Xbox One Kinect Sensor Might Make Redeeming Game Codes Easier

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Xbox One Kinect Visual DRM

There are many inconveniences in the world of video games, everything from charging controllers to hour-long updates. And if there’s one thing that the next-gen could bring to gamers, it’s an easier way to complete very basic tasks.

One of those basic tasks is redeeming game codes, something most gamers have done at least once in their lives. However, if one Xbox One fan were to have it his way, the new Kinect sensor would eliminate code input altogether.

As seen on Reddit, the suggestion is pretty simple: rather than input a 16-digit code, gamers would simply hold a QR or bar code up to the Kinect sensor, and the device would do the rest. Game unlocked. DLC Purchased. Whatever you wanted, with minimal effort.

Kinect Sensor Scan QR Codes Reddit Post

Now, the main crux of this suggestion is the Xbox One‘s new Kinect sensor, which ships alongside every console and is required for gameplay. In fact, that’s presumably one of the major reasons this suggestion was made — to turn a negative into a positive.

But that suggestion was merely a pipe dream. That is, until Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Marc Whitten, posted this message on Twitter:

While he wouldn’t go into detail, Whitten did confirm that the new Kinect sensor is capable of scanning QR codes. He even cited the Reddit post directly, likely in an attempt to show Microsoft is listening to fans. Gamer feedback has had a big impact on the Xbox One’s promotional campaign – it had a major impact on the Xbox One used games reversal – and it’s nice to see that continue.

It’s important to mention, however, that while such a feature is possible with the new Kinect, that doesn’t mean Microsoft will introduce it. After all, one has to suspect the current-gen Kinect is fully capable of scanning QR codes.

Maybe Microsoft’s development team hadn’t thought of the extremely useful feature until now, and this Reddit post has got them thinking. Either way, we’d certainly like an easier way to redeem codes on both the Xbox One and PS4.

Do you hope that the Xbox One Kinect includes a feature for scanning game and DLC codes? Are there any other ways you can see Kinect making your life easier?

The Xbox One will release in fall 2013.

Source: Marc Whitten

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  • dan

    Yeah… not worth it.

    • Tyler

      You think the sole reason for them bundling the Kinect is for QR code scanning?

      • SV

        Nope it’s also for spying on you 😉

        • 1Wildgamerchild

          Sony is already the biggest spy there is. The hackers that hacked PSN said it themselves.

          • Varteras

            Sony wasn’t a part of the recent reveal of the NSA spying on people. Microsoft was. That’s why some people are not at all keen on the idea of a required camera from them.

          • 1Wildgamerchild

            @Varteras -Yeah but Sony is part of one of the biggest identity thefts ever in history. The NSA spying has nothing to do with X1 because it’s not even out yet…just speculation. The Kinect does have that capability (like your cell phone) but MS assured they wouldn’t do that. No way would they risk their brand going out of business. Furthermore the govt. can record 1 billion phone calls a day and listen later. Are you going to avoid phone calls and text?…I doubt it. Back to Sony they already have spied according to the hackers themselves. The hackers called Sony “the biggest spy ever”. That’s a quote by the way. The hackers had so much evidence on Sony storing illegal info that they said if Sony tried to sue that Sony would get sued themselves. Isn’t it ironic that nobody ever got jail time behind the whole scandal. George Hotz (Geohot), the guy that 1st hacked PSN never saw any prison time. Sony actually settled out of court with him in April 2011 and at the end of April 2011 Sony got hacked again. George Hotz denied it even though it was his home brewed code that cracked PSN and shut it down almost a month. Sony still couldn’t say a word. And what’s crazy is that George Hotz works for Facebook now. Sony took 7 days to tell people their usernames, passwords, credit card details, security answers, purchase history and addresses were stolen. Then Sony had the option to buy the info back before it hit the black market but they didn’t. I guess it was cheaper to give you 2 old (digital download) games to make up for it. The hackers themselves said they’d never input any financial details into ANY Sony accounts. Nobody saw prison. Where’s the justice for 77 million people? Convo transcripts were obtained where the hackers talked about Sony’s spying.


