Xbox One Can’t Play Games Without Day One Update

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Xbox One Xbone

November 22 is less than two weeks away, which means that many Xbox One pre-orderers are incredibly close to unboxing their next generation consoles. Lots of consumers are still debating which console to purchase, but fans that want to get in on the ground floor will need to make a decision very soon. As the official Xbox One release date approaches, Microsoft continues to reveal more details about what consumers can expect when they fire up their new consoles for the first time.

In addition to the recently confirmed launch day apps, players will also have the day one update to look forward to. Microsoft announced the mandatory update earlier this summer, but the company didn’t specify just how important the patch was until now.

In an interview with Engadget, Microsoft senior director of product management Albert Penello confirmed that the day one update, which applies crucial updates to console policies and the operation system,  is absolutely mandatory in order for the console to function.

“Functionally, you will be able to do very little without taking the day one update… You’re gonna need to take this update. It’s not gonna be really an optional thing.”

Engadget presented Penello with a hypothetical scenario in which a gamer unboxed the new console, had a physical copy of a game disc ready to go, but was unable to connect to the internet. The interviewer asked Penello what the new Xbox One owner would be able to do with the console in that situation and Penello explained, “Nothing. You need the day one update.”

Xbox One Launch Day Apps

It’s likely that most consumers were planning to connect their new consoles to the internet immediately anyway, but the update is sure to cause a headache for some gamers. Earlier this summer, an Xbox One platform architect said that the day one update shouldn’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes to download for most users. That’s about a quarter of the time that the day one Wii U update required last November, but owners of the Nintendo console were able to play games without the patch. That said, the Wii U patch was a forced update as soon as players connected to the internet. Once a connection was established, the console was stuck in update mode for about an hour.

Soon-to-be PlayStation 4 owners will also hit a day one patch, which will activate some big features like Remote Play, second screen sharing, and Blu-ray player functionality. Unlike the Xbox One, the Sony console will allow users to play games before they get online and download the update.

Microsoft’s new console is no stranger to pre-launch problems and controversies at this point, so although the absolutely mandatory day one update may be frustrating, it isn’t really a big surprise. It’s understandable that the OS updates are essential, but shoppers that come home with a $500 console that doesn’t work are going to be very unhappy if they run into any problems downloading the day one update. Hopefully, for Microsoft fans, all the drama surrounding the launch of the Xbox One will be worth the hassle two weeks from now when gamers around the world are 24 hours into their first Dead Rising 3 binge — provided they have an Internet connection.

Are you nervous about the day one update or does it seem like a necessary evil? Does this news affect you and your next-gen plans?


Xbox One releases on November 22, 2013.

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  1. This isn’t even a big deal. A small update to be able to play games isn’t much of a inconvenience as people are making it out to be. And if you don’t have an Internet connection in your house, then you really shouldn’t be getting a next gen console in the first place.

    • thats no where near saying what people can afford, some people dont have internet because they choose not to use it, most ip are over priced and some people are “cheap” this is still imo a hassel to say the least

    • “And if you don’t have an Internet connection in your house, then you really shouldn’t be getting a next gen console in the first place.”

      So next gen consoles are only worth it if you take them online? No single player offline gaming allowed? People like you are the reason we got Diablo 3 and the new SimCity.

    • “And if you don’t have an Internet connection in your house, then you really shouldn’t be getting a next gen console in the first place.”

      And if you’re going to post stupid comments like this, then you really shouldn’t be on the internet at all”

  2. Xbone is right.

  3. PS4 forever you X1 losers

    • Really, just grow up you immature loser.

    • You make us Sony fans look bad.

  4. One step foreward, two steps back: The Xbox one Story.

  5. I heard it was 500mb download. If 15-20 minutes is still the case I guess Live is as slow as ever.

    • takes about 2mins bro

      • “update shouldn’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes to download for most users.” Has been M$ response to how long it would take bro.

