New Xbox 720 Rumors: New Name, Kinect 2.0, Blu-Ray & AR Support

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Xbox 720 Rumored to Launch in 2013 with Physical Media

Although Microsoft has yet to officially spill the beans on their forthcoming next-gen system, that hasn’t stopped dozens of publications and sites from speculating as to what this exciting new piece of tech might contain. However, most have been blind stabs in the dark — unsubstantiated rumors that have been proven false by contradictory rumors.

Nevertheless, the Xbox 720 rumor train is chugging along, and today we have yet another expose on the new console. However, while this is still a rumor, it might just be the juiciest one yet, as it potentially reveals quite a lot about the console.

The Xbox 720 details come to us by way of Xbox World, a publication that is, unfortunately, going the way of Nintendo Power. However, as a sort of last hurrah, the magazine is revealing any and every piece of next-gen Xbox info they have at their disposal. According to the publication, this is what Microsoft will reveal before and during E3 2013.

Probably the most important piece of information coming out of Xbox World is a proposed official name for the console: Xbox. Thus far we have been calling the console the Xbox 720 — or using its codename Durango — but apparently Microsoft will be dropping the numbering system for this third device. At some point naming based on degrees was going to have to end, but the question is — if this next console is called Xbox, what do we call its successor?

Xbox World also claims (based on current dev kits) that Xbox will be sporting a quad-core CPU and 8 GB of RAM. The purported dev kit that went on sale earlier this year featured similar tech, but it wasn’t nearly as powerful. Once again, gamers are going to be discussing the console’s inferiority when compared to high end gaming PCs, but that can only officially heat up when true specs are released.

As far as bells and whistles are concerned, the publication claims that Xbox will feature a Blu-ray disc drive (finally!), a next generation of Kinect, what they call an “innovative” controller, and support for AR glasses later in the console’s life cycle. We’ve been hearing claims about this Kinect 2.0 for quite some time so that seems likely, but as far as the other features there hasn’t been much evidence to support those claims.

Xbox Kinect

In fact, discussion hasn’t even broached talk of what type of controller the next Xbox might be working with. Obviously, if the Wii U takes off, both Sony and Microsoft will consider ways to ape that concept, but we figured the Vita and Smart Glass were those answers.

And finally, Xbox World provided a digital mock-up of what they believe the console will look like based on their previously held knowledge. The mock-up can be seen over at CVG, and it looks surprisingly similar to a router or an Apple TV. It’s definitely a sleek design, but you have to wonder how large the console will be.

If it wasn’t already implied, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt and treated as rumor. Nevertheless we wouldn’t be surprised to hear Microsoft announce these details verbatim next June.

What do you think of these new details regarding the next Xbox? What about the design?

Source: Xbox World (via CVG)


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  1. Of course it will have a Blu-ray. To not have one would be the most epic fail in the history of epic fails. Kinda like the PS3 was…

    • Ironic statement given the PS3 pioneered Blu Ray. On one hand if the new Xbox doesn’t have Blu Ray, it will fail. On the otherhand the PS3 which is only really distinguishable from the 360 was it’s Blu Ray, was a failure

      • Funny you call the ps3 a failure given it has sold just about as many 360’s passing the 70 million mark recently where the 360 is around 73m. If you ask me, given the 360’s headstart, the ps3 has caught up solidly and is the stronger console.

        • I’ll repeat what I tell all my PS3 loving buddies, you guys have Little Big Planet and we have Halo. It’s not a matter of ‘this console is better’ but a matter of taste.

          • This is the kind of response I’d expect from someone who’s never bothered to try out the PS3. I own all 3 current get consoles and I’ll tell you right now, PS3 has the better exclusives over 360. Other than Halo, the only significant exclusive for 360 is Gears of War. Sony has at least 6 major, top-selling exclusive franchises with Little Big Planet, Uncharted, God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and Infamous. Not to mention a pretty stellar shooter with the Killzone and Metal Gear series as well as the upcoming The Last of Us.

            I love my Xbox, but its lineup of exclusives pales in comparison to Sony. This console elitist nonsense is utterly childish.

