First Major Xbox One Update Details; Will Improve Party System

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Xbox One Major Update Details

After nearly 3 million gamers lined up on day one, or shortly thereafter, to pick up an Xbox One console, the first part of Microsoft’s job was done. They got the console into the homes of excited gamers, and introduced them to the next phase of the Xbox experience.

However, although the Xbox One boasts a few intriguing console exclusives, cool TV functionality, and a proper base platform, there are still plenty of ways the console can improve. And that’s exactly what Microsoft hopes to do in the next few months: make the Xbox One better for the end-user.

Speaking at CES, Microsoft’s Marc Whitten revealed that the first major update for the Xbox One will likely be targeted at the console’s social features. The Xbox Live experience is still in need of a considerable amount of polish — specifically with regards to parties — and Whitten hopes those issues will be smoothed over by the first update.

 “The feedback we’ve gotten is pretty valid; some of the social stuff is hidden or harder to use than it was on the Xbox 360. So you’re gonna see us come out with an update where, well, we’re going to fix those things. As a person who’s been pretty involved in building Xbox Live for the last decade, I take it pretty seriously when people say it’s harder to get into a party, and the defaults aren’t right, and I don’t like the model. So what I’m trying to do with the team is kind of theme some stuff up. Let’s take an update and really go through a big list of what we’re hearing from customers, what we know is broken with the architecture, areas that we want to improve or complete. I think that’s a theme you’ll really see us push on — that Live experience.”

Obviously, if you’ve read our 5 Features the Xbox One is Missing at Launch post then you know the Xbox One is very much a work in progress. Simple features like support for YouTube uploads were missing from the launch product, which came as a disappointment.

Microsoft Xbox One Resupply

As far as those features, chances are we won’t get an update like that until some time after E3 2014. As Whitten explains, Microsoft’s plan is to outline a series of changes that will hit between E3 2014 and next year’s event.

“My general strategy at E3 is to talk about things that are gonna happen from that E3 to the next E3. So, we are not yet to the next E3.”

Unlike with the Xbox 360, however, the Xbox One will see a greater frequency of updates. Some will be the usual large-scale updates, which typically introduce a new look for the dashboard and add oft-requested features, while others will be smaller, background updates that make the console run a little faster.

“You’re still gonna see the big, ‘Hey, here’s the cool stuff we’re doing.’ But you’re also gonna see the box just get better faster than you did in the past.”

The good news is that Microsoft is working towards making the Xbox One user experience better, but it’s nonetheless disappointing that party features were so troublesome at launch. Social interactions are a key pillar of the console experience, and they are borderline broken on the Xbox One, or at least not worth the headache if you plan to do anything more than play a single game with a handful of friends. Here’s to hoping this first update comes sooner rather than later.

What changes would you like to see introduced in a future Xbox One update? What areas should Microsoft target first?

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  • dario

    the achievements should be easier to access

  • Cariannis

    Maybe allow people to fully customize their start page? Nah that sounds to much like a good idea.

    • Tyler

      You have full customization of your Pin, what else do you want?

      • Cariannis

        Full customization of the start page like I said. I’m pretty sure it was right there in my post.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    There is something else missing like share videos to Twitter or Facebook and other important thing and question is: WHERE ARE OUR FREE MONTHLY GAMES TO THE XBOX ONE LIKE THEY PROMISE!!?? We have no free games while PSN is giving their users a free game a month! That is very dissapointing.

    • Tyler

      The never said you were getting a free game from launch, they said you’ll get detail in 2014.

  • COREY_1993

    i still find it insane that ms managed to screw up the thing that xbox players boasted about last gen.

  • Tristan

    I would like to be able to see my storage device and how much ive used or the amount of space remaining

  • Rukawa

    Easy access to Party
    Smoother UI
    Low battery indicator
    Dolby Digital surround sound support for headsets

  • Marty

    They need to keep working to make the kinect better if they want it to hit the mainstream like they would like it to. My biggest issue is I listen to music from my pc on separate speakers and I love to listen to music especially when I play video games. The kinect usually has trouble picking me up if I’m listening to music.

  • numba53

    How about volume control through the controller, smart glass can do it why not the controller

  • Hd guy

    Lets make sure xbox one can handle 1080i

    • Mike

      Agreed, my 360 is still my main console because the Xbox one does not output 1080i. My main TV is a first gen HDTV that simply can not display 720p or 1080p. 1080i is a must for me.