        • Sorry I should have explained, I have a 100mbps connection,

          15-20 min should be for the average connection.

  6. Maybe I’m getting old, but I remember when games consoles could play games right out the box… Who at Microsoft thought it was remotely acceptable to ship a games console that couldn’t play games?


    • I agree completely, what happened to opening a brand new console, popping in a game and playing until your heart is content. There is no reason to have that big of download on day one, especially before you can play a game.

      • I’m pretty sure the download for it is going to be pretty slow since so many people will be trying to download it on day one. lol

    • Ps4 can’t play DVDs or blu rays out of the box without an update either

      • Maybe I was a tad unclear in conveying my point… The PS4 is a games console. It can play games. You buy a dvd player, it can play dvd’s. A cd player?… Well, you get my point. Sure they all might offer *additional* features via downloadable updates, but the core functionality is already there… The xbox is a games console that cannot play games. There are going to be cases where people are simply unable to connect their consoles to the internet, for whatever reason. Ergo, Microsoft are shipping a product that, put simply, doesn’t work…

        • What kind of games do you play Matt

          • I seem to be having somewhat of a 2D side-scrolling binge lately, having recently purchased Deadlight, Limbo, Flashback and Earthworm Jim HD (somewhat ironic, those being downloadable games, I know). I wouldn’t particularly say I play one genre more than any other though?…

        • again it was known since they announced the update after E3 that it was mandatory, the update will allow people to use their console offline, that was stated right away

    • I agree what a bunch of crap pay 500 dollars come home and oh sorry can’t play games unless you have internet to download more crap wow they don’t think to much of gamers do they!

  7. I’m sure Microsoft could release a disc format update for those who don’t have internet – I mean look at 360 u had a choice to update using USB and then this was implemented into the games afterwards – just borrow a friends PC and download the update to USB or disc hopefully Microsoft have still thought of this solution for their customers who don’t have internet.
    Don’t affect me though since I have fibre optic internet :D


  9. This is like watching children being fed through the bars of a jail cell, and whining in greedy/desperate anticipation at the scraps being handed to them. Its sick. People, there is no REAL reason for a day 1 update, other than Microsofts own greed (or Sony or Nintendo) A company that does not ship a product you can use upon day one (without an update) does NOT deserve a sale. This kind of attitude towards gamers and the game community makes me sad at how fast we have fallen so low.

    The games community is a powerful tool, and its power of the gamers! We choose to create or destroy franchises, and right now what the big three need is a serious kick in the nuts at trying to mess with this community! I know I’m not as relevent to this generation of gamers (being over 30 and all) but its NOT Ok to see something that was once a excited union between customers and company being re-organized into the next electronic empire! Its not like we need external government regulation or anything like that, but if people are so interconnected and keen on being part of the most informed generation PLEASE for the love of God USE the information that you are given and FORCE CHANGE!

    Major companys can’t just absorb losses of consoles sitting on store shelves collecting dust, not on a millon console scale. And everyone here who has heard all of the BS from Microsoft (and about this new brick of theirs) should understand, they can only build what you allow them to!

    Gain a little perspective, the NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, Sega Genisys, 3DO, Atari, original Gameboy, Playstation 1 and 2 original Xbox and and countless other consoles and handhelds did NOT need all this crap to function as high quality entertainment instruments! Neither do the new systems! Its a matter of greed, and profiteering like should only happen in AC4, not on the console buyers world. This should not be accepted, it should not be permitted, and the requirement for a proper console can only come from the consumers. WE are the power here, WE make the choices, and when companies fail to listen WE make the pain come. But only as a unit. Our voices mean nothing alone. But a million consoles on a shelf not being played, thats a gut shot. Microsoft should stand as a example, and a warning. I actually own a Xbox and a 360, worked through 2 RROD in the life of that console. Yesterday I played about 2 hours of Skyrim, 4 hours of Halo 2 the night before, and I own and will never get rid of every Halo game in the main story. I’ve bought racing wheels for F1 2010 and a joystick and throttle for Ace Combat 6 (because flight sims are not quite right without it) and own about 20 other 360 games and left the PC world for console games because I like the community. But guys, we are getting teabagged by our own team here. Its not OK. Its got to stop. If not us then who will?

