007 Legends Villain Contest

While it is presumed that each storyline in 007 Legends will follow along with a classic Bond narrative (six to be exact), there is one element of the game that will be wholly original. Activision just announced today a new contest that gives players the opportunity to be featured in the game as a villain character.

This contest should not be confused with the other meta game that is taking place for 007 Legends, which allows players to uncover details about which Bonds will be in the game and to win in-game prizes and rewards, it’s a completely different entity. For this contest gamers are asked to submit a picture of themselves in the most villainous looking get-up they can create in the hopes of making it into the finished game.

The rules for the ‘Get in the Game’ contest state that participants can either dress themselves up or digitally alter their look in Photoshop, but the submission period ends of May 22nd. After that, on May 25th, the community will be allowed to vote between 10 finalists to determine whose villain character will be added into the game.

It’s unclear, based on the brief blurb that Activision sent out regarding the contest, where this fan-vote villain character might fit into 007 Legends, but either way getting yourself into a video game is a cool honor. Perhaps if the game incorporates some sort of multiplayer component ala GoldenEye then that individual who wins the contest could have the added benefit of playing as themselves online.

It’s almost like Activision and Eurocom would rather hold a wide variety of contests and games than actually reveal to fans which Bonds will be featured in the game. We already know that this year’s Skyfall would play a part in the story, but beyond that we’re left to speculating.

For full details on the contest, including where to submit your likeness, head on over to the 007 Legends official site.

Do you plan on submitting your picture to 007 Legends in the hopes of being cast as a villain? What would your James Bond villain’s name be?

007 Legends is targeting an October 2012 release date for the PS3 and Xbox 360.