    • kjdeutin

      The Xbox One has no problem outputting 1080p. It’s the developers who are having problems optimizing the console.

      • Mike

        I know it outputs 1080p. I need 1080i.

  • JustinGI91 (gamertag)

    All of the apps and features from Xbox 360 transferred over to Xbox One. Also the fixing the feature of Xbox Snap so that while watching movies/videos only the audio from the snap is heard. A mid dash screen menu while playing games, it’s easier for creating parties, inviting friends, and doing pretty much everything. The feature to rips music onto your Xbox and play music while in game without snap screen. A storage app to delete and control memory space, especially when game installation is required, which isn’t the best feature to force onto customers. Battery icon when energy life is low.
    Most of all keep games the main focus when marketing to the public and not on features; this is why Sony’s PS4 beat you by 1.4 million units sold. Innovation is great for creating a new target audience, but not at the cost of your main focus group which is the gamer.

  • simon

    You should be able to see a list of people you have recently played an online match with so you can befriend them, just like the 360, because not everyone can remember the crazy gamer tags that people have. What’s the point in the follow feature when you can’t find them to begin with?

  • simon

    They also need to make it available to change whether you want the hand gestures enabled or not. When I have been watching netflix while eating a meal, every time I bring the fork to my mouth it senses it and pauses the movie. Can get pretty annoying. Kenect is a great idea, it just still needs work.

  • Tanner Kendrick

    I want to see them make it possible to game online and chat online with people who have xbox 360s.

  • bryan

    i want to see them come up with a way so you can play xbox live with people who have xbox 360. kuz all my friends have 360.

  • S1GK1LL

    I have been a gamer consistently since the NES. What I miss about the older systems is that they worked out of the box. They performed their one job as game consoles without the level of issues myself and others are experiencing with the Next Gen consoles.

    I want the party system to be simple and to work. Period.
    I want to be able to join my friends chat parties w/o having to be sent an invite.
    Why can’t I send a ‘join’ request?
    I want an easier method of accepting party invites from in a game or application.
    I want games and apps to work instead of failing and require to be force closed or a system restart.
    I want cache to age out and/ or for newer data to be written over the oldest cache.
    I should not have to unplug the power brick and do a cold reboot to solve this problem periodically.
    I want the out of memory # errors with COD Ghosts to go away, why is this even a problem on a ‘Nex Gen System’?
    I want the connection errors, invalid game session errors, and poor connection quality of COD multiplayer to be solved.

    I want a sense of exclusivity with the system. So far every major game release and every game release announced so far will be released on current and ‘Next Gen’ consoles. This leaves me thinking what was the point of buying this system? I could have stayed with the 360 and saved $500+

    Most importantly I want to have my confidence restored in this product. I struggle daily with how I feel about this console. I hate its lack of reliability and the endless number of disappointments I experience with it. Yet I love the new friends I have made and the good times we have when the system works.

    I would like to come home from work start my system, join a party with my friends, and play a game until I am ready to log off. Its sad that what should be a basic expectation of a game system is now a feature I am asking to be fixed in an upcoming patch.

    • general stoner

      Your problems seem to mainly be with c.o.d mate not the system. Blame the developer not the xbox I have 6 games on xbox one (not c.o.d) and have not had one of the problems you mentioned

  • Big Red One

    I own at xbox one and a 360 which are total diffent… I was a sony fan for the frist metal gear solid ps sony system then I switched to xbox 360
    now when I upgrade from systems I UPGRADE I do not downgrade…
    I wasted $700 on the console and games/assoritys which im not happy about AND WHY???

    1] I cant access my hardrive (mircsoft bunch of tool bags) WRONG
    2] I have no idea when my controller is gona die (no power bar)
    3]the connect isn’t good and is just like the last one (??)
    4] theres no option to send a voice message anymore ( are you kidding me ??) WRONG
    after all that you couldn’t even make a design or an exestuation to the xbox one or app for backward combabilty? that would of redeemed your self xbox!!! not including the whole xbox one seems like it doesn’t want to work it feels like its CHEAPLY MADE… which it is compared to sony….
    I wont be surpised if the wii 2 is better then this system

    xbox get your head out of your bums and fix what you started!!! because your losing coustomers and fans very quickly and if you don’t have the people that have knolage hire sonys personal!!!