  10. The ps4 requires an update to play DVDs and blu ray, plus a mandatory update means it has to be updated this was known since it was announced months ago

  11. Updates to computer devices is normal.Complaints about online access via online is special.And yes buying a gaming console without internet access is like buying a car without a license.Windows updated today it was for security and functionality.Funny stuff xbox will be very successful do to its strength Xbox Live.

    • How little you know about the world at large with a comment like that. In an electronic world your point of view has merit, but this is not the grid. Digital and analog are STILL separate entities. To expect that people should have met the pre-requisites for the purchase of any saleable item is an incredibly medevial outlook, because that is the point of view of a serf. Not a free man. The world you live in only obeys one rule. What an entity can do, and what an entity can’t do. Thats all.

      Nothing stops little children from picking up their mothers phone and playing with the settings, because there is no internal block saying “you don’t have the pre-requisites met for that object yet” So WHERE you get the idea that people should restrict their entertainment purchases to something like that is rediculous. Its not a case of an arab wanting a swimming pool in the middle of the Sahara and having no money to pay for it.

      One generation ago (in consoles) it was possible to play right out of the box, no connection, and even get backwards compatability! This is an artificial limitation for unscrupulous reasons and when people like you act so matter of fact about it you point out WHY MS thought they could get away with it. Gain some perspective.

      • Caveat Emptor I bought a Panasonic plasma tv and yes it updated first thing.I have not purchased an xbox 1 yet and will freely make a decision in the future.No rabbit hole of scruples required.

        • As of yet (to my knowledge) Panasonic has not been installing cameras in their TV’s, and does not activly data mine their customers. Also, they are not providing a device that REQUIRES an update to perform to its intended purpose.

          If you want to find a valid rebuttal please, use a valid arguement. When disputing any statement it is a requirement to match like kind with kind, or when arguing philosophys to present a appropriate anti-thesis. That was not.

          And as to rabbit holes of scruples, you can call it what you will, it devolved to people like you to find a way of insinuating antiquated moral perspective to attempt to nullify or minimalize a concern. But as I said before, a few posts up, I am over 30, so my perspective is not likely shared by many. You lack perspective.

          • I am older than 30 and not paranoid of cameras.One can not argue with delusion of this that and the other.

  12. Well with a answer like that you definitely won’t ever have to worry about growing up. Cameras are not the issue (I do actually have a Kinect after all, my little boy loves to play Kinect Joyride) and other peices of modern tech that I work with every day (aside from this decrepit Vista machine) but the issue (for your apparent lack of information) is that so much of the modern wave of tech is designed to give eyes and ears to people with more money than us. Not more intelligence, or authority, to say nothing of rights. Just more money.

    Unless your head is in the sand you might have heard on CNN that the US has been spying on our supposed allies? The CIA is looking a bit stupid right now, but if you jump over to a different news site you find they also have been spying on regular people like you and me. No reason given. Recently Google and the NSA were slapped at because Google was handing data to the NSA on their customers (not just passwords and stuff, which is bad enough, it was major banking info, e-mails, texts anything that went thought the phones, and they were just normal people) and if you look at the trend (which might take a few minutes of work on Google or Yahoo or whatever) you will see constant re-occuring unauthorized intrusion into the lives of the civilian population through peices of tech they use everyday. Once upon a time this was called wire-tapping and a illegal one was a major scandal (try that in Google search) but now we call it “data mining” and its all OK.

