Xbox 720 Release Date in 2013 Confirmed by Someone on Xbox Team

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Xbox 720 Launches 2012

2011 is almost as it’s end and as the tide calms after the onslaught of video game releases in November, we look forward to another year of gaming, one that sees both a new handheld console and a new home console release.

Sony’s PS Vita hits North American and European retail early next year and sometime later, Nintendo will release the Wii U. As we enter the next generation of handheld gaming and prepare for the next gen of home consoles, rumors and speculation about the next Xbox and PlayStation units continue to make headlines.

Sick of hearing about the “Xbox 720” and the “PlayStation 4“? Too bad. News and discussion on the next Microsoft and Sony video game consoles is only going to get more prevalent as we move forward.

The simple fact is, the Xbox 360 is old. It’s been around for six years and if we flashback to 2005, many expected the next console to debut in 2010 or 2011 considering the short lifecycle of the first Xbox and the fact that the 360 came out first in its generation.

Recent rumors have the Xbox 720 releasing as early as next fall all the way up to early 2014, with some insiders saying Microsoft could do a first unveiling of the new system next month at CES. What we do know from multiple reports is that major publishers have dev kits in hand to develop what we presume will be launch titles for the new console.

Such titles we’ve heard rumors about  include A new Call of Duty, Saints Row 4, Alan Wake 2 and games that will make use of the Unreal 4 Engine that Epic Games expects to release by 2014.

We at Game Rant believe that Microsoft will showcase something regarding the Xbox 720 at next year’s E3 and that it could release the following year. According to another insider, this one from the Xbox team, the release of the Xbox 720 is occurring in 2013.

In CNET’s report about Xbox head Don Coyner changing positions within the company, a source of theirs within the Xbox team confirmed the 2013 release date, previously reported by Develop.

While it’s up for debate whether or not the industry needs the next-gen consoles out sooner rather than later, developers argue for both sides, with companies like DICE and Ubisoft anxious to get working on new tech, while Epic and Naughty Dog believe they can squeeze more out of the current consoles.

What we can say is that the gap between PC power and console power is growing significantly with Battlefield 3 offering the best evidence for this. Expect plenty of major next-gen announcements come 2012.

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Source: CNET


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  • Tay

    A new console doesn’t need to be rushed. I’m happy with my PS3 and 360 but I can definitely see the business side of releasing the Xbox 720 in 2013. With the year Xbox has had, they are definitely dominating right now. They could reveal it in 2012 to get the people hyped up and still have a good year for the 360 and then also beat Sony to the punch and release the 720 early 2013 and try to keep the momentum going in their favors.

    • WhatEver

      well they did say it was going to be cheaper than the 360, so thats okay with me, and i may give microsoft another chance considering i bought the 360 when it came out and it only lasted me 4months

  • Sean

    I’ll stick to my pc, thanks.

    • Mforce

      We’ll ignore useless input. Thanks.

      • jason

        We’ll ignore fanboys, thanks.

        • Mforce

          @Jason Who was that comment directed to?

  • Austin

    I’m still hopeful Rare is doing a sequel to Perfect Dark. And not letting Capcom step in and ruin everything. Also, Saints Row 4?!? The third one JUST came out! But it would be amazing if they implemented the GeoMod engine.

  • Aidy

    God. I am so tired of buying new consoles. PC<, 360, and PS3. Take your time Microsoft!

    • Rob Keyes


      When’s the last time you bought a console? The Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 are all 5+ years old…

      • Aidy

        Forgive me, allow for clarification: I own an original 360. My dad got me for my birthday when it first came out. Got the three rings and everything. I recently purchased a 360 Kinect for myself; and a PS3 this year to play Uncharted 3. I don’t like the Wii :)

        • Justinian

          Well you could say the same thing about PC. I mean in order to keep up with the newer games coming out there’s always a need for updating. While you may not have to buy a whole new pc, at least with Consoles you at least get the guarantee of not having to buy anything for at least a few years.

          • Justinian

            Edit: As long as the system doesn’t crap out on you like the original xbox. Glad I waited until the Elites came out.

