Xbox 720 Could Run New Windows Operating System

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Microsoft's Ecosystem Will Connect PCs, Tablets, Cellphones, and the Next Generation Xbox

With Nintendo prepping for its next generation console, the Wii U, it’s a logical assumption to believe that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 aren’t that far behind. It’s obvious that both companies have at least started thinking about the next generation console war, but it’s hard to know what they could possibly have up their sleeves.

It would appear that one potential feature of the Xbox 720 has come to light, however, as Microsoft announced that it plans to combine cellphones, tablets, PCs, and Xbox 360 into a “single ecosystem.”

The ecosystem idea would allow all technology that is running on the same operating system to interact with one another. This seems like a great idea for all Microsoft-fueled hardware, but Microsoft also seems keen on introducing the Xbox brand into the ecosystem.

The news of Microsoft’s plan to create a single cohesive technological environment was delivered at this week’s Worldwide Partner Conference, where the future game plan for Microsoft was revealed by the company’s very own Andy Lees. Lees expressed interest in creating an environment where all of their products will be able to interact with each other, but he did mention that Microsoft wanted to focus “particularly with Xbox”.

“We won’t have an ecosystem for PCs, and one for phones, and one for tablets – they’ll all come together.”

Speculation then started pouring in from experts, and many believe that the new ecosystem game plan will be possible with a new operating system created after Windows 8. The new operating system would then be implemented into computers, phones, tablets, and most importantly the Xbox 720. If all goes according to plan, then the new OS and next-gen Xbox will be releasing at some point between 2015 and 2016, which would make the rumored Xbox 720 reveal at E3 2012 an illogical time and place to announce the new console.

Even more bizarre are reports that Microsoft is ditching the ‘Windows’ brand name for the new OS, and going with something that better fits the direction that they plan to take the company in. “Ecosystem by Microsoft” certainly has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Of course, plans for the current name change could certainly be dismissed within the next few years.

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  • bffan4ever

    microsoft cant possibly keep the old hag that is the 360 running for that long! compared to current pc capabilities (bf3 for example) current gen consoles graphics are extremely aged. its like if playstation didnt release the ps3 until 2008 and dragged the ps2 from 01 to 08. this is ridiculous.

    • Cyryl

      BF3 = a PC capability?


    • ATG

      “Extremely aged” now ur pushing it. I smell a fanboy. Its too soon for the next gen.

      • Cyryl

        Nah… He just wasn’t specific enough in his wording.

        He probably has a PC as well as one or both of the (worthy) consoles. (That’s right. I’m not a fan of the Wii. At all.)

        He’s comparing the current graphical strength of the two consoles against that of the current strength of the PC. It is – admittedly – quite the contrast. He’s not wrong about that. I came to realize just how much different they are after playing BFBC2 on my Xbox 360 for the last 1½ years, then building a high-end gaming PC and playing the same game on that. The difference is TREMENDOUS.

        I think he’s simply trying to convey that he has certain expectations that they’d be a little further along by now with the console hardware.

        Let’s be honest. If you have a good gaming PC, you CAN’T help but prefer it over the consoles. Not if you prefer the higher-quality gaming experience. It’s definitely not hard to appear to be a ‘fanboy’ when it comes to PC because of it.

        While I agree that there is a vast difference between gaming experiences in terms of quality between PC and console… I also see why they’re so far behind, too. It takes A LOT of time to create a system that will actually feel like an advancement in technology. One that people will actually buy into and enjoy.

        Also… When the hardware is fairly static in design and is not designed to be changed out or upgraded like a PC… You have to make damn sure you’re designing it correctly, too. They’re going to be using it for a while and are going to have to minimize warranty issues and general customer experience failures. Research and development is expensive.

        That’s not to say that we haven’t had issues with the consoles. I know I had the elusive E47 error one morning when I turned my system on. 3 days outside of warranty, of course. BEFORE they decided to cover the E47 error…of course. They only called me to tell me they’d cover it AFTER the 14-days return policy had passed on the NEW Xbox I’d bought to replace it, too. Ended up with an extra which I sold off. *shrugs*

        I should also mention that it took sending a detailed email to the Global President of Customer Relations at Microsoft. (Found her profile on their corporate info site. Was so ticked off…) She called me and told me that they were issuing a return box. Was rather surprised that she personally called me… But I was reticent. If I said what I really wanted to say, I would have really offended her. I let her know it, too. She said she understood and apologized. *shrugs* Good enough I guess. 😛

        Anyway… Off-topic. LOL

        So yeah. I think he’s just trying to portray the growing contrast between the consoles and the PC’s and is really trying to say that, despite the fact that they’re trying to make these console last as long as they possibly can, that there are customers out there who really would rather just see them come out with the new hardware and be done with it already. While unrealistic and certainly frustrating, I can’t help but wish they’d get on with it myself.