    But here’s the thing, the XBone is oh so perfectly designed to open up the privacy of your living room to the same level of intrusion. And you can’t do anything about it, because people like you and so many other scoffers WELCOME that kind of intrusion, and say its OK. Or its not a danger. But for those of us who look at more than US news there is an alarming tendancy of corperations, governments and industries (like FOXXCON) to use that kind of data for their own profits, at the expence of their consumers and workforce. No matter how you cut it thats tyranny. And you think its all OK. Now you have perspective, but like the proverbial horse, you probably won’t drink will you?

    • Are you familiar with a FISA warrant and how it is applied in law enforcement?Being paranoid if you are not indulging in illegal activities is foolery of the highest order.Spying is not new in the kingdom of man.The xbox 1 is a gaming machine not a spybot.Perspective funny.

      • Well, I would contend that your perspective is warped by a society that chooses to acquiesce to the idea that you should not expect privacy. Calling someone who does not want to be scrutinized paranoid is actually an ancient and pathetic form of comeback, because of the implicit assertion that a person who does NOT want personal intrusion is hiding something.

        In a nation characterized by the lable “free” that is a slap in the face of such characterization. You don’t call people free when they are subject to oversight and intimidation. To say nothing of being required to purchase things or pay penalties if you don’t want to purchase things (like health insurance).

        But all this is far afield from the original statement off your cuff, which was

        “Updates to computer devices is normal.Complaints about online access via online is special.And yes buying a gaming console without internet access is like buying a car without a license”

        which in your further responses you have managed to flesh out very well your perspective. Its pathetic, you lack any form of context for your statements, and your follow up statements show even less understanding of context at large. In essence you seem to embody wilful ignorance, because its easy, requires nothing but a smile and a nod to all instructions given from people or offices you consider “authorities” and in the area of entertainment you seem to display an attitude of indifference to potential flaws or issues in the creation and development communities. Based on your responces the consumer/customer is to believe in the altruism and benevolence of the supplier and without a complaint in the world accept that a entertainment system (meant to PLAY GAMES) is now a DVR, Media Manager and Home camera that does a fair amount of its processing in the cloud, but never allows itself to be mis-used. Its not like Sony was ever hacked. I don’t imagine that those people with all their records stolen had a difficult time sorting out the intrusion. To say nothing of the Sony teams that had to fix the problem. That did not cost man hours of labor. And that was a private sector occurance alone. Did anyone know that Google was “sharing” information with the NSA? Was that covered under your FISA warrant? And does the FISA warrant subscribe to innocent until proven guilty? I suspect it subscribes to the suspicious until proven useless point of view. Perhaps to you the perspective is funny, but your lack of perspective is apalling to me.

        • In order for the NSA to access private data inside the USA a FISA warrant must be obtained.This comes late into an investigation and all companies/MS,Google are obligated by law to comply.This has nothing to do with the xbox1 in and of itself.The Republic has a right and an obligation to protect the citizenry.The rabbit hole is in your mind not mine.And the equal access to the insurance industry law is a bad joke.

          • Reasoning of that type is disingenuous in the extreme. “In order to access (please stop pretending and read “allow access” here) private data inside the ….”

            Thats quite a mouthful of qualifiers, given that the FISA warrant comes AFTER the intrusion. Rather like a federal officer breaking down your door, hunting about till he finds SOMETHING incriminating or suspicious and then being handed a warrant for entry. Only in this case its electronic, so no one really feels the discomfort?

            Please, that law/warrant/policy/legislation-from-the-bench is RETROACTIVE, and covers an offence that has already been committed. I have seen the outworking of that particular law in a case of a friend who lives in Virginia, and its nothing more than a way for a over-reaching “public service” body to avoid having to admit wrong doing.

            Again you stray far afield of your original off the cuff remark. The idea that I re-posted for you, and which is instance after instance flawed in its application and ineffective in its execution. Privacy must be RESPECTED between people, and most of all between people and the body that claims to govern them. The individual is the first last and only benificiary of a free society, and its products, beliefs, social constructs and entertainments are at the pleasure of the individual. Countries are made of individuals, and companies are made of individuals. Government and Management are there to ensure the best outworking of the collective stated goals of the individuals and WHENEVER that happens to falter the responce and correction depends upon the individuals. Government and Management are not there to impose desires upon the people, they are there to respond to the desires of the people.