          • I’ll have to disagree with both of you… Halo is boring and repetitive, Gears of War is all gimmicks, God of War is a button masher (played them on my ex-gf’s playstation, I literally beat those games by mostly jamming one button for the entire game…), Uncharted is kind of cool, but the platforming gets pretty repetitive after a while, but the animations and the stories are pretty good. And after hearing all of these great things about Killzone, my friend and I rented the game and both of us were pretty let-down by it. Again, very repetitive, and really nothing that stands out. We got pretty bored of it after a little while… The best exclusive Xbox has is the Forza games, that’s about the only reason I ever want to play on an Xbox, don’t really have any reason to want to play on PS3, so far I’m fine with the games I play on the PC.

            My taste is just different from the console gamer, I don’t have ADD, so I don’t need my hand held through every game, I like games that make you feel immersed and actually give you the challenge of figuring things out on your own, and you just don’t really see that on consoles exclusives… Gears of War is probably the worst offender, they hold your hand through everything, there’s no way you’ll ever have to turn on your brain to figure out how to get to the next area… They block everything off so you’re lead through corridors, and every “obstacle” can be cleared by simply walking up to something and holding or pressing some button and even then one of the NPC’s will keep repeatedly yell at you what you need to do, as if it’s not easy enough… And every enemy encounter is so predictable as you’ll see waist-high boxes or something else that you can conveniently use as cover spread around…

            Sometimes I wish I can be entertained by these games, but I really can’t. My loves will always be the original Operation Flashpoint (not that garbage Dragon Rising or Red River that they made more recently…), the ARMA games, Half Life 2 and the episodes, Batman Arkham games, Battlefield 2 (3 is alright, but it’s kind of dumbed down compared to 2…), Bioshock, the old Rainbow Six games back when Redstorm made them, not when Ubisoft bought them out, the Forza games (unfortunately have to play at my friend’s house since I don’t have an Xbox), all of the Mario games, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4, the FIRST COD: Modern Warfare (COD4, the rest SUCKS), Left 4 Dead, the Portal games, and others, those are the games I enjoy. A lot of these new games just seem so dumb, like they are catered for people with ADD…

            I’m waiting for ARMA III, that looks like it should be good. I’m hoping this game by a small developer gets made, Ground Branch. I have Hitman: Absolution preordered because I got a great deal for it from Gamefly, and they promise that the game let’s your pick the way you want to complete every mission, so that should be fun, hopefully they didn’t screw it up…

  2. I love the idea of them calling the next system Xbox. It’s simple, which is good. As far as pricing goes, if these rumors are true, I would more than happily pay $400-$500 for one. You could pay more than that for a high-end graphics card for a PC, which you’ll have to upgrade in no more than nine months anyway. From my experiences, people who say that PC gaming is better than console gaming are people who are either rich, or they are irresponsible with their money. Console gaming is much more affordable, and this next generation will most likely narrow the gap between power and graphical capabilities between PC and console.

    • Yes, of course, but for how long. Consoles are usually quite static pieces of kit, with only firmware updates, along with some overclocking that keeps them fresh.It was only within the first year or so in the 360’s lifespan that Crysis came out & there was no way that the 360 could handle it at top spec. Our main advantage is also our biggest weakness, the afore mentiones static nature of consoles. It means that devs can create games that are totally compatible with our systems, unless you’re a PS3 owner that is lol. This still only takes us so far, we will, sooner or later lag behind PCs once again.

      • True, we will, that’s inevitable. However, the gap between console and PC gaming won’t be so great that you should completely convert to PC. There is a lot, and I do mean A LOT, that can be run on a console that has a quad-core CPU and 8 GB or RAM, dedicated solely to gaming. Not to mention the promise of augmented reality on consoles, which has been every gamer’s dream for decades.