          • Ken J

            There’s no “need” to upgrade. There’s a “want” for upgrade. I kept the same PC for almost 4 years and was playing games fine. Consoles don’t get upgraded, so that means to keep ahead of the consoles, if a PC is EVER faster than the consoles, it’ll still be faster than the consoles years later without an upgrade as well. But if you WANT to play the latest games on HIGHEST graphics settings, then you might WANT to upgrade, but you won’t NEED to if you’re satisfied with simply “better than the consoles” graphics…

            I’m getting a bit sick of explaining this. This is common sense. Once faster, always faster. Pretty simple… I wonder when people will stop believing in myths and look at facts for a change…

          • Aidy

            Yeah. I am on my 3rd laptop since college. I agree. I just bought the 360 with Kinect and I wasn’t looking forward to an immediate purchase.

    • Ken J


      BTW, you got the sign backward. If you’re trying to say that PC is better than PS3 and 360, then you should have put: PC > 360 and PS3. The “bigger” side of the symbol faces the thing that is greater. Get it? Gater always wants to eat more, not less?? (ie 15 > 10)

      • Aidy

        LOL. That was a typo. I was not trying to do greater or lesser than :) Thanks for the tutorial.

        • Aidy

          Thanks Ken. You are absolutely right. If you want the upgrade, then purchase a new unit. I know it gets frustrating explaining things to noobs like me :) But know that I am one who appreciates it!

          • Ken J

            Just so you know Aidy, I was replying to Justinian since he commented about how you “need” to upgrade PC’s a lot for some reason…

  • Matt

    as long as they make games for both 360 and 720, like what SOny did with PS2 and 3, the first couple of months or so Im cool with this. but i really dont want to shell out $300 or more for a new console. damn u microsoft!

  • ATG

    I’m cool with 720 releasing 2013. I just hope Sony doesn’t rush their console out. I’m a own ALL of them PS4, 720, and PC. And maybe Wii U for my son lol

    • HelghastUser

      I think Sony already dropped hints that they’re willing to take this route to release the PS4 around the same time the 720 is. If 2013 is set in stone for sure i hope it comes out in Fall/Winder 2013. There are certain Developers that are rumored to be working on PS4 titles already and well…I just hope they are not rushed again…

  • ps3 jailbreak

    Ah.. i will stick with my PC then. 2013 ..huh seems like competition is quite tough between PS4 and Xbox 720

  • Jeff Schille

    For me, 2013 is the sweet spot. Fingers crossed that the date is legit.

  • Ken J

    OMG, seriously. Does nobody on their marketing team realize how dumb of a name Xbox 720 is?? I really hope that’s just what they’re calling it until they can think of something better… Actually, why do I care? I won’t be buying one, so the dumber the better. Spin baby spin, lol.

    • Rob Keyes

      I don’t think the unit will be called that. It’ll keep the “Xbox” name but have something else attached to it. The “360” was only ever there to compete with the “3” in PlayStation 3 – that’s marketing for ya.

      • Ken J

        It’s just weird, like they had a product placement in Real Steel that also said Xbox 720, lol. I wonder what it’ll be called… To keep to the spinning in circles theme, I vote for Xbox Revolution!! lol

  • vermin

    EVERY ONE PLEASE HEAR MY CALL TO ARMS! this is no ad or a joke im just a normal dude who just found out about this. If you love games and movies and music as much as I do please take a min open a tab and look up SOPA. THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO TAKE EVERYTHING YOU LOVE ABOUT THE INTERNET!!!! WE MUST RISE TOGETHER AND TAKE ACTION AGAINST THESE TERRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS!

  • bio

    WHos to say that this new console is just a newer modle of the 360? Like the squished version of the 360 that is in the homes of people who had money to throw away to have a sleeker looking xbox.

  • angryguy77

    ahhh, is see the obligatory pc *&*&^nob has to remind everyone how great his pc is. gtfo, nobody cares. Why do you clowns have to hijack every damn thread? It’s hilarious because you all say your not 15 but act just as bad.

    Now back to the adult conversation. I’ve said this before in other related threads, I hope the jump is enough to make it worth while. I hope for better AI and bigger environments, not better graphics necessarily.

    I do hope they manage to keep the price reasonable.

    • Ken J

      Better AI is a CPU issue. Bigger environments is a combination of video memory and the draw distance will require more GPU processing power, so “better graphics” will kind of be a necessary “evil” to accomplish that. But I know you know that already, I understand your desire to downplay graphics as much as possible, even portray it as a bad thing, as long as the platform you support do not have the best graphics. I don’t really understand the logic, or see where it is written that to have better graphics gameplay will automatically be sacrificed. Most of the time when people who care about graphics talk about graphics, they’re talking about it IN ADDITION to the obvious need for good gameplay mechanics. Not just a technology demo with terrible gameplay.