            I can’t beleive I have to spell this out so carefully. The Republic has an OBLIGATION to protect the citizenry, you cannot endow an ideal with rights, that pre-supposes conscious will, and a body of administrators has NO WILL. Only a stated and defined job description. The people are the will, and the continuation of a body of administration is not the function or concern of the administration. It is the concern of the people. If we all did not vote last primary we should have had NO PRESIDENT. This is what I mean by you lacking context for your statements. The entity you subscribe to is a house of cards, and the idea that the top executives of a given company can make intimate decisions on your behalf is an even BIGGER house of cards. Microsoft exists because people buy the stuff, not because they are a organization that simply came into existence because of their eventual genius. Its still our game, our rules and our decisions to make, and as I have refrenced back to before on this post its our company to punish as well. And seeing how the latest products display a startling lack of respect for the individual I suggest that that needs to happen NOW.

            That is a perspective, and a logical progression of geometrically outworked reasoning to arrive at a useable and logically sound conclusion. It needs no supporting arguments because the implied is simple in all its aspects. The people and their wishes are the power, the entities that wish to share in the wealth of the people are at the disposal of the people. Not the other way round.

          • Law and order is as it is.I have no idea what the intrusion is that you speak of.Nor of the relevance of this friend’s case.The posts here at gamerant are solely owned by gamerant and they say they respect our privacy.Do you believe them and does this mean anything to buying an xbox1.The rabbit hole continues.

          • Yes it does, and its not my problem to try and make sense of it for you anymore. Gamerant does mediate this site, and I am not worried about them, its not like they are offering a product that does not do what it says.

            Further down this thread you will see posts by other people who
            cannot use this $500.00 joke you so readily call a game console, unable to use it because of the “update”. Seeing how you believe in the system so adamantly I suggest you tell THEM about how they are just out of luck because of the predatory decisions by a company that got its start because of fanboys like us who have been loyal but need to have their idea of a game console “updated” to MS idea of a entertainment system.

            Not a single point that I have laid out have you even attempted to answer, and your song of “you’re but flesh and faith and of us two the more deluded” has begun to sound shrill. Waste time on some other site, I think you might be the best re-definition of a troll I have ever met. At the very least you might try and address the concerns of people who HAVE already bought a system and sooth them with the knowledge that “law and order is at it is” and if I may be so bold I will finish your thought with the unstated but implied by your entire line of reasoning “and if you are not one of the privilaged gamers in the world thats your problem to fix, move somewhere with better internet access” in essence you subscribe by your attitude to #dealwithit. Society has already made its pronouncement about THAT sentiment.

          • So, now the holidays are over and you see the people who CAN’T use their boxes how righteous are you about your precious inter-connected world? How much can you defend the industry that expects you to buy a console that CAN’T be played out of the box? I have been watching these posts pile up more than just here, and while they are not a flood its stupid to defend a company that says its OK to ship a product that is KNOWN to not work on day one. And you are just as stupid to defend that kind of attitude as normal.

  13. Once you download the update, will be able to play games on the Xbox one with out internet connection?

    • Yes, it seems that the update removes all the constant checking the machine had to do in order to function, but its a lot of re-coding, so I suspect its a bit…large.

    • Yes JC it’s an update to allow offline play

    • Yes JC it’s an update to allow that

  14. I can currently only use 2G on my phone, no broadband availability where i live. I wanted a console for gaming and playing locals with my friends, PS4 it is i guess, no other choice really :/

    • Ps4 won’t play DVDs or blu rays without an update too

  15. I can’t get internet were I live not at all so I spent 500  just to see a box sitting in my room so this update screwed me.

