Microsoft’s Xbox Live Suffering Security Issues Too

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Xbox Live Security Phishing

Over the past few days, one of the hottest trending topics on Google and around the world in the media is that of Sony’s PSN hacker problem. It’s been over a week now since PSN shut down and we now know it’s because of an illegal hacker intrusion and that private information of millions of PSN users have been compromised.

While we await the fallout of that monstrous problem, Microsoft is benefiting by this timing since Xbox Live is still working and the Gears of War 3 beta is underway. I bet they’re scared as hell something like this could happen to them and perhaps it’s already starting as they are currently experiencing a security issue of their own.

As of the time of this post, Microsoft’s official Xbox Live status is set to ‘Service Alert’ as they investigate and work to resolve an issue popping up for gamers playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

“Users may experience difficulties with the following services:

Users may receive potential phishing attempts via title specific messaging while playing Modern Warfare 2.

We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience”

“Phishing” is a form of social engineering where users are lured into revealing private information. It can happen through misleading/fake messages, emails or sites that look legit but will ask you to “update” your info, or confirm details, thereby stealing your name, address, etc. and worse, your credit card number.

This is a far cry from what Sony is currently dealing with and what they will have to deal with in the aftermath of private information being nabbed by the “intrusion” but it’s a reminder that you’re never 100% safe, regardless of the entertainment service you’re using. Be vigilant with your information and pay attention to you credit card statements and suspicious emails, websites and private messages.

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  • D.J.B

    Bet it’s an angry ps3

    • Yuuchun

      hahaha yeah.

    • A fellow PSN user

      Its most likely. People are taking the outage like the end of the world. HAHAHA but thats karma 101 for you

  • Ken J

    Sometimes when I find a website that is obviously phishing, I like to go on it via a public computer and start entering fake info. Like instead of my name and address I would put a bunch of insults. Even for the login and password, and it’s funny because no matter what you put, it’ll say login successful, lol. I really hope someone actually reads that stuff so my insults are not going to waste, lol.

  • Levi

    People seriously need to get damn lives that PSN hack is going around my school like a virus I am a Xbox 360 player but that isnt fair that they are getting hacked now we are i dont have a credit card number so im fine but thats incrediable waste of time to piss people off.

  • !_!

    stop phishing here

  • Deric

    Lmao this is just funny now.

    Microsoft: No.. No….No it’s not fair!…It’s just not fair!….It was just us now!!.. Just us! ..It’s just not fair!…*starts to cry*

  • WarMonger

    Just do what I do. Either run your consoles through a trusted and secure router (with anti-virus Trend-Micro) or use a seperate line. Me personaly, I paid a hacker to make me “extra” secure, if ya get my drift. Yes the hackers are getting smarter, so we have to get smarter as consumers. Look at how often this sort of thing happened on the original internet. It is a a basic and underlying risk in all electronic transactions. You are playing the odds as soon as you sign up.