The 10 Best Cybertruck Gaming Memes

tesla cybertruck memes

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently pulled back the curtain on the company's first electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck, at its design studio in Hawthorne, California. As seen above, its design is definitely eye catching, as it is not the shape many would expect for a new truck. But, for the most part, its base version is indicative of that of a reasonably priced new truck. While interested consumers could opt into a "self-driving option" for an additional $7,000 or its top-end Tri Motor AWD version for $69,900, the base price is $39,900.

But while trucking enthusiasts may be looking at this truck as a strange, yet real-world vehicle, gamers saw it in a different light: as something related to gaming. Comparisons to Halo vehicles have been made and the literal sharpness of the truck to age-old graphics has been as well, all in true Internet meme form. Given Elon Musk's announcement recently occurred, these popped up rather quickly -- even by the standards of the Internet.

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The glory of these memes is really how deep into gaming culture they go. Whether its referring to the Cybertruck's design as something from the PS1 era, fitting it into old racing games or even newer ones like Cyberpunk 2077, or using the variety of Elon Musk memes out there as a jumping point, they are truly tier notch memes. Here are the 10 best Cybertruck Memes that were made following its reveal.

Cybertruck 2077

cybertruck 2077

Many could describe the Cybertruck as Cyberpunk, and then it's just a skip and a hop before a connection to Cyberpunk 2077 is made. For many, this may be the best Cybertruck meme simply because of the aesthetics.

Rocket League's Cybertruck

It's a Warthog!

halo cybertruck

There are also some similarities between the Cybertruck and Halo's Warthog. While it's not an exact 1:1 comparison, it isn't a stretch to put these two together either.

Grand Theft Cybertruck

Polygonal Cybertruck

cybertruck pokemon meme

Pokemon is a constant in the meme world, and the sharpness of the Cybertruck isn't unlike the sharpness of the Pokemon Polygon. A few variations of this meme have been made, including a Cybertruck Polygon special edition, which sounds like the perfect fit for those enthusiastic for trucks and Pokemon.

Cybertruck on PC

Cybertruck's Interior

Cybertruck Derby

cybertruck destruction derby

The 2003 Cybertruck

cybertruck racing 2003

Need for Speed Heat may be the latest racing game to grace the market, but it's hard to imagine the Cybertruck in its fictional city. A racing game from 2003, on the other hand, seems like a perfect fit, with this meme rolling up graphics, the Cybertruck, and age all into one solid meme.

Cybertruck and Tomb Raider Side-by-Side

tomb raider cybertruck

One of the most spread memes thus far involves the Cybertruck and Tomb Raider. This side-by-side highlights how graphics in games have evolved, but once again beats on Cybertruck's design by comparing to an old, blocky Tomb Raider game.

More memes will like rise over the next few days, but there's little doubt that Musk has made a splash with his new Cybertruck, but perhaps not in the way he intended. That said, Musk is well-versed in memes and gaming, so there's a possibility he foresaw this, but either way, many will consider this an impressive truck for its specs, if nothing else.

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