10 Of The Hardest Shrines In Breath Of The Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has had Zelda fans hooked ever since it was released on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U in 2017. The game was one of the first games released for the Nintendo Switch and has remained among the most popular on the console. This game is the latest in a long stream of Legend of Zelda games and has a huge, open world with a lot to discover.

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One of the main parts of the game is solving all the shrines in the game. Shrines are scattered all throughout Hyrule and come in different forms; they can be puzzles or mini-boss fights and tend to all be pretty tough. They either test Link's strength or his mind and give him special rewards.

To see 10 of the toughest shrines in Breath of the Wild, keep reading!

10 Keo Ruug Shrine

Keo Ruug Shrine is located in the Korok Forest in Central Hyrule. After entering the shrine, you'll see constellations on the walls with different patterns. Then, on the floor there are large circles, a few of which have spheres in them. If a sphere is put into one of the circles, the color of the lights in the circle change.

This puzzle is like many of the other puzzles in Breath of the Wild in that it doesn't exactly give the player a lot of instruction. You're forced to look around and take clues from the shrine and figure out how to solve it. In this shrine, the solution is to move the spheres into the circles to match the constellations.

9 Myahm Agana Shrine

Myahm Agana Shrine is definitely one of the most frustrating shrines in Breath of the Wild. This shrine takes advantage of the Switch's motion controls in a really fun way. Although it's a lot of fun, the motion controls are super precise and it's pretty frustrating.

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For this shrine, Link has to guide a sphere through a maze using the Switch's motion controls to tilt the maze around. Although this doesn't sound that difficult, there are open spots all over that can cause the sphere to fall right out and force Link to start over.

8 Wahgo Katta Shrine

Wahgo Katta Shrine is a shrine that is located between Hyrule Field and West Necluda. This shrine forces Link to use his Magnesis Rune in order to move metal objects around inside the shrine. Although this may seem simple since the Magnesis Rune is one that Link uses regularly throughout the game, it's a lot more tedious than it sounds.

Having to stack all these metal objects throughout the shrine using the Magnesis Rune isn't as easy as it sounds. Link has to stack them exactly right so that they don't knock each other over and so that he can climb them to get onto the next platform.

7 Dako Tah Shrine

Dako Tah Shrine is located slightly to the Northeast of Gerudo Town. This shrine is one that has several steps, meaning that it can get pretty tedious and take quite a while to do. On top of having several steps, there are a lot of places where Link can slightly mess up and end up dying, forcing him to start the shrine over. Yikes!

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This shrine forces Link to use his knowledge of how electrical currents work in order to turn on platforms, open doors, and make his way through a pretty tricky maze. But be careful, it's easy to take a wrong step and get shocked.

6 Mirro Shaz Shrine

Mirro Shaz Shrine is located near Pico Pond. Upon first glance, this shrine seems like it's a pretty easy, straight-forward one to solve. Although it's definitely not complicated to take a look around and figure out what Link needs to do in order to get through it, it's not as easy as it may initially look.

In order to solve this shrine, Link needs to walk up to the large sphere resting on the platform behind the railing. Equip the Iron Sledgehammer found in a chest at the beginning of the shrine and use your Stasis Rune on the sphere. Once it's frozen, use the Iron Sledgehammer to hit it straight ahead. The goal is to have the sphere land in the hole up ahead, over a large moat. It may seem easy, but the precision makes this tough.

5 Hila Rao Shrine

Unlike the other difficult shrines in Breath of the Wild, this shrine isn't actually that hard to solve. Once you're inside, it's simple to get through the challenges that the shrine presents. This shrine is actually one where the challenge comes before you even step foot inside the shrine.

Outside of the shrine, there's a woman named Magda and a maze of flowers planted. Anyone who has played Breath of the Wild and run right past Magda and over the flowers will know that Magda gets pretty angry. The challenge to getting into this shrine comes from the fact that Link has to get through the maze of flowers without stepping on a single one.

4 Daka Tuss Shrine

The Daka Tuss Shrine is one that is located in the Lanayru Region of Hyrule on an island that is fittingly named Shrine Island. Be careful, this island is typically guarded by Lizalfos and sometimes there's even a guardian wandering around in the area. But the battles that Link has to face outside of this shrine aren't the only challenges.

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The puzzle featured in this shrine is somewhat tedious. It's not exactly difficult, but it can be frustrating because it's easy to mess up one little thing and have to start a large portion of the shrine all over again. In this shrine, Link has to use his Magnesis Rune to guide a bowl through a pool of water and move spheres through the puzzle.

3 Rona Kachta Shrine

Rona Katcha Shrine is located in the Forgotten Temple to the southeast of Snowfield Stable. There are 12 separate shrines in Breath of the Wild and while many of them are shrines that either test Link's physical strength or problem solving skills, there are also some that just reward Link for managing to find the shrine.

Rona Katcha Shrine is one of the ones that rewards you simply for finding it. If you're able to get through the Forgotten Temple without being taken out by one of the numerous Guardians that call it home, the shrine will be unlocked and Link can go inside to get his reward.

2 Lakna Rokee Shrine

Lakna Rokee Shrine is located just outside of Kakariko Village and is part of The Stolen Heirloom quest. It's located in the forest just outside of the village, and anyone who has gone to the Fairy Fountain there has likely seen the large platform that is part of this shrine and the quest it's attached to.

The guards outside of Impa's house will tell Link about how thieves stole an important heirloom from Paya, the girl that lives in the house with Impa. At 10PM, one of the guards will leave his post to go into the forest outside of the village. Wear some stealth armor and follow him until a Yiga Blademaster appears, advancing the quest.

1 Kayra Mah Shrine

Kayra Mah Shrine is located in the Eldin Tower Region, in the northern part of Hyrule. Navigating around this area can be pretty tough and it's impossible to get around without some serious heat protection, so it's important to stay away until Link has gotten the full Flamebreaker Set.

This shrine unlocks itself after Link completes the A Brother's Roast quest, meaning that it's already a somewhat tricky shrine because a quest has to be completed before you can even enter it. The shrine itself is also pretty tough because of the large, rolling boulders that come down a slope to Link and can crush him if you're not careful.

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