          • Varteras

            I know what you’re saying bro. However, that story about Sony wasn’t nearly as big a deal to people as this whole scandal involving the NSA. Whatever happened with Sony was looked at as just a private company failing to secure its network and not immediately inform people or take action. With Microsoft, it was a private company handing over personal information to the government along with several other big name companies. This was made even more of a big political scandal because of who is in the current administration and how divisive that idea has been. This will all blow over eventually but people are going to continue to be very uneasy about any of the companies requiring you to have a potential recording device in your house. I feel it’s an overreaction but many people don’t and Microsoft should have been more sensitive about that just as they should have been initially about their restrictive policies that virtually no one wanted.

          • 1Wildgamerchild

            @Varteras As far as the gaming community goes the Sony security breach was more of a big deal. It affected 77 million users. Then it shut PSN down a month leaving players devastated. Also my point was that Sony was spying the whole time. The NSA thing was no surprise to me because since years ago I felt like the govt. watched everybody thru wire tapping, browser searches, satellite images, spy drones, web cameras, etc. Internet Explorer and Safari just happen to be the most popular browsers. If I go search the components of making a nucleur bomb the govt. probably should know. When I first saw how clear and detailed the Google and Apple maps were I knew the govt. couldn’t resist snooping around. You and I been watched for years. It’s only been revealed recently. If you’re not making bombs or watching kiddy porn then they can’t touch you. So play games and enjoy. 365 billion recorded calls a year, along with trillions pieces other data is IMPOSSIBLE to go thru. You would have to be a threat for them to notice you and pull your info. Any device connected to a phone or internet is vulnerable. You’re a PC gamer right? And you trust that enough.

          • Varteras

            At no point did I say that I have a problem with the Kinect being required. It’s the millions of other people out there, you know… people other than you or I that also make up the world, who have a problem with it. You keep trying to go back to, “Yeah but Sony…”. You’re not even trying to comprehend man. You’re just doing whatever you can to take attention away from Microsoft. Here’s the deal. The PSN being hacked affected millions of Sony gamers, yes. However, it was not a national and global shock story. It carried NONE of the weight compared to a powerful, long standing company like Microsoft being revealed as part of the NSA’s spying on not only American citizens but even foreigners.

            Think man. What do you think people are going to think about right now? Something that happened 2 years ago that only seemed to affect tens of millions of Sony gamers or a very recent spy story involving Microsoft that no doubt affects hundreds of millions? Not only because of Microsoft’s reach alone but also because of the other companies revealed. I don’t mean this in an aggressive way bud, but you really should take off the blinders for just a little bit so you can see the whole picture beyond what your favorite company would prefer you to see. I don’t think Microsoft is an evil empire that needs to die but they are by no means innocent and given that their story is more recent and affects more people, that’s why so much hatred and mistrust is being aimed at them right now.

          • 1Wildgamerchild

            @Varteras The same way people forgave Sony for messing up they’ll forgive MS for any wrong doing. People are more threatened by the govt. and not the corp. as much. The corp. are just doing what they are forced to do and some are reluctant to even do that. They are starting to fight the govt. back. I visit other game sites and I see more and more people are slowing starting to embrace the X1. 2 weeks ago it was pure hatred. People will forgive or forget because I think we all know that the Kinect watching us was an entertaining theory but made no sense. Just like people know their calls could be monitored but they just don’t care. Because man it’s just games….games dude. Once people see games like Titanfall and really hear about it they won’t care. Sometimes my phone acts strange and I hear clicks and I think “somebody’s listening”, but it doesn’t stop me from talking and enjoying life. We already know there are crooked people in high places so we just accept that. That’s life. Can anybody name one normal low-profile person who’s gotten in trouble by being spied on by the NSA? We Americans got to deal with terrorist who hate our guts and are willing to strike us at anytime. Freedom and safety does come at a cost. Besides that China has been spying on us for years and hacks our computers more than anybody. No person or fanboy (not saying you at all) is going to make up stories or conspiracy theories to discourage me from buying a X1. And I’m not throwing away my laptop or cell phone out of fear of being spied on. Besides that I support America first. I’ll support Japan later.

