EA: PS4 and Xbox One ‘Ahead’ of High End PCs; Microsoft Thinks 1B Units is Possible

May 24, 2013 by  

PS4 Xbox One Ahead of High End PCs

Although we don’t have the complete picture regarding either the PS4 or the Xbox One, we know both consoles are leagues above their predecessors. But just how powerful are these new machines, and more specifically, how do they compare to current high-end PCs?

With PC gaming becoming not just an alternative but a preferred option for games over the past few years, these new consoles will, at the very least, have to match the rigs gamers use today. And thankfully, according to Electronic Arts‘ CTO Rajat Teneja, they do.

In fact, Teneja believes that the “architectures” of these new machines are a “generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market.” Not on par with, but actually superior to current-gen PCs.

“Our benchmarks on just the video and audio performance are 8-10 times superior to the current gen. The compute capabilities of these platforms and the data transfer speeds we can now bank on, essentially removes any notion of rationing of systems resources for our game engines.”

Although the quote is sure to generate a heated discussion, it’s unclear if Teneja is suggesting the PS4 and Xbox One are a generation ahead because of their compute capabilities or raw hardware. At a glance, the PS4′s hardware appears to be on par with a current high end PC (not the highest though), but that’s not taking into account the dedicated processor for background downloads, and how the various moving pieces will work together.

The Xbox One, on the other hand…well, we don’t know too much about Microsoft‘s console, only that it features 8 GB of RAM and “8 billion transistors.” Teneja gushed about both consoles, though, so you have to believe Microsoft is working with similar hardware all around.

PS4 Used Games Sony

It’s also important to mention that the PC market is flourishing not only in raw power vs. the current-gen systems but in game offerings with the popularity of free-to-play MMOs and services like Steam; in fact Nvidia just unveiled the GTX 780. But, for the time being, and maybe for the foreseeable future – and according to EA’s CTO – the next-gen consoles are ahead of the curve. We’ll see when Battlefield 4 comes out and is benchmarked on all platforms.

However, with talk of machines that are as powerful as $1,000 PCs, one has to wonder just how expensive these consoles will be, and how well they will sell.

Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi thinks that with the way the Xbox One is targeting not just gaming, but also cable services, that the next generation of Microsoft consoles could be looking at moving “a billion units.” This generation, Mehdi believes, is about 300m units, and if consoles were strictly about gaming, that would translate into 400m units for the next-generation. But a cable initiative blows the roof off those predictions. Will the Xbox One actually move a billion units? Unlikely, but it’s good to dream big.

Do you think that the PS4 and Xbox One will end up outperforming high end PCs at launch? Does Microsoft have a shot at selling 1 billion units?


Source: GI.biz, OXM


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  1. @Ken J
    The Windows OS is not made for the hardware in the same way that the PS OS is made for the hardware. it is easy to see why and if you don’t know why it is because Computers in basic do not run the same hardware so the have to make the OS work on all types of hardware. but on the PS OS the hardware and OS is made to match. so when you run a game on a PS system it is going to run better than the Windows system

    • @Glenn

      You’re basically talking about drivers, and driver issues are also another thing that’s quickly becoming a thing in the past since more and more things are being integrated into the motherboard. Before our biggest problems were with audio card drivers. Now everyone just uses the integrated sound in the motherboard. And for the most part video graphics drivers work pretty well. A lot of people download third-party drivers for their graphics that could either increase performance a lot or cause problems, but that’s all by choice and isn’t required.

      Right now the only problems I have found in some other people’s gaming rigs is with SLI graphics cards. But again, the fact that a single ATI 7950 is already faster than the graphics in the next gen of consoles makes that optional since we’re using consoles as a baseline to compare to. But even then, most of the stability issues I’ve found with SLI and Crossfire have been ironed out with the latest run of drivers. I know plenty of people with multiple graphics cards running 100% reliable.

