be used for something like college or a house if his ongoing success were to falter.

Whatever the future may hold for Spikoski, this young man is certainly living the dream of many Fortnite players. While games like Apex Legends may look to topple Epic's juggernaut, it certainly seems that there is still plenty of demand for Fortnite content creators.

Fortnite is available now in early access for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Daily Herald

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