10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed In God Of War PS4

While God Of War isn’t exactly an open world game, there are a ton of places to explore and secrets to find. Whether it’s hidden treasure, imprisoned dragons, optional bosses, or entire realms tucked away in the corners of Midgard there is a lot to find.

For players who approached these games with no walkthrough and considered the game finished after the credits rolled, they likely missed a ton of these. It’s highly recommended you give another look at this great game and explore some of these interesting areas hidden away in the game.

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10 Muspelheim

In the Norse mythos there are nine realms, and if you were paying any attention you’ll know Kratos and his boy only ever visit seven of them. The other nine realms, the Primordials, are accessible as well.

The fiery realm of Muspelheim said to be the realm where Midgard draws it’s warmth, is found after locating the four Muspelheim Cipher Pieces. On a first playthrough some of these ciphers will be locked away by elements of the story and are only accessible after beating the game, which is why many players will never find the realm naturally.

9 Niflheim

The other realm for Kratos to venture into is the realm of fog, once said to be a pleasant place of snow, rain, and water the dwarves tinkering has turned this place into a toxic hell hole. Inside this noxious realm is a labyrinth where players can grind out echoes of mist in order to craft one of the most powerful sets of armor in the entire game.

Similar to Muspelheim the only way to access this realm is by finding the four Niflheim Cipher Pieces which can also be locked away by the story. But if you want something interesting to do in New Game + this hidden realm is the place you’ll spend most of your time.

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8 Niflheim Valkyrie

Located in the shifting labyrinth buried in Niflheim is yet another secret location that many players either never found or accidentally stumbled upon. If Kratos can survive the noxious fumes of the mist he’ll find buried in the labyrinth a Valkyrie, one of the eight the player has the option to fight.

It’s one of the more difficult fights in the game, especially if you haven’t crafted any gear to help you survive the mist. But finding and beating this optional boss is critical to accessing the final optional boss of the game and another hidden spot.

7 Valkyrie Queen Boss Fight

Located in an area called the Council of Valkyries is a ruined throne room with eight red thrones sitting in a circle. This mysterious area houses the final optional boss found in the game and arguably one of the toughest fights Kratos will encounter.

After placing all eight helmets from the other Valkyries on the thrones the Valkyrie Queen will spawn. If the player manages to defeat this secret boss they’ll be granted the Valkyrie Armor which if you’re a runic based build is the most powerful armor in the game.

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6 Other Gods Chamber

This is a fun Eater Egg that has staggering implications. After Kratos effectively slaughtered every major god or goddess in the Greek Pantheon he relocated to Midgard for safety and peace. But as he starts rustling feathers in the Norse mythos there’s a hidden Odin Chamber that suggests it probably wont stop there.

There’s a large stone tablet depicting a familiar scene from the story line surrounded by four mysterious symbols. These symbols represent four distinct ancient cultures, the omega symbol for Greek mythos, the eye of Horus for the Egyptian mythos, the Triskele spiral for the Celtic mythos, and the Mitsudomoe swirl for the Japanese mythos.

5 Fafnir Prison

One chain of optional quests the player can tackle is the feat of freeing three dragons. These dragons were once dwarves who through extreme greed were cursed to transform into reptilian beasts. Others seeking their vast hoards of wealth imprisoned the dragons in hidden locations throughout Midgard.

The first dragon, Fafnir is located in the Lake of the Nine, hidden between the Alfheim Tower and the Njord’s Oarsmen. The player must find the three shrines imprisoning him and destroy them, which are either in plain sight or hidden as well.

4 Otr’s Prison

Otr is another dwarf turned dragon who has been imprisoned and hidden away like Fafnir. Otr is located in the area of Veithurgard and is only accessible after the player has the ability to travel across the Lake of Nine. It also requires the player has traveled through the Veithurgard Pass, so if you haven’t gotten that far you may need to wait a bit.

His second shrine will take a bit of exploration and the third shrine will take some puzzle solving and combat to discover.

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3 Reginn’s Prison

The final dragon and the end of the optional quest to free the dragon’s is Reginn and he’s located in Konunsgard. He’s a bit easier to find than his reptilian peers, but his shrines can be a bit complicated to locate.

The first is right in front of him and the third is below him so neither should pose much of a problem. But the second one does require a bit of trek to find and can be difficult to locate if you aren’t following a guide or know where to look.

2 Captain’s Boat

A running joke in the God of War series is how Kratos repeatedly  haunts the life and afterlife of an NPC known as the Captain. He was the captain of the boat that Kratos was on when he fought the Hyrda King in the first game. Throughout the series Kratos would encounter this individual either in combat, in Hades, or find references of him in different areas.

In God Of War Kratos can find the wreckage of the Captain’s ship with in the waters of the Lake of the Nine. The player receives the Boat Captain’s Key and a journal entry explaining a crew member seized control and somehow piloted it to Midgard.

1 Top of Muspelheim Tower

The best hidden area players can find is where the most powerful weapon in the entire game is located. Reaching this hidden area was part of a meta secret hidden in a Cloth Map delivered with the special edition of the game.

This Cloth Map covered in Norse Runes was successfully translated by the fan base and details instructions on how to reach the top of the tower located in Muspelheim. Those that traversed to the top and followed the instructions found the Forbidden Grip Of The Ages, a powerful weapon that augments all of Kratos’ stats.

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