Xbox One Will Support External Storage Soon

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While it’s unlikely to happen within the next few months, space will eventually become an issue with these next-gen consoles. Not space in the entertainment center, mind you, but space on the hard drive.

See, as the scope of these next-gen experiences continues to grow so too will their file size. We have already seen games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Killzone: Shadow Fall push the limits as far as game install sizes go, and that trend should continue throughout the life cycle of these consoles.

With that in mind we bring word that Microsoft will soon allow for external storage options on the Xbox One. Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb (better known as Major Nelson) confirmed the news in a post to Reddit, but would not say when exactly gamers might expect the feature, instead using the nebulous “soon.”

External game storage is coming soon…

For Xbox One owners, external storage is a major priority for the reasons already outlined. Sure, Microsoft has added better file management features through a recent Xbox One update, which allowed users to easily delete game installs, but there are some who’d rather keep everything on their hard drive. After all, the ability to readily switch between downloaded games is one of the big selling points of the next-gen experience, but how appealing is that for players who can only keep a handful of games on their hard drive?

It’s worth mentioning that the PS4 has had support for internal storage expansion (hard drive swapping) since launch, and doing so is apparently fairly easy. However, adding an external hard drive to the equation has yet to hit Sony’s console either. For the Xbox One, internal storage upgrades are reportedly not in the cards at all though, as the console’s hard drive is hard to get to. In other words, this upcoming external option seems to be only one for Xbox One owners.

Again, Major Nelson only confirmed that external storage is on Microsoft’s to-do list, but did not say when exactly the feature might hit the Xbox One. For that matter he didn’t reveal much beyond the fact that it is in the works. For example, we don’t even know if there will be any restrictions regarding the feature.

However, if Hyrb is correct it sounds like external storage support is coming sooner rather than later. We’ll keep you posted if and when Microsoft says more.

How high a priority is external Xbox One storage for you? Do you see yourself exceeding the 500 GB limit on the Xbox One?

Source: Reddit (via IGN)

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  • Robb

    My main want from this is multimedia. Microsoft flubbed with the remote media launching thing. It’s a joke that only seems to work half the time and requires I use media player to launch any movie/music I want to play on the xbox one. I didn’t even realize external storage wasn’t available until I plugged a jump drive in to watch a movie off of… Imagine my surprise when something that one would generally consider a simple f***ing standard wasn’t included with the xbox one from launch… Instead I have to anticipate some stupid hope that I will not only get the ability to use external storage, but have to hope I’ll be able to do something simple, like watch a movie from that device…

  • NukeHaze

    Will it be available on the gen 1 Xbox One console with a firmware update and over USB 3.0 or other adapter/port I am not considering or will it be on the “I am sure already in production but not yet officially announced or released second generation xbox slim” consoles?

    I already AM at capacity with 12 store bought disc games and 6 downloaded ones and all of their DLC expansions. It was easy enough to make it 5 terabyte at launch and even go with an SSD as well as allow for external game saves USB. This is one of the sore subjects with me kver a console I have been loyal to ans spent far more replacing and upgrading hardware than I could have imagined. I have over 200 360 games and have paid my dues for a long time.

    Other complaints: no backwards compatibility for my massive 360 library using hardware that eventually wears out (failure in upper management’s foresight and hindsight). We have voiced these concerns for years over failure to make XB360 fully compatible with xbox games and we were called names for looking backwards as backwards thinkers.

    When TVs and most of the best bluray players allplay 3D, the PS3 plays 3D and even with all the details and capabiloties supposedly put into the XB1, Microsoft’s eccentric screaming lunatic CEO refuses to make the player in the XB1 capable of 3D nor 360 compatible….it blows the mind with the massive expectations and let downs. I bet they barely decided to use the Gigabit network adapter even. If I did not already have so mich invested in xbox, I would not do it but rather go with at least a system that would play my 3D blurays.

    3D and being laughed at for asking for backwards compatibility in addition to the forced game installs on a marketeplace considered tiny HDD and the nonportability of game saves and profile moves makes for a more aggravating piece of hardware than enjoyable one. At this poiny I do not see that the issue with mandatory internet connection to play games is at all different than the original way it was going to be and the way it is used now. If my connection drops for weather or whatever, I cannot play a local game I own or even run the bluray app without connection. Forget travelling on business trips and staying in hotels with your XB1 like I always did with my 360’s (have gone through 5 of them even a couple liquid cooled ones). There is a big to do list that gamers have if major nelson et. al. Would but LISTEN to us in the gaming community . Certainly therw must be sone people there at MS and XBox who will take us seriously even more than their own to do list. Withouth these things that rank high in importance to me, my XB1 will never be as good or even a small step better than a glorified XB360. In fact, right now it is not as reliable prone to hard reboots constantly and shows only marginally better graphics and gameplay.