      I can tell you right now everyone I know with consoles have experienced more hardware problems than I have with my PC. The last thing I had to do was change one of my 3 case fans because the bearing was making noise. It didn’t affect my rig’s performance or reliability at all, just a bit annoying hearing it sing like that. Before that my power supply took a dump, but that was after more than 5 years of use, and a new power supply wasn’t expensive at all. I can’t remember the last time I had a major hardware failure like a motherboard or graphics card taking a dump. I still have an old ATI X300 that I use to check people’s PC’s if we suspect a graphics card problem. And right now the cooling fan on it is starting to sing. $8 fix. While my friends have gone through multiple Xbox’s due to the red ring of death, and 2 friends who had to get new ps3′s as well due to them failing…

      • “I can tell you right now everyone I know with consoles have experienced more hardware problems than I have with my PC.”

        Funny, I’ve experienced more issues with PC games than I have with my consoles. Nothing as severe as the RROD or YLOD though.

        The extra cost to PC hardware to boost the performance may not be worth it to some. I picked up PC gaming because of Battlefield 3 and it’s 64-player online. Spent as much money as it would’ve cost to buy THREE consoles (including the monitor etc). It’ll take a while before my investment pays off… but I’ve saved TONS on games.

        • @ATG

          No disrespect, but sorry to tell you that you got ripped off. I’ve saved tons of money by being a PC gamer. I don’t know how many times I need to repeat how much upgrading my PC has cost me before you get it that it’s not always more expensive, only if you buy computers outright at a retail store like Best Buy…

          Seriously ATG, I know I’ve quoted you the prices at least 5 times before, yet you repeat the same thing… So strange…

          • @Ken j

            None taken. And as far as issues with my pc, those were gaming related in the first month or so. I know all about computers now and know I could’ve saved hundreds, just didn’t know at the time so I took the safe route. I’ve definitely got the know how now, hell I’ve switched over to the IT field recently. But getting into the PC world was very intimidating at first.

            I did get ripped off, I bought the whole package though. The monitor alone was ~$300 at the time. That’s what happens when you’re uneducated. I’d gladly build a rig and recommend parts for someone. So I don’t take offense to your comment for two reasons:

            1: That was in 2011, I have the knowledge now and haven’t had issues since.
            2: you’re telling the truth. I WAS clueless lol I’ll take that.

          • @ATG

            Ah, you bring up something else. If you are on a timeline and just need to buy everything all at once, you’ll end up spending more money as well. A lot of times I don’t “need” to upgrade, so I end up buying new parts when I happen to see a great deal for something. But if your need to buy the PC and related parts doesn’t coincide with a good time to buy it, you’ll end up spending a whole lot more than you need to… A good example is if you’re in need of a harddrive. A few years ago Taiwan had some really bad flooding and a lot of the factories that made harddrives were shut down. So for a good long while after that harddrive prices were through the roof… But if you bought before that time, they were pretty cheap. Luckily I bought my 2TB drive before that happened, lol. Phew… They are starting to go back down in price now, BTW… You’ll always find deals on Seagate Harddrives though since they are made in China. But of course, since they are made in China, I’d be really careful with that, lol.

        • @ATG

          And I know of people who experience problems with PC gaming, but honestly, most of that is user error… People like myself, and a lot of my friends who also know about computers and know what NOT to install and what NOT to download, we pretty much NEVER have any issues… I’ve mentioned the few issues I’ve had, that’s pretty much it… So minor it’s hard to even consider them issues, lol.

          No disrespect intended, I’m not saying you’re “clueless” or anything, but there are just a whole lot of crap out there, whenever you download or install anything you really have to pay close attention because they’ve been hiding secret prompts and other things to make you accidentally install and activate all kinds of stupid things that run in the background… Those things can make your PC run unstable or sluggish. It’s always a good idea to check all of your running processes or all of your startup processes via msconfig in the start menu every month or so and make sure everything there is something you either need or want running. Otherwise, kill it, lol.

