It’s been little more than a week since Notch revealed the first batch of information for 0x10c, the 3D space game currently in development by the beloved indie creator. Before that, we didn’t even have a title to go with. Now we’ve got several screenshots to keep us guessing at what kind of game this is going to be, and you can certainly see the Minecraft-inspired portions – as well as a new level of 3D modelling that Mojang fans will be unaccustomed to.

The game will be a subscription-based MMO, which will provide an interesting challege for Mojang. While they’re online system for Minecraft is certainly popular, their system of updates keep server administrators busy clearing out those new bugs. In an online environment, the same system of updates could wreak havoc on gamers and servers alike. For now, though, we’re just excited that we have something to go along with the brief description for 0x10c.

Take a look at the screens for yourself here:

0x10c Prototype Screenshot Textures

While the main features of the games are still being kept secret (it’s likely Notch hasn’t finalized any gameplay plans yet), it’s interesting to consider whether the computer screen featured in the screenshots will play a role in the game. In one screenshot, the screen reads “The keyboard works here, yay” which was likely entered by Notch in-game to test out the feature.

If you’re wondering why the computer system of a spaceship reads that it has 64K Ram, Notch already provided context. The ship was launched in 1988, and due to an endian-calculation error the crew of the ship were put in a cryogenic sleep for trillions of years. With the current startdate at 281 474 976 712 644 AD, you’ve awoken to a universe on the brink of desolation – what happens after this, however, only Notch knows.

What do you think about this first look at 0x10c? Does it look more-or-less like what you expected?

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