The 10 Best Weapons In Remnant: From The Ashes

Remnant: From The Ashes is a phenomenal action based horror game that some fans have described as a post-apocalyptic Dark Souls with guns. Players are tasked with taking down monstrous creatures born from the Root using a variety of weapons.

It’s a tough game and requires dedicated and patient players to twist their way through the story to the game’s final brutal moments. While any expert can beat this game with any weapon, there are a number of weapons that are relatively easier to obtain and make things a lot easier.

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10 Particle Accelerator

This long gun utilizes Black Sun Dust to fire powerful rounds into the enemy from a distance with a 4X scope. Staying away from bosses is almost always a good strategy and this weapon ensures you remain dangerous at a distance.

It’s biggest perk is the Gravity Core mod that deals 50 damage and spawns a black hole that drags enemies to the center for a few seconds. After that time the black hole will explode dealing massive damage to those caught in it’s center. It's a great weapon for bosses and groups which is why it makes the list.

9 Devastator

The Devastator is another strong weapon which fires spikes at the enemy. While the weapon must be reloaded after each shot it does deal 32 damage and it’s special ability is great when fighting bosses or spongy enemies.

The Skewer mod enables the wielder to fire a massive spike at opponents dealing 125 damage with a good chance of causing stagger and bleeding over time. It’s great for taking out a chunk of the enemy's health and then watching them bleed out as you keep your distance and avoid attacks.

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8 Shotgun

The staple of any horror game, the shotgun makes an appearance in Remnant: From The Ashes and serves as one of the best weapons in the game. It deals 130 damage at mid to close range and can fire off five blasts before needing to be reloaded.

The reload time is a little obnoxious and the fire rate isn’t great, but with a large spread and strong damage it hardly matters in most fights. It can also be custom fitted with a weapon mod giving it versatility.

7 Coach Gun

The coach gun is very similar to the shotgun, but with some noticeable differences. It’s damage is lower at 102, the gun must be reloaded after two shots and it holds a total of 26 ammo. But the reason it ranks higher than the shotgun is that it can be fired faster and reloaded sooner meaning it has better DPS over time.

It also has a smaller spread, which can be a boon if you have good aim or a bad thing if your aim is terrible. This is good for players who use hit-and-run kiting tactics which is what you should be learning to do if you plan on surviving long-term in this game.

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6 Repulsor

Crafted from the Root itself, this weapon is very alien in nature and serves the player as a great weapon. It has the same range as the coach gun and deals 100 damage. It can fire five shots before reloading and has a decent ammo capacity of 30.

Where this gun really shines is the Banish mod built into the weapon. This special ability banishes targets to another dimension for several seconds. When they come back they receive 1.5 times the standard damage for 10 seconds. This is great for thinning the herd in groups or for removing problematic foes during boss fights.

5 Ruin

This weapon is honestly less about damage and more about survivability. It deals 19 damage, has great fire rate, can pop off 30 shots before reload, and with a total of 150 ammo you can do some decent damage from a distance with the 3X scope.

The real benefit to this weapon is the special ability from the Undying mod. When fully charged the user can be revived from death with 33% of their health. They also come back with damage reduction and immunity to status effects for a few seconds. It’s great for those bosses that manage to surprise you with devastating attacks.

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4 Sniper Rifle

This weapon is the best long-range weapon hands down, but it doesn’t rank higher because you’ll need to switch to something else in close range fights or when the enemy finally chases you down.

It deals an impressive 135 damage and must be reloaded every shot. If the 10% critical hit chance kicks in then most weaker enemies will go down in one or two hits which is great for ammo conservation. In boss fights you’ll want to either kite the enemy or have a friend draw aggro.

3 Beam Rifle

This weapon is the result of mixing arcane forces with modern technology and makes for a great weapon when fighting the unholy Root spawn. It deals 24 damage and the high fire rate will chew through the 30 rounds in your magazine pretty quick. But with 180 ammo it’ll serve you for a while.

For such a rapid fire weapon it has a surprising range at 20 meters. With this weapon you can carve enemies with a powerful beam that deals radiation damage. The longer you hold the trigger the more damage is dealt, just keep an eye out for overheating or you’ll have to wait for it to cool down.

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2 Sporebloom

This weapon is a beast at close range dealing 160 damage with it’s explosive blast. Sure you’ll have to reload each shot, but you can’t beat the raw single-shot DPS and it’s a lot of fun to use.

Another strong incentive to use this weapon is the Sport Shot mod that comes built in. This fires an explosive bullet that deals 50 rot damage on impact with an AOE for 2.6 meters. After the explosion a noxious cloud will hover in the area for several seconds poisoning any enemies trapped inside.

1 Assault Rifle

With the number of enemies you’ll be facing, the variety of boss tactics, and situations, the best weapon in the game is the assault rifle because it’s the most diverse. It's good at mid to long ranges with some decent stopping power at close range means you aren’t likely to switch to another weapon for any reason.

It deals 19.5 damage at full auto for 24 shots, with a 168 ammo capacity you can use this weapon for quite a while. Fully upgraded this will cut through enemies like butter at mid range and serves the player for most of the game in most situations.

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