10 Pro Tips For Pokémon Go You Should Know

While it may not be the monster it was when it first released, Pokémon Go is still one of the most popular mobile games out there. The formula was so successful that Nintendo even worked certain gameplay mechanics into the Let’s Go titles – though that was met with some mixed reception.

Pokemon Go may seem simple enough, but there’s plenty you can do to ensure that you succeed at the game. It isn’t all just walking and swiping – though that is a pretty big part of the game. Here are 10 pro tips for Pokémon Go that you should know.

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10 Learn Types and Advantages

This is just kind of a given, but seeing as how Pokemon Go’s audience is comprised of both series veterans and newcomers; you can imagine some players might not be too well versed in type effectiveness. If you’re having trouble during battles it could very well be that you need to brush up on it.

Simply powering through your enemies won’t always cut it. Reacquainting yourself with whatever type effectiveness chats you can find out there will do wonders for you in those close call battles.

9 No AR Mode

So the whole pull of Pokemon Go is that it’s an immersive experience that makes it seems as though you’re catching and training Pokemon in the real world. That’s a great selling point, but it’s a novelty that quickly loses its charm.

The game is fun enough with the AR mode turned off. It also runs better, uses less battery, and depending on what kind of phone you’re using, could solve some performance issues.

8 Don’t Rush Into Raid Battles

Raid Battles are an enticing option for many trainers, and while the payoff is high no good will come from rushing into them. Think about it as you would an RPG; you need to put in a little bit of time and grind a little before fighting it out with the big guns.

Going into a raid battle unprepared is just detrimental to your party. You’ll have all of your Pokémon faint and end up having to use revives and potions that could’ve been put to better use if you remained patient.

7 The Importance of Incubators

One important mechanic in the game is hatching eggs. Aside from getting new Pokémon, eggs give you XP and candies that will always be useful. Incubation is something to keep in mind when trying to hatch eggs.

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The two go hand in hand. Everyone starts off with an infinite incubator, and then gains different ones as they progress through the game. Different incubators hatch eggs quicker, so prioritize 10 and 7 km eggs in the limited use ones.

6 Manage Your Bag

This is pretty much the case for any game that allows you to carry a certain number of items. While finding and adding items to your inventory is easy, managing what you have can get tedious if you don’t keep an eye on it early on.

You should also manage which Pokémon you keep on you. With raid battles and gyms being the ultimate goal, don’t hang on to weaker Pokémon. Trade them in right away and keep catching while repeating the process over and over.

5 Poké Stops Are Important

It might go without saying for some, but don’t underestimate the value and convenience Poké Stops bring to the table. Failing to replenish consistently will cause you problems later on, so be sure to spin that wheel whenever you can.

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Because they’re so easy to find and spread around so well, Poké Stops should be a regular part of your routine when playing the game. Don’t forget to revisit them as much as you can, as it doesn’t take all that long for them to reset.

4 Transfer, Transfer, Transfer

One of the key core mechanics in Go is transferring your Pokémon and exchanging them for candies. It’s a huge shift in how series veterans are used to playing the game. This method emphasizes quantity over quality – with players singling out their strongest Pokémon and using the rest in order to buff them up.

It may not be something you’re used to doing in a Pokémon game, but this is the only way to get those high level Pokémon you see in gyms.

3 Take Advantage of Lucky Eggs

With so many small mechanics at work, it’s not impossible or players to overlook some of them. Even the most beneficial ones. Lucky Eggs are something you should absolutely be putting to use if you haven’t already.

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Lucky Eggs double the amount of XP you earn for 30 minutes. If you use these to your advantage this can make things go way smoother when leveling up. The best time to use a Lucky Egg is when you know you’ll be catching/hatching a lot of Pokémon and when you see a lot of Poké Stops nearby.

2 Choose A Rare Companion Pokémon

Companion Pokémon have been a popular feature that – much to the frustration of fans, haven’t always made it as a game mechanic. But keeping such a feature out of Go just wouldn’t have made all that much sense.

Companion Pokémon are great for accumulating candy – though it’s at a fairly gradual pace. With this is mind, it would be best for players to keep rarer Pokémon by their side. That at least makes evolving them a little bit less challenging and tedious.

1 Field & Special Research

Research mechanics are a relatively new mechanic to the game, but despite that they’ve proven to be pretty impactful. It’s something worth noting and keeping up with, as they offer some pretty unique perks.

If you find some of the field research tasks are too tedious or difficult to pull off, it’s best to delete that task and bank on getting something a little easier. Research can get you some pretty rare Pokémon, so don’t overlook it.

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