      BTW, it’s you’re, as in “you are,” not “your” which is a possessive pronoun. Just FYI. It makes you sound more intelligent if you use words properly instead of insulting someone else’s intelligence or mental age all the while showing you don’t fully have a grasp of the English language. Just trying to help. :-)

      • MForce

        @Ken J I’m sorry but what is it with you? You always seem to point at something that’s not there he never said it was bad, he said they weren’t necessarily first priority, I agree I’m kinda fine with the current graphics. I really wouldn’t try to increase the graphical capabilities TOO much. If anything I would just work on refining everything to reduce graphic glitches like a bit of leg going through a wall, or a grenade bouncing off of a hole in a wire fence… But that’s not really capability, that’s the developers attention themselves.

        • Ken J


          Sorry, not to take a stab at your intelligence level, I’m not, but just have to point out that you’re misreading what I wrote.

          “I understand your desire to downplay graphics as much as possible, even portray it as a bad thing, as long as the platform you support do not have the best graphics.”

          I never said that HE said it was a bad thing, I just said I understand his desire to downplay its importance (which he did and I am saying he downplayed it), then I continued to say “even portray it as a bad thing” saying I understand why he would want to even go that far. Not saying that he did, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his next response (without me pointing that out) would have been something in the area of “You might value graphics more than gameplay, but I care more about gameplay” which is an argument console people ALWAYS make when we’re discussing graphics. Which is why I pointed out the fact that we’re never implying to sacrifice gameplay for graphics, but simply that with powerful enough hardware you can have both. Simple enough concept right? :-)

          • Mforce

            @Ken J you know what? I totally understand now, I see, it’s not that I misread, it’s the way I read it gave it a certain tone, like a sarcastic one or one trying to say je’s ignorant. It’s just that I’ve read alot of your posts like that and that’s what you meant, I hope I didn’t offend you. Please forgive me if anything.

          • Ken J


            Well, I’m USUALLY sarcastic, but that time I just meant what I said, lol.

  • angryguy77

    Attack the grammar all you want. I’m firmly aware of what the proper case is you asshat. It’s called a typo. You should work on your trolling disease before playing English teacher. You obviously make love to your pc on a nightly basis and hate ms and sony for what they have made. I don’t understand why you feel the need to comment on these types of threads every chance you get. You sir, are nothing more than a troll and need a serious intervention.

    Do you think I really care about the difference in graphics between PC and the xbox or PS? That’s laughable to say the least. I don’t, nor will I ever care about the capability of PC’s vs xbox/ps. I enjoy my 360 for a variety of reasons, and no computer nerd/geek is going to convince me to stop playing it because “pc graphics are soooooooooooooo much better than your gay console”. Trolls like you who spout off such nonsense because they want to make themselves feel smart, remind me, and the other grownups in the room of how ridiculous of an argument it is. We really don’t need a tech lesson from your troll ass each and every time the subject comes up.

    Thank you for taking what I said and injecting a different meaning into my comments. I’ll welcome better graphics, but I hope that it’s not the only focus of gaming on these new systems. I believe the industry is producing great looking games, but not making complete game. Of course I don’t mean all games are all show and no go, but there is a need for improvement.

    Halo is a prime example of good programing without having a monster cpu. I’ve been playing the anniversary edition, and it’s amazing how much smarter the AI is on that game compared to the shooters on more advanced platforms. The Elites react, dodge, and play much smarter than that of later editions and other fps’. I’m sure your answer is going to be “halo is ghey” or “It was so much better on my gf/pc”. Save it I don’t care. This thread is for people who are interested in the next gen of gaming, not your tired pov.

    • Ken J


      Now now, I don’t think I called anything “ghey” or anything anywhere on here… Not to mention, my PC runs on Windows 7, which is made by Microsoft, so to accuse me of being a MS hater is quite absurd. And typically, a “typo” would be one letter or punctuation mark out of place. So a typo of “you’re” would typically be “you’r” or maybe “youre” but somehow you left out a letter and a punctuation mark and the resulting “typo” just “coincidentally” made a real word that is commonly misused in place of “you’re?” Come on, it’s no big deal, it’s a common error, no need to deny it, and I only pointed it out to aide you in your future attempts at being antagonistic and insulting toward others. I mean, it just doesn’t look good to be calling someone a 15 year-old clown while typing your sentence wrong. It kind of makes YOU look like the 15 year-old clown. But since I was in a good mood, instead of being antagonistic back, I decided to be nice and simply point out your mistakes so you can look better being insulting in the future. I even provided you with some useful information about how the improvements you’re asking for are accomplished. See? Come on now, it’s all with good intentions… No need to be so angry all of the time despite your name. :-)

