Microsoft: Xbox One Hardware Issues Plaguing ‘Small Number’ of Gamers

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Xbox One Hardware Issues

It’s been a little over 24 hours since the Xbox One hit store shelves in North America, as well as a few additional territories, and the console has already moved more than 1 million units. However, amidst those reported 1 million current-gen consoles are a few bad eggs.

Reports have been popping up since launch of gamers who have discovered their shiny new Xbox One console is not working as intended. In fact, two of our own writers at Game Rant experienced such a problem.

While Xbox One hardware issues seem to differ from person to person, one of the more common problems centers on the console’s disc drive. More than a few gamers and even some news outlets are reporting that the disc drive makes a grinding noise anytime a disc is inserted and fails to read its contents. A bummer, to say the least.

Although it’s not unheard of for a launch of this size to have problems — if you’ll remember, the PS4 launch had its fair share of issues — but it’s hard to tell just how many gamers these Xbox One hardware troubles are affecting. Microsoft has released an official statement saying that only a small percentage of gamers are affected, but that’s no consolation to those who are unable to use the console.

Here’s the official statement from Microsoft:

“The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers. We’re working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program. Rest assured, we are taking care of our customers.”

The good news is Microsoft is working with Xbox One owners to get them a replacement console through their advance exchange program, but there’s no timeline yet for when those affected can expect said replacement. Since the console has only been on the market for less than two days, it might be better to go directly to your retailer and request a replacement, that way you can ensure you’re getting a brand new console and not a repaired one. This writer (bad disc drive) had to go through the return process with Amazon, and it was relatively painless. While another writer (HDMI connectivity issues) exchanged his in-store with no trouble.

As was mentioned, the hardware issues with the Xbox One are, according to Microsoft, only affecting a small minority. In other words, we’re not in Red Ring of Death territory, and hopefully we’ll never get there. Either way, we should likely hear more about the issues, and hopefully some potential fixes, in the next few days. For now, however, the best course of action is either to contact Microsoft support or your retailer — both should have a solution.

Have any of our fellow Ranters discovered their Xbox One console is broken? What has been your experience with trying to get a replacement?

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  • boogoo

    Wow, Game Rant has had some crappy luck. :(

  • derick

    honestly i am an xbox 360 fan but if you pay $500 for an xbox one that isn’t fair to have problems like that but i can see where these things happen. i would prefer the ps4 than xbox one for the next gen consoles even though i didn’t get ether and i’m sticking to the xbox 360 because to me thats the best i ever had

  • Audega

    I got my Xbox One at midnight, and I absolutely love it. It’s definitely the best gaming console I’ve ever had, and it’s so much more. I’ve not had issues with my disc drive, however, I’ve been buying all my games digitally, so if mine is affected, I wouldn’t know it. I plan on sticking to strictly digital this generation.

    • Rob Keyes

      I still loving having the cases and a mini-games library on my shelf but digital is definitely the way to go for more and more players.

      Glad you’re loving it! What games did you pick up?

  • RJ

    My day one controller rattles.There something moveing around in it.sorry 4 the rest of those who cant play at all.

  • Rob

    I’m having a random problem where my television screen has a static picture with sound. Everything goes through my Pioneer receiver. If I switch my television and receiver on and off it eventually works. Wondering if I have a bad unit or I should just wait for a patch.

  • Aaron

    My friend was having problems with his unit. It wouldn’t take disc into the box, and the OS wasn’t running properly. He unplugged it, and then rebooted the system and it was fine. Now this wouldn’t fix a faulty blue-ray drive, but it did fix his problems. Buying at launch is always a risky venture, but I suspect the number of hardware failures are very small this time. Sony and MS would be foolish not to have learned from their past console launches, but only time will tell.

    I haven’t had any problems with my xbox one, well, except for it being responsible for my lack of sleep the past couple of nights. So far, I’ve been impressed. While sitting in a MP lobby in CoD Ghosts, I went back to the dashboard(home) played with system settings, messed with my profile, then clicked on Ghosts again, and it was loading the next MP map. It was running in the background the whole time. May seem like a small thing, but that’s pretty cool to me.

