100 Golden Wrenches: Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update Goes Live

Team Fortress 2

The time has come, fellow Team Fortress 2 mercenaries, the Engineer Update has gone live. Golden Wrenches have been randomly bestowed upon 100 lucky crafters over the course of the past week, culminating in today's update. It's been a long journey involving some now banned Gold Wrench script monkeys, but we've finally arrived.

What, you might say, are the rewards? Check below to see exactly what you can equip your Engineer with, and become the talk of your TF2 server:

Team Fortress 2 - Engineer Update - Frontier

Frontier Justice: It's time to lay down the law. The Frontier Justice is being hailed as the new holy grail of offensive engineers. You put your sentry in an aggressive area, get a few kills, lose your sentry and then pull out your Justice for some automatic critical hits as you regain your cover. Paired with the Gunslinger item the Frontier Justice may be quite overpowered, but we'll get to that later.

The Wrangler: The Wrangler, if equipped, has the potential to completely change how an engineer plays. Allowing the player to take full control of their sentry, The Wrangler allows an unprecedented amount of damage to be dealt. With double the fire rate, and an increased missile launch at level 3, an Engie with a turret could be the ultimate last line of defense. It also looks as if the Engineer will be able to control his sentry from a safe distance, giving just a bit more protection from spies.

The Gunslinger: Simply put, The Gunslinger looks awesome. Never mind the +25 health, or combo-attack three punch auto crit. No, you're going to want the Gunslinger simply for the Combat Mini-Sentry. Build it 4x faster, deploy it for only 100 metal, and run away! You've got a machine gun wielding sidekick you can deploy anywhere for extremely cheap.  I'd love to see if this can be used in conjunction with a normal sentry for spy protection.

Either way, if you equip yourself with the Gunslinger and the Frontier Justice and you're an automatic juggernaut of an engineer. Toss out a combat sentry, get a few assists and lose your turret, then you can quickly toss up another combat sentry and then wander with your crit-tastic shotgun.

The other addition in the new Engineer patch is a Hightower, a payload map on a mountain. Payload has always been my favorite map type, due to the dynamic team combat and situational fights. Intelligence and death match maps are always about securing the exact same points with the exact same classes, but Payload really mixes things up. Can't wait to try this thing out.

And there you have it, the long awaited Engineer update. The last major class update has now gone live. Where will TF2 go from here? Are you happy with the Engineer Update? What am I saying, stop reading... go play!

Source: Team Fortress Blog

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