  16. If you buy the console on day one but want to give it your child for Christmas, can you wait till Christmas to download this update or does it have to be updated on the 22nd November?

    • You should be able to wait. I don’t see any reason why they’d force you to update it the day you bought it instead of the first day you decide to use it.

  17. I had heard a lot of controversy over the xbox 1 and it’s off-line online relationship.. This clears up the mess in a way that resembles a kid sweeping it under the rug, microsoft bless the smug bastards have gone with the notion that all their fanbase has access to an internet connection and kinda apologetically shrugs at the fans left behind, my partner has a 3g phone and that is my only means of internet (it’s not much but it allows me to be connected) i’ve been internally debating at which console to aim for for the coming years and it is nice to hear nintendo’s wii u and sony’s ps4 allowing for phyisical disc play, just a little disheartening, i know the whole idea for the one was to be ALL new ALL revolutionary ALL modern designed specifically for the modern gamer or family setting… It just stings a little to know that a company based on entertainment hasn’t really looked at all areas their fans might be in. Another thing i feel is worth commenting on, the line-up, theres no real WOW factor going on this time, nothings reaching out to me (personal opinions being what they are) from the ps4 or the wii u, in fact i’ve just assigned the wii u as having more of the same, and the ps4 sink all it’s hopes and dreams in the new killzone as that’s the only exclusive game i’ve seen advertised, but the xbox has a strong line up of a few decent sequals dead rising 3 forza motorsport to name a couple, it really does make me take my time thinking about who to go with.. All in all this gamer is sticking with the 360 untill such a time where the hype dies down and honest comparasons and game reviews and can be made… As a final word this new generation has a lot of potential for some really good groundbreaking games. So i feel it’s gonna bust some balls and break some hearts

  18. I dont know why this factoid goes unnoticed by the mainstream public. In the I.T. world, there are very few reasons why an internet connection would be thought of as “necessary” in relation to a gaming console. Why not continue with the “play out of the box” feature of the previous consoles? Could it be piracy issues? Probably not. Any software can be hacked. Why, then, would a console gaming system need to be updated on line from the manufacturer before it can be used in the manner intended? Why would it need to connect once every 24 hours? Each system has a mac address, each internet connection has an IP address…they are the new SSN #’s of the digital age. These systems log into the microsoft domain to collect the updates and all the while, the console’s metadata is being collected by microsoft…that includes your IP address. Its no myth that each time you are on the internet, you are not anonymous…not any more. You can mask your IP or hide behind a proxy or come up with some clever way to disguise yourself, but, in the end you are never truly invisible. Microsoft uses this information because it provides real time data about the number of consoles in use, where they are being used (which lends itself to future geographical marketing strategies) and how many consoles are on line/in use in any 24 hour period. This information is very useful when planning quarterly reports for it’s investor(s). They do not feature this as part of their marketing because it has a negative marketing impact. However, its less of a negative impact to tell us an internet connection is required for a day 1 patch. So, they deliberately leave out that part about collecting your data. For you conspiracy nuts, they are not collecting your name or social security numbers or using this as a means to accomplish some clandestine agenda on behalf of the evil government. What they are doing is essentially lying by omission which, in most Courts, is a crime. Just a little food for thought. Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :-)

    If you really want high end gaming and multimedia, a high end laptop or desktop is still the best way to go.


  19. Got an XBox for X-mas and have yet to play it since I can’t connect to WiFi. So I fell like I have bought a useless console….

    • …so did you get it as a gift or did you buy it? Cuz you said both. If it wasn’t a gift, then you shouldn’t have bought it knowing you don’t have wifi dumbass

  20. Just unboxed my 2nd new Xbox one (first one the controller was broken in the box) and just bought forza motorsports after running to several stores who were all but one sold out. I just moved into my new Appartment and what do you know I’m searching the internet on my maxed datta alowance 2nd overage cell phone for why it won’t let me bypass the internet Bs and play my $65 game. Big FU to Bill on this one.. smh

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