  • Aaron

    And this is why I’m waiting until late 2014 to get a One. Not only do I want any bugs worked out and improvements made, I’m also not OK with dropping $500 for a game console. Hopefully I can find a deal for $300 or less by Christmas 2014.

  • Rob

    All good so far. Spent yesterday playing Ryse and will probably crack open AC4 tonight. Having watched my bud with his PS4 I can say both look pretty good. I think initial setup wad quicker with xb tho 😉

  • http://xboxonesupport lightsword7X77

    please add my name to the few Xbox one proud new owners experiencing hardware failure.
    I rushed my new Xbox home from Best Buy on Friday after waiting for months with my American Express card held faithfully in vertigo for the release of my favorite video system Xbox.
    after carefully following the directions the system do that for about a minute began a controller test which led to a green Xbox screen and finally nothing but black. My TV is absolutely compatible with the video spectrum from 480 P to 1080 P.
    so after laying out my 499 I will begin slogging through the virtual core doors of Microsoft hurry up and waitfor there high quality tech support.

  • Jack Alastor

    Meh, if it still looks good by the time Titanfall releases I’ll buy one.

  • ABC

    Very disappointing experience. Purchased the day 1 console – hard drive is defective. Makes a horrible grinding noise and cannot read game discs. Spent hours going through the microsoft customer service experience – passed from person to person, referred to the online support and then to the customer call center back to online support and back to customer call center and each said they were “not trained” to assist with my issue. The one girl who thought she was trained nearly guided us through deleting our profile. Hours of waiting in between each point of contact. Apparently, microsoft has eliminated their quality control department and their customer service training. If you have this gift under the tree, I recommend opening it now so you do not have a ruined holiday by giving or receiving a highly anticipated defective gift. It ruined a birthday at my house.

    • boogoo

      That really sucks. I hope you can get it replaced quickly.

  • Bob’s Your Uncle

    Compared to the 3 – 5% of ps4’s blue ring of death????

    This is truely insignificant…………

    • Joe

      I would like a link to that 3-5%. Last I checked it was under 1%.

  • Tom

    I am absolutely loving mine. I only have one issue and that is video static flashes on my screen every 10 min or so. Its odd it even happens on other sources now. Its might be the xboxs hdmi or wifi causing feedback through my tv somehow or it might just be my tv but ive never noticed it before. I bought a good HDMI cable on Friday to replace the one they had sent me because I figured it wasn’t really that great even though the feel is high quality. Perhaps I just need a firmware update on my HDTV. Overall the system is fantastic with the usual kinks that need to be ironed out. Ryse looks better than any game ive played out of either launch lineup. All in all MS impressed.

  • Jas

    I got my Day One edition on Friday but didn’t install it till Sunday. Unfortunately it’s stuck on the green screen and wouldn’t go further. It’s very embarrassing that everyone was waiting to see the action on the new game console. The technical support line is impossible to reach. Amazon is not going to replace it because it’s out of tock according to thr rep. It can only accept return; however, I was able to go to to start the replacement process. Basically MS will send me one and I will use the box to send the defective one back. On the receipt, it days 1-2 business days. I hope I will get it by the Thanksgiving.

  • Brandon

    Taking Care of our customers? Yea Right. I have a day one console that I got Launch and I’m still waiting for them to send me a console through the Advanced Replacement Program. They said it would be 2 business days by email….then when I called to ask where is the shipping notification, it then became 3-5 business days..Now I called them today and they STILL have yet to send me a console. And the Program? They put a 545 dollar hold on your credit card to ensure that you send them your console. It’s a raw deal and they are giving no answers. Take care of our customers? Yea right. This experience is the worst.

  • http://baconcape,com BaconCape

    thanks for sharing! ill try and avoid

  • Ty

    Problems are still around. I bought the titanfall bundle not knowing anything about any of these problems. The initial setup went fine, titanfall was digital so I didn’t use the disc drive. First my kinect just stopped working completely after one day of use, I planned on calling Microsoft when I got a chance but the next day I decided to rent a bluray movie and try that out just to find that my disc drive doesn’t work so now I’m going to try to exchange mine where I bought it. This has been a really frustrating experience, I’m very unhappy that I spent $500 on a broken console. How have these problems not been fixed yet? It’s been about 5 months since day one. Wtf?