As anticipation for Pokemon Sun and Moon reaches a fever pitch, we can’t help but speculate on which Pocket Monsters will secure Mega Evolutions in the pair of new games.

Despite being the two most anticipated Nintendo-published games arriving in 2016, there’s still a lot that fans don’t know about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Eager trainers have already fallen in love with the new trio of starter Pokemon – with Rowlet becoming the clear-cut favorite in the eyes of one Game Rant editor – but there’s still so much of the new adventure that’s up in the air. The new Alola region is sure to be accompanied by a copious number of exciting additions, and there’s little doubt that Mega Evolutions will be a major part of the new games.

This got us thinking about Pocket Monsters that we believe deserve the ability to temporarily achieve a Mega form, and we walked away with a list of over ten beasts. Since many can be grouped together given their synonymous natures, there are a few instances on this list that include more than one monster. With that noted, here are our suggestions for Pokemon most deserving of a Mega Evolution in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.


pokemon sun moon solrock lunatone mega evolution

Let’s get the most obvious candidates out of the way first. Given the fact that the new games are subtitled Sun and Moon, there’s no question that Solrock and Lunatone are almost locks to be on the receiving end of brand new Mega Evolutions. As for the form these two would each take, it’s not hard to see Mega Lunatone becoming a full moon, while Mega Solrock can take on the form of a red super giant star. Regardless of how it would pan out, these two Rock/Psychic-types became all the more relevant thanks to the reboots of their debut games for the 3DS, Ruby and Sapphire, and they’d make for some truly interesting options for any Pokemon trainer.


pokemon sun moon mega tropius

Prior to the arrival of Sun and Moon‘s Rowlet, there were only five other Grass/Flying-types in existence, and one of them was none other than the brontosaurus-inspired Tropius. This winged banana tree fits all too well within the new Hawaii-based Alola region, which means it has to be a frontrunner to receive an evolution of some sort. Given that the creature only has one form, it seems like a great candidate for a Mega Evolution – at least just so those that have always been hoping to add the rather awesome-looking beast to their team can do so without any fear of regret.


pokemon sun moon mega hydreigon

This three-headed tyrant is one of the more terrifying featured in Pokemon, as is evident by its Pokedex entry which states “the heads on their arms do not have brains. They use all three heads to consume and destroy everything.” Given the personality traits of this monstrosity, a Mega Evolution would only dial up the intimidation factor to unfathomable levels. Maybe it’ll just become a gaping winged-maw, or perhaps it’ll simply sprout several more heads. Whatever form a Mega Hydreigon would take, there’s little question that it would become a powerhouse for trainers the world over.


pokemon sun moon mega raichu

As the evolved form of Pikachu, Raichu has been given a shocking amount of flak since its debut. Sure, it was the powerhouse of Lt. Surge’s team in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, but the final evolution has taken a backseat in recent years – while its pre-evolutionary form has continued to flourish. Recent games have even given incentives for trainers to keep Pikachu around, such as the ability to dress up certain types of the electric rodent. So, it should go without saying that Raichu needs a little love, too, and giving it a Mega Evolution would be the perfect way to go about doing it.


pokemon sun moon mega dragonite

Alright, so maybe this is here because the premise of an item call ‘dragonitenite’ is almost too good to pass up, but it’s also about time that the famed Poke got its own Mega Evolution. Often heralded as a rival to Charizard amongst fans given its similar – albeit infinitely more cutesy – appearance, Dragonite would make for one of the more interesting Megas thanks to its established popularity and spread of potential attacks. Whether this would alter the typing of the beast or simply give it some stat boosts, it’s something that fans have wanted for quite some time already and it needs to finally happen.


pokemon sun moon mega mew

Many wannabe Pokemon Masters have probably been wondering how it is that Mewtwo has been on the receiving end of two Mega Evolutions, while the creature in which it shadily originated from has been left out to dry. Developer Game Freak has yet to issue a response to such observations, but all could be addressed if the studio simply made Mega Mew a reality. Admittedly, the Psychic-type’s notoriety as being a giveaway-exclusive Pokemon is likely the culprit behind its lack of a Mega, but those that are in possession of the mythical monster are probably chomping at the bit to beef up its stats just a little bit more.

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