      • Console gaming is just a more affordable and convenient solution to a gaming rig. PC gaming is a more customizable experience. Hardware-wise, you can build a rig to outperform a console but people forget to factor in the price of the OS, and not everyone can use the TV so buying a monitor is a must for some. Each has it’s perks. End of discussion guys!!

        • @ATG

          It being more convenient I definitely agree with. PC gaming does require some know-how, but if you do it right it’s much cheaper and you’re rewarded with free online content, free multiplayer, free mods, better graphics, better controls, and the benefits go on and on…

          So if your priority in life is not to learn technical things about computers, then it’s definitely more convenient just to buy a console and not think about it. But honestly, once you get into the technical aspects of PC gaming, it’s really not that difficult. But you need that initial motivation to learn… And yes, you will make mistakes in the beginning, lol, I know I have back in the day…

      • I use a SLi system and I can tell you they’ve pretty much got them working like a dream. I’ve been playing on the same gaming rig for last 7 years with a SLi setup.

        • @Cariannis

          That’s good to know. For some people there are no issues at all with that. But I’ve had to help a few people who were running into some hiccups related to that. And sometimes it is definitely user error, lol.

    • You’re making an Apple vs. PC argument… you’re aware of that, correct?
      As Ken J said, it’s simply a driver issue. That’s assuming it’s even an issue at all! You need to remember that most PC Gamers don’t experience driver related issues as they are using pre-built machines. Those who are most likely to have issues are hard core enthusiasts who insist on using the biggest, best, newest, most expensive, most powerful hardware out there… because they can! Also the only reason they run into these issues is because they are the early adopters, and as such they are the ones who will ultimately be the ones to find the issues and most likely the ones who find the fixes for them as well.
      Now while these enthusiasts are the people most likely to have driver or hardware related issues, they are also the ones that will cause both next gen consoles to be considered obsolete before they are even released.
      That in a nutshell is why a console will NEVER (ever) be capable of outperforming a PC (as you seem to think).
      Perhaps a console is more stable out of the box, but only because it’s a prepackaged hardware/software box with no upgradability or room for expansion. A PC can be made just as stable by a competent user AND can be upgraded/expanded upon, not to mention access to superior controls for FPS’s (keyboard and mouse), joysticks for flight apps, motion tracking, 3D, VR, it can do anything that any other computer can be made to do… including emulating a console… BECAUSE IT’S A FREAKING COMPUTER!
      A console is like a gallon of milk. A PC is the freaking dairy farm!

  2. You can build a $600-$700 gaming computer that will outperform both next-gen consoles. Sure, the next-gen consoles will get close to the performance levels of current high-end PCs upon their initial release, but a year from now PC will be way ahead again.

    Not to mention, a computer allows you to do so much more outside of gaming. (I know consoles are improving in this area, but even with the extra additions that the next-gen consoles are implementing, they still can’t offer what a PC can.)

    The bottom line is that consoles are watered-down computer, and therefore can never be better than the real thing.

  3. There is absolutely no way a console can outperform a high-end PC let alone a mega-gaming machine. Yes, these new consoles are quite impressive but if you build a PC with top of the line parts or even mid-high parts, your console is going to look inferior, because it will be. Do some research into the latest Nvidia graphics cards or the AMD Firepro S9000 along with high end CPUs. Consoles can’t touch these specs or the effects they can produce. Plus it always seemed to me PC games were always aimed at a higher intellectual audience.


  4. LOL.
    saying that next gen consoles will be better than current high end PC’s are right now is a freaking JOKE. mine is just a mid range PC built it myself,
    16 GB DDR5 RAM,
    Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard
    2TB HDD,
    Intel core i7-3770k OC’d to 4.0 GHZ/Sec,
    Sapphire HD 78870 GPU
    120 GB SSD for OS,

    this was all like 1K, hell, I forget, but my GPU was probably around the same price aas the freaking “next Gen” consoles. lol. no one can say that a whole freaking console can outperform (graphics wise) as a GPU of the same price. plus, a pc is really great at multi tasking. watching movies, listning to music, playing games, checking email, looking at pictures, etc etc. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. i highly doubt that a next gen console can do that many things at the same time.

