GDC 2011: ‘Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’ Gameplay Trailer

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Skyward Sword GDC Gameplay Trailer

At GDC today, Nintendo gave gamers yet another glimpse at The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in action via a new trailer. Contained within the footage are looks at the various gameplay mechanics the player will be tasked with executing and some of the foes with which those mechanics will need to be utilized to defeat.

While the first section of the Skyward Sword trailer is focused on the very Wii-centric actions of the game — slicing in vertical, horizontal or diagonal paths — the second half is classic Zelda, only with some Wii functionality thrown in. Everything from the signature puzzles to the way in which enemies protect themselves requires a different Wii-mote application, something that was largely absent from Twilight Princess.

Unfortunately, this focus on the Wii-mote has made a large number of fans very wary of Skyward Sword, especially in the controls department. After a less than optimal outing during last year’s E3, many called into question how precise and how fine-tuned the controls of Skyward Sword will be.

See for yourself in the trailer below:

GDC was a perfect opportunity to prove that indeed the controls do work, but not wanting to repeat the “Wi-Fi Gate” of 2010, Nintendo instead chose to go with pre-recorded footage, a much safer option.

Still, despite not being able to evaluate how the game plays live (based on this trailer), there are still a lot of positives contained within it, most notably how inventive the character designs are. It certainly was one thing to show off some enemies holding their sword in a particular orientation, but some of the enemies seen in this trailer take that idea to an entirely new level. The footage also offered a brief look at a new character who may be a main baddie, perhaps the Skyward Sword figure?

Skyward Sword Trailer - Mysterious Figure

Still holding on to their spring release date, Nintendo is not being very forthcoming with a timeline for the game. Keeping mum about an official release date might be a bit frustrating to some, but when it is a game this anticipated and one that has a lot of gamers wary, it might be better to give it all the development time it needs.

What do you think of the gameplay in general? What do you think of the new enemies and the way in which they will require the player to slice in various orientations? Who do you think that mysterious character is?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is believed to be a spring release on the Nintendo Wii.

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  • greenbomber

    Does the combat look slow to anyone else? It just seems like Link is taking a lot of time to swing his sword. Im not complaining… cuz it looks more realistic. Especially with the shield getting sliced up. That was tight.

  • Jacob Siegal

    I am scared. This does not excite me at all. Show me more so I can go back to believing every Zelda is perfect!

    • J.C. Reeves

      Agreed. This seems very bland for a Zelda game.

  • Ostego

    The graphics are nice; not TOO realistic, but not Cartoonish.
    The game play so far seem’s a BIT slow…They should have shown him exploring an open field, or something a bit more eye-grabbing, instead of small rooms, doors, and mob fights; players love the layout of the Zelda series and the sights to be had.
    And it might just be me, but seeing that button layout kind of made my hands wince a bit; controls will be fairly awkard, as no doubt, Nintendo will be exploring different controls than they had with the Wii version of Twilight Princess. Let’s hope they allow the GC controller to be used (I know, that statement is going to annoy many gamers.) if the controls are viewed as clunky during the testing stages.
    Other than that…excited, kind of. They didn’t impress like they could have.

    • Soulinvoker

      I just had to comment on that baddie picture. That mesh is horrible, and that toon shading looks like it was before the gamecube was made. The rest of the game looks great though, just the baddie picture looks bad. XD I don’t think that is actually the main bad guy though. I would have liked to use the gamecube controller on Twilight Princess, but this one seems to use the wiimote better. :-/ The gameplay didn’t seem any slower to me, but maybe the player was just trying to demonstrate how the game reacts to your movements. The shield being shopped up was pretty cool, but yeah, they didn’t impress like they could have in this zelda game. :( I just hope the combat is a bit more difficult than Twilight Princess because all the enemies in that game were easy. :-/

  • John

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