        • Oh I agree the rumoured specs of the new Xbox are impressive & the idea of AR is intriguing, though if it just ends up being a gimmick or not, only time will tell. Take it from someone who has been around since the birth of home consoles (late 70’s, though I was only a baby). The cycle will continue, the new console comes out & it looks as good as a top end PC, but at a fraction of the price. This lasts for about a year, then the PCs get a nice shiny new GPU, that blows everything else out the water, maybe this time it’ll be real time ray tracing or something like that it can do. It’s what’s happened in the past & will be what happens in the future.
          TBH if cloud based gaming can get off the ground & gameplaying isn’t restricted to hardware, just to your internet ping. That’s where the future will lie. Only if they can get it working properly.

        • That gap will sort of close when this is released. Then in like 6 months, the gap will reopen, and the gap will widen farther every year… And the last time I upgraded my PC, the total of the costs was around $350, and selling off my old stuff got me a bit over $100 back. So really, it was a $200 upgrade, which I make back just buying a few games. For example, I preordered Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition for $36. How much is the Xbox version of that game? $80… So that’s a $44 savings right there with one game… I had preordered Battlefield 3: Limited Edition for $43. How much was it for Xbox? $60 – $70? I got LA Noire via digital download for $5, Dead Space for $2.99, Dead Space 2 for $5, had Batman Arkham City preordered for $40, Bioshock 2 for $10, I can go on and on… Yah, not even counting the hundreds I’ve saved over the years gaming with my PC (watch blu-ray and HD DVD movies with my PC hooked up to my HDTV as well), and how much I’ve saved not having to pay to play online like the gold membership for Xbox Live, I’m going to save that $200 in no time and enjoy superior graphics and controls in the mean time… So no thanks, you guys have fun with that… But keep believing in these myths about how much money you’re saving, it makes it more fun for me to read these comments when I visit these gaming sites… ;-)

          • You make a good point, when you play PC games, you don’t have to pay manufacturing and distribution fees, which makes it cheaper, and in the long run, you probably do save money. However, the majority of consumers find it easier to spend an extra $10-$20 every once in a while than hundreds of bucks just to upgrade one aspect of a PC. Console gaming may not be cheaper in the long run, but it’s more convenient in the short run.

    • @Unbuild

      LMAO, oh, the “you have to upgrade a PC every couple months” myth has come up already. Man, I’m going to have fun with this one. Hey, take a guess how long it was between upgrades for my PC and all the while I was playing all of the latest games with high graphics settings?

      • It’s hardly a myth, but it’s not every couple months. Several of my friends only play on PC, and they pay a few hundred dollars to upgrade some aspect of their PC every 6-12 months.

        • @unbuild

          The myth is that you “need” to upgrade. Your friends upgrade often because they CHOOSE to because they want the latest improvements. The fact is, games do not utilize the full power of the “latest and greatest” hardware, so upgrading is pretty much overkill. I usually wait around 3-4 years before I upgrade, and so far I’ve been able to keep to that and still been able to play almost all of the latest games at max graphics settings. Usually when multiple games require me to turn their graphics settings down a little, that’s when it’s a sign to me that it’s close to the time that an upgrade is “needed.” And like I said, that’s usually around the 3-4 year mark. But even if I don’t upgrade, I can still play games, just not with graphics settings maxed out. But the logic stands, if a PC was EVER faster than a console, it’ll still be faster than that console 4 years later since a console’s hardware cannot get faster. So even if you have to change the graphics to medium instead of high, it’s still better than the same game’s graphics running on the consoles…

        • Yeah, Ken’s right. Games don’t evolve on the same path as hardware. A game that’s already in development can’t utilize a new piece/generation of hardware.

        • Then they are fools. You can build a system for less than 600 dollars that can play bleeding edge games for 2 years easy. The myth of upgrades is just that. Your friends waste a lot of money to look cool with their upgrades, not because they need to.

