The first trailer for the highly anticipated next entry in the James Bond franchise, Skyfall, was just released and with it came a short teaser for 007 Legends, the Activision-published game that will feature six missions based around storylines from classic Bond films. Unfortunately, or actually fortunately, the trailer for 007 Legends has only been released as part of a super trailer and follows the first look at Skyfall.

What is revealed after Skyfall‘s teaser (starting at around the 1:24 mark) is pretty exciting and extremely illuminating, and finally crosses one Bond film off the list of potential candidates. As is shown in the trailer, Moonraker, starring Roger Moore as Bond and featuring the iconic villain Jaws, will be one of six missions featured in the game. The film isn’t held in that high of esteem, but in the climax of the film James Bond does battle with Hugo Drax all whilst aboard the super villain’s space station, which makes for perfect video game fodder.

Though Eurocom was believed to be developing a first person shooter very much in the same vein as GoldenEye, no one could have imagined how well they would capture the intense action of a Bond film. Not only does the trailer feature more than its fair share of gadgets, including the eponymous Moonraker laser, it showcases some pretty thrilling action sequences.

It feels like 007 Legends will be taking a page out of Call of Duty‘s book and go for a more cinematic, guided experience as players experience the storylines from Moonraker and five other Bond films.

007 Legends Moonraker Trailer

With Moonraker now confirmed for 007 Legends, and Skyfall rounding out the Bond super collection, that leaves four more classic film storylines yet to be revealed by Activision. It’s still unclear how Eurocom plans to transition between each of these Bond missions, but at this point gamers’ focus is squarely on the reveals. It would be nice if they take a gander at our wish list for the game, but as long as Eurocom includes each Bond actor we’ll be happy.

What do you think of this first look at 007 Legends in action? Do you think that Moonraker was a good choice for the game?

007 Legends releases October 16, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.