    • GPU: 7870* sorry, typed a little fast

      • 7870?? What is this, February?? Come on now, I have the 7950… :-P

        Ok, but everything else yours is faster, lol. :-D

        Yah, it’s pretty sad how these console gamers have to pretty much lie to themselves to feel good about their gaming console…

        • well, the 7870 is alright i know, but i put my self under so much i could spend at the time of building it, so i had to take a dip there in price, but it doesnt matter, everythings on, maxed out, etc, when i play games, do multitasking, etc all at once, and besides, i can just upgrade it in a few years. the GPU i mean. all the other things will be good for a loooooooooooong time :D

          and yeah, it is pretty sad how these console gamers have to pretty much lie to themselves to feel good about their gaming console…

          I used to be a console gamer as well, went from n64 ( still awesome though!) xbox, xbox 360 till i got the RROD, said F**k that, got a ps3, said F**k that because i could only do one thing at a time, graphics were meh… and everyone was mad at me for hogging up the living room and the 50 inch TV, now i do it, but with my PC LOL, or in my PC room…

    • Your rig is not mid range lol that’s high end. Just not quite enthusiast. And seriously, how old are you guys? This is sad. Looking back at this thread all I can think is: “who cares?”

      • i just stumbled onto this today because of nothing to do at work this very moment. also, in response to who cares, I don’t really care, I see both sides, have owned almost every console, still break out my nintendo 64 tho from time to time (mario games dude, freaking awesome. STILL) but yeah mainly because i have nothing to do at the moment.

        • @Richard

          Don’t forget Goldeneye 64, that was a freakin’ classic! :-D

      • @ATG

        You cared enough to respond. I hope I’m speaking loud enough so you can hear me from up there. ;-)

      • @ATG

        And BTW, yes, that’s a mid-range PC, on the upper end of it though. There is like 3 levels of GPU’s above what he has, not to mention, high-end usually are running multiple cards (mainly for graphic artists who need to render things and encode a lot of things.), there are CPU’s above his, but his memory is good and storage is depending on how much you need. And I’m most likely older than you, but thanks for informing us that us caring about what we spend our money on makes us sad. That’s good to know, I’ll be sure to include that in my memoirs that you think that way. :-)

        • @Ken J,

          well, thats interesting, what other levels top the one that I have?
          I know that the intel core i7-3770k is one of the top commercial consumer cpu’s, but then there are also buisness cpu’s… any others?
          Also, if you’re referring to AMD, well, Intel is a personal preference, intel has power amd just cant match in my opinion…

          • @Richard

            Um, you said yourself your PC was midrange, I was supporting your statement, lol. No need to get defensive.

            And I did say the high-end of mid-range. You got the “Extreme Editions” above yours, like the 3960X or 3970X CPU’s, then there are the 6-12 core processors mainly used for servers or other machines meant for multitasking continuously…

            I have an i5 from a little while back, so… I think the main thing keeping my PC from being on the lower end of mid-range is my video card…

  5. I wasen’t being defensive, I was being curious,

    extreme editions, yeah, like what I thought, the X editions for servers, etc…. 6-12 core’s???? like what ones? I’d really like to see those! ive never even heard of ‘em! holy crap!
    btw, do you have Steam?

    • The X versions are consumer CPU’s, the server CPU’s are the Xeon line. Between AMD and Intel server CPU’s they have up to 12 cores last time I checked, might be more by now, lol.

      The X series CPU’s are still pretty expensive. Your 3770k will be good for a good few years still, so I wouldn’t worry…

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