        • ATG

          Lol i hear u man, and yea way off topic. BFBC2 does look incredible on pc compared to 360. And 360 was a pain w/ those errors. But still dont think u can use the word extreme to describe it. Im anxious for the next gen too but it too soon for ME at least.

          Makes me wonder why they dont make a console that can be upgraded.

          • iDancethroughShadows

            i wondered about that myself. but could you possibly imagine how expensive they would make the system itself and then each upgrade?

            theyde raise game prices too.

            id just go and buy a pc though i dont really want to worry about upgrading my pc every 6 months.

            but i will if it comes to that :3

          • iDancethroughShadows

            i actually thought about going into business myself and doing a gaming console that is upgradeable. maybe buy sega and bring it back.

            “E3 2019-Introducing the Sega Phoenix!”

            ahh well. i can dream cant i?

        • iDancethroughShadows

          well lets tick off my systems shall we?

          6.wii(i love metroid though not very fond of the wii itself)
          7.n64(star wars rouge squadron!!)
          9.atari flashback 2
          10.gameboy advance sp(bought for the sole purpose to play D00M!)
          and a pc of limited gaming ability. it barely runs MoH pacific assault on rock bottom nothing.

          ive liked xbox MUCH more than i liked ps (and i used to HATE xbox with a passionate fury!) im just saying console gamers are going to get pretty irked when they/we realize that cod mw5 looks no different from cod mw2 and still running on 360(and not to mention with a couple treyarch cods in between that look no different from black ops.)

      • iDancethroughShadows

        fanboy? all im a fan of is gaming. though i do love halo!

  • Syed Azmain

    Microsoft is really changing from what I am seeing from the rumors and sources so far.. They look like good and useful changes

  • J.C. Reeves

    I would love to see the console and PC experience merge together.

    • Cyryl

      It would certainly be interesting to see the logistics behind such a feat. That’s for sure.

      As it is, I’m having difficulty giving definition to the term “merging” in this context. I really how they would merge the gaming experience – as it were. We already have the ability to communicate on Xbox Live from our phones or PC’s… What would they do that’d actually be new or noteworthy?

      On the other hand… I wonder if we’re all just speculating here. We’re certainly making a lot of conjecture as it is. 😛

      • Cyryl

        I actually forgot an entire word. LOL

        “I really WONDER how they would merge the gaming experience…”

  • iDancethroughShadows

    gotta agree with bffan i hope they dont drag the 360 out that long

    • iDancethroughShadows

      we need the 720 soon!

  • Cyryl

    I honestly couldn’t care less what Microsoft does with it’s hardware in this manner.

    Honestly? I have a PC. I have an Xbox 360. I have an Android phone. I am still able to access Xbox Live on my PC and Android phone. I’m able to access my phone from my PC and vice versa.

    Really? There really can’t be much that they’re doing here that I haven’t already accomplished with software.

    Unless they’re going to make Live games playable on the PC. That might be interesting… But I kind of doubt that they’d do that.


    Well folks? What else can you all think of that’d be worth actually paying attention to this?

    • SugarBear

      GFWL has been around a while. Achievements you earn on PC add to your 360 gamerscore, and there’s a couple games where the 360 and PC can play through live. (Cross-Platform) I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they had a lot more of this in the next gen, since the technology is already there. There’s just not very many games that use it. It would be very interesting if they partnered with Steam as well, like Sony did. Look at Portal 2.

  • widgetdigdet

    Actual hackers would have a blast with this. If everything is connected more than already is, XBox would likely discover its own virus’s and such. Hopefully if this does come to be reality, where Xbox is running “Windows”, there will be some hardcore built-in protection from those. Other than that, sounds interesting… by the time it releases though I may not be a hardcore gamer anymore… time while tell

    • Cyryl


      …will be a hardcore gamer until I DIE.


    • Cyryl

      Also… I would really like to know the context in which you use the word “hackers”.

      Then, depending on the context, I would like you to explain how the word applies to Xbox Live gaming.

  • atbyrd

    window 8 not likely would be basically a new system can’t just port windows to a new processor.