12-Minute Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer Now Available!

Battlefield 3 12-Minute Gameplay Trailer

Yesterday, we posted the new and beautiful Battlefield 3 'My Life' trailer which acted as a teaser of sorts for the upcoming release of the 12-minute gameplay video. The full 12-minute preview we thought would release when the official Battlefield Facebook page hit a million 'Likes', but it's only three-quarters there and the video is now available!

It's still important to 'Like' the page however, as when they hit a million, the trailer with commentary from Battlefield 3's producer will be released, offering lots of more insight and hints at what's to come with Battlefield 3.

You've likely been following the series of Fault Line episodes from DICE and Electronic Arts which act as Battlefield 3 single player trailers and what they've lead to is this: the complete 12-minute Fault Line trailer which fills in all the gaps of what was only offered in glimpses before.

For a more complete look at Battlefield 3's single player campaign, watch and enjoy:


The graphics, lighting and animation are top notch and seamless (thank you, Frostbite 2 engine!), but this gameplay trailer is taken from the PC version of Battlefield 3. The PS3/Xbox 360 console versions will unfortunately be scaled down in both graphics and the size of its multiplayer maps. That means that the console gamers won't be taking advantage of the biggest maps Battlefield has ever offered.

We've now seen and re-seen the gameplay from this level several times and while DICE has unleashed a plethora of assets and media for Battlfield 3 already, they've been relegated to this particular mission.  Battlefield 3 reportedly contains a 12-hour campaign so we've barely seen much at all of the final product. Considering there's half a year left before the game hits shelves, that's a very good thing.

We hope to see more of the vehicular action and the co-op campaign with the next set of trailers, the former of which can be very briefly seen at the end of this 12-minute gameplay trailer.

Battlefield 3 releases on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall, possibly on November 2nd.


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