  3. I agree with this rumors whole heartedly!

  4. Xbox? Seriously? Yeah, that definitely won’t create more confusion than the Wii U.

  5. So, the Xbox name thing is like what Apple did with the iPad… Uh oh, they’re going to get sued by Apple, lol.

    Did they say if that 8gb of ram is shared system memory with the video or if the video will have dedicated memory? Because video memory should be significantly faster… If it’s shared memory, that’ll be a MAJOR bottleneck, and you can have impressive numbers all over the place and the games will still look like ass…

    And despite the popular belief, the number of cores does not make your CPU faster… That simply allows it to multitask, if the clock speed is crap, it’ll just be like 4 crappy CPU’s… If the voltage requirement is too high, then most likely overheating will be a major issue. That’ll result in slower performance since it’ll be constantly correcting errors, or it’ll simply be downright unreliable…

    There are so many factors, these flashy sales pitch terms and numbers don’t really tell you anything… Not that 8gb is really flashy anyway, I have 8GB of system memory and I was being economical. Really should have went 16gb…

    • I got 16GB. :D

      • @Matt

        You… nevermind, I’ll keep the language rated PG… ;)

        • Yeah, wouldn’t want that super crappy 8GB PC to get banned from GameRant. :P

          • *runs off and cries* :'(

          • Heheheh. >:-D

  6. down side games will likely go up to 70 or 80 dollars.

    Also I hope the next xbox looks nothing like that mock up. The new mock up looks so bland.

    • I don’t think they will risk raising the prices of games just after a xbox release. If games go up it will be in a 5 dollar increment.

  7. just wait another 3,4 years before realsing the ps4 en xbox 720.

  8. I like the design, the name isn’t bad either.

    • You like the idea of the next-gen Xbox having the same name as the first-gen Xbox?

      • Doesn’t make much of a difference to me anymore.

        • It does to me. I just think it’s stupid to come out with a new product that has the same name as an older one. What if the next-gen Sony console is actually called the PlayStation? What if the next-gen Nintendo handheld is called the DS?

          • If Sony was to call their next console the PlayStation, it wouldn’t make a difference. No one would be confused by the title, because the original PlayStation is irrelevant, so when someone says “PlayStation,” you wouldn’t get confused by which console they were talking about, and the same goes for “Xbox.” The original Xbox was over 10 years ago, and it’s also irrelevant now.

            However, calling the next Nintendo handheld the DS would be different, because they only just upgraded from the DS to the 3DS a year or two ago, and that would confuse the general consumers. A better idea is if Nintendo called their next handheld the GameBoy. (To be honest, I don’t know why you went with the DS example rather than the GameBoy example.

            Part of the reason I, and I’m assuming ATG as well, don’t mind the name Xbox for the new console is because giving it the same name as the first iteration of Microsoft consoles could be a sign of returning to its roots. No one with common sense would think “Wait…are they rereleasing the original Xbox?” Personally, I’d rather it be called something like “Xbox Infinity,” because it’s rumored to be powered by Windows 8, and the number 8 is just an upright infinity sign.

          • I’m with Unbuild, I can’t see people getting confused with the title. Although Sony should use ps4 because it makes more sense. Xbox went to Xbox 360, so The Xbox isn’t entirely out of the question. Even Xbox.

          • I think it would confuse people just like the Wii U confuses people. Why wouldn’t “Xbox” confuse the out-of-the-loop public if “Wii U” does?

            Here’s another thing: as it is, you can’t say that you have an Xbox without someone asking if you have the original or a 360. Imagine if the next-gen Xbox is also called the Xbox. Then they have to ask you if you have the original, the 360, or the new one. And when a slimmer model of the new Xbox comes out, you have to elaborate further on which Xbox you have. It’s completely unnecessary. All that can go away with a one-word addition to the name. Xbox Infinity, Xbox 720, etc. With the name Xbox, you’d always have to say “original Xbox” or “new Xbox,” whether you’re a gaming journalist or just a gamer.

          • @Matt

            To be clear, I don’t WANT it to be called Xbox or The Xbox, I just don’t care. Wii U confused the average consumer because it looks like a new peripheral.

            Also, who still talks about the original Xbox? If someone says: “I have an Xbox Slim.” Why on earth would you assume it’s an original Xbox?

            People will say New Xbox for a year or so.

            The reason it doesn’t matter to me is because I only care about what it has to offer. If I want one, I know what it is and that’s all that matters to me.