      • Ken J

        Oh, to add on to the MS hater thing, my mouse and my keyboard are both also made by Microsoft, and I love them. So, again, pretty absurd to call me a Microsoft “hater.” :-)

  • angryguy77

    “typo” is used as a euphemism in referring to written mistakes. Definitions change over the years and words can take on more than one meaning. I’m sure you realize that, but it wouldn’t help your argument if you admitted it.
    You really are a sad case chief. I know how to write, I use it everyday in my profession. You know what a “profession” is right? Here’s a hint, it doesn’t involve living in your mom’s basement.

    But hey, I’d probably do the same thing if I had low self-esteem and had to troll the web all day looking for ways in which I could prove to the world I’m a smart guy.

    • Ken J


      Actually, “typo” is short for typographical error, which means it’s a mis-type, as in your finger hit the wrong key. If you typed “your” and actually meant to type “your” then it’s not a typo, it’s simply you misusing a word. And your point of words changing meaning really is just another random irrelevant fact since the meaning of “your” and “you’re” have not changed, so…

      But anyway, like I’ve said, I’m just trying to help, I don’t get why you’re getting so offended. If I made a mistake, I’d love for someone to correct me or I’ll continue to make the same mistake and look like an ass every time. Life is a learning experience, nothing negative about that… In fact, I’d be more upset if someone noticed my mistake and never pointed it out… :-\

      • Mforce

        @Ken J
        “Stopbeingsoamgeyguy77″ ha…I see what you did there.

    • Ken J

      And I don’t get what you’re talking about living in my mom’s basement… I don’t think you realize I’m probably older than you… My mom lives in a neighboring city and I live in my house, which I own, and I own another home that’s a rental property, and in Florida, we can’t have basements because of our water table… It wouldn’t be a basement, it’ll be an indoor pool, lol. Hey, that doesn’t sound like a half bad idea… 😀

      If I make any money off the indoor basement pool thing, I’ll be sure to cut you in the profits. 😉

  • angryguy77

    btw, only people who have run out of ideas resort to being a grammar nazi.

    I don’t doubt that you own some MS products, but it doesn’t mean you can’t hate one of their products. I can only guess you troll these threads because you feel betrayed by the pc gaming industry. They basically treat it as an afterthought when it comes to producing games. But you really shouldn’t blame them, they need to know their product won’t be pirated. You must feel that it is your duty to right the wrongs in the gaming world. I mean, you’re sort of like the Batman of the internet, only way less cool. I really think you should relax a bit and realize that you can still sip you Mountain Dew while playing a console game. Who knows, you might actually meet a girl on live(if you’re into that sort of thing).

    Now back to your regularly scheduled trolling.

  • Agent75

    As we all know, the Wii U will be out this year, I’m convinced the Xbox 720 will be out early 2013, but never rule out that it might surface at the end of this year, the Xbox 360 just popped up out of nowhere, but as remember that the original Xbox flopped, Microsoft rushed out the Xbox 360, it wasn’t tested properly, and we all know the story after that. There’s too much floating about at the moment, but as I say, the Xbox 720 will be here soon. As for Sony, the PS Vita had taken over from the PS3 tech, Sony want to squeeze as much as it can get, what with all the money it spent on PS3 development etc. But gone are the says when consoles would last 10 years or so, like with the PS1 and PS2. Sony won’t admit it, they’ll be feeling the force from Nintendo and Microsoft, ironically, Sony admitted last year that they don’t want to be last in like with the PS3, but it was very over priced from the start anyway. The PS4 will be out sooner or later, it’s been pushed onto Sony. Plus publishers have put a lot of pressure on the big 3 to knock out new consoles. On top of that, the PlayStation brand has been tarnished since 2006 when the PS3 didn’t get off to a good launch and the Sony ship is still rocking to this day. Sony are in the s**t with the PS Vita in Japan, the same will happen in the US and Europe, very over priced, price drop will happen, so save your money. Open your eyes and get ready for the biggest battle inc console history.

  • Steve

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