          • Varteras

            I get what you’re saying. As I said, I do agree that it’s all an overreaction. Yes, some people have gotten over the whole overblown hatred towards Microsoft. However, even you have to see that they have a much more difficult road ahead of them thanks to everything that has transpired and there are loads of people who still aren’t buying into what Microsoft is saying or showing. You’re right. Ultimately it is about the games and no doubt in my mind that Xbox One will have plenty to offer people. I’m looking forward to owning one eventually. I’m a big fan of Halo, after all. Like I said in a post further down though, Microsoft just hasn’t sold people on the Kinect being worth an extra $100 and that’s a problem for many beyond the whole conspiracy crap. If Microsoft fails to convince people that extra barrier to entry will haunt them.

            Don’t forget that Sony is no slouch in the exclusives department. They proved that with the PS3 and while you may not like what they have to show for starters (I’ve never heard your opinion either way on that) many people are impressed. I want to see good competition. It’s healthy. It forces all parties involved to be better. I’m just looking at that Kinect and can’t help but shake the feeling that a few years from now people are going to say things like, “Microsoft would have been in a better position had they not forced people who wanted the Xbox One to spend the extra cash for that camera no one used”. To me that would be a shame to hear as someone who owned a 360 twice because the first one died and I was more than willing to buy another. I want them to be successful. I enjoy their ecosystem. I’m just afraid they’ve made one too many big mistakes.

      • dan

        I think it’s a nifty little trick. But vocalized qr codes, voice activation, the ability to “turn it off” (it’s a sad day when turning off your appliances is a feature) and an as-of-yet unworthy gaming genre (I’m looking at you, Star Wars Kinect) still don’t justify making the kinect mandatory. Plus SV is right, if it’s listening, it’s monitoring.

        • dan

          Sorry, meant to say visually recognized. Though I bet it’ll be integrated into recognizing audible codes.

  • Hanzo

    Oh itll read QR codes?! well youve finally sold me MS. I might not ever use the kinect for anything but that but it totally makes it worth my extra $100 for me to not have to take an extra 30 seconds to put in the codes. WHEW!


  • angryguy77

    The kinect will have more uses than the led bar on the DS.

    It really amazes me how myopic people are when it comes to kinect.

    It will be used for more than just motion, and I bet some games will be made better due to what it can add.

    And no, I’m not going to post what these are, if you want to know, just research it like I did.

    • 1015

      Yet most people are fine with straight gaming and are really turned off by the mandatory bundle. No matter what advantages it adds, I won’t use it because it thinks i’m furniture in my wheelchair, take it out and the PS4 and Xbox will be on a completely level and fair playing field.

    • Varteras

      Some people are being realistic. The original Kinect had little support outside of the games Microsoft made for it. When you’re selling a gaming platform with a new required device that bumps the price up people want to know what it will do to make games better and so far Microsoft hasn’t really sold many people on the idea. Ryse and Crimson Dragon were both originally supposed to make heavy, if not exclusive, use of the Kinect and now both games have been reverted back to traditional controls with the Kinect serving limited, minor functions that don’t require the camera to be done. When Crytek straight up tells Microsoft they’re not going to make their game Kinect-based because it’s not fun and that was supposed to be Microsoft’s big Kinect showpiece… it spells trouble for the device already.

      Gamers are the ones who buy these machines. They’re the big audience. Without them these machines won’t sell and the Xbox One is no exception no matter how much fans want to strangely bank on non-gamer fantasy jocks, couch surfers, and tech enthusiasts to sell it. Don’t blame most of these gamers for not seeing the value in Kinect. Blame Microsoft for so far failing to sell them on the idea of the Kinect as a worthy gaming device that adds $100 to the pricetag. The same way people blame Nintendo for not selling people on their touchscreen controller. The way Sony has yet to convince people that the touchpad was a worthwhile addition to the controller. All of these devices have potential. It’s up to the companies that made them to sell them not for the gaming masses to just blindly accept whatever garbage is fed to them.