          • @Matt, people would call it “The New Xbox” for a year or so, then just call it the “Xbox,” because by then, people won’t be confused by which system they’re talking about. Also, when the 360 came out, most people just called it the “360,” so there wasn’t much confusion. With the Wii U, Nintendo didn’t advertise very well that it was any more than a tablet, and all they did was add one letter to the title, so it’s easy to be mistaken or confused with it. If they do call this the “Xbox,” hardly anyone would confuse it with the original, because no one talks about it. If they were talking about the 360, they’d just call it the “360.”

          • Just to settle this. Do you really go tell your friends lets go play some xbox 360? or simply lets go play some xbox? You don’t need to specify the exact name, who cares? you could say lets play n64 and people will know you’re talking about video games

          • I agree with Matt. It’s ALREADY confusing. For example, try to do an eBay search for an Xbox Controller. Not only do you get results for the Xbox but you also get Xbox 360 results too. So people need to make up monikers to differentiate them. Like “Original” or “Classic”, although these made-up nicknames are not always going to net you the most results. To a retro game collector/player things like these are a pain in the ass. When I do a search for anything 360 related, I just use “360”. If the “New” Xbox is just called Xbox, we won’t have that liberty. We will be back to making our own adjectives to describe what we are talking about, such as “The New” Xbox. IMO, it’s counter-intuitive and just plain dumb to call it Xbox. They should just go with the community generated 720, or come up with something new.

  9. Agreed, besides one reason why a general name like The Xbox or Xbox would be logical is because they’d want it to be THE console, they are trying to put weight in the name by making it not only the Holy Grail of Microsoft and the Xbox consoles, but of consoles in general!

  10. Agreed, besides one reason why a general name like The Xbox or Xbox would be logical is because they’d want it to be THE console, they are trying to put weight in the name by making it not only the Cream of the Crop of Microsoft and the Xbox consoles, but of consoles in general!

  11. Come on, they can’t come up with a catchy subtitle? Just calling it Xbox is lazy.

  12. Just calling it the “Xbox” is simple but I don’t think that will stick and having 8GB of RAM is too much. However it depends on what content, direction and experience Microsoft want to deliver to its followers.

    • There is no such thing as too much RAM, in my opinion. I imagine it will be used for things like running background applications.

    • 8GB of memory is too much? Spoken like a true console gamer, lol. :-P

      • He doesn’t speak for all of us. x.x

        • @Unbuild

          I’m just kidding anyway. I would have said 8gb was too much like 2 years ago myself. But now 16gb of memory is pretty normal, 8gb is trying to save money, lol.

      • I’m not

    • How can you have too much RAM?

  13. hope they dont change the control that much, the 360 control is perfect, especially for those of us with slower muscle reflexes in our fingers.

    i doubt i’ll be getting it straight away, i’ll just wait a year or so for the price to drop, them to iron out any/all issues (i dont want a rrod) and for the next gen library to rack up (and to see how games look on it).

    let’s hope the info isn’t final so that sony cant pull a dodgy like they did with the ps3 ;)

    • I agree that the 360 controller is perfect. I can’t imagine them doing anything to make it better, but who knows? I’ll most likely get it and the PS4 on day one. Also, I doubt it will have a problem like the RROD. That was a huge blow to Microsoft economically, and they don’t need anymore bad press.

    • @jwalka

      You know, for first-person shooters, they should introduce a device, where you can move your hand and the character will move his weapon in the direction and speed just like you’re moving your hand, so it’s more like real life where your own snappiness and reflexes dictate how fast and how precise you aim your weapon instead of this joystick nonsense… We’ll call this new device something catchy… I think I’ll call it a “mouse.”


  14. Game Rant Wii U Review???? Anyone?

    • It should be in sometime before the year is over x.x

  15. Even though the Kinnect 2 and Blu Ray discs make total sense, the rumor flying around on cloud storage is crazy and simply does not make sense for millions of players outthere who have no internet connection at all.

    • @Xbox720insiders

      Cloud storage would be optional. So it’s not crazy.

  16. So, am I the only one that thinks they mean it will support me using my AR15 while playing games when ou read the title where it says “AR Support?” :-D

  17. Microsoft will have to make next Xbox faster and more power especially if they want to keep Kinect 2.0

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