New Rumor Claims Xbox 720 Six Times as Powerful as Current Gen

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Xbox 720 Six Times Powerful Than Current Gen

Even though the PS4 will not be debuting at E3 2012, popular opinion says Microsoft is still poised to make a big announcement at this summer’s show. While details regarding that next-gen console, heretofore known as the Xbox 720, have popped up here and there, nothing concrete has been confirmed by the folks at Microsoft.

However, we do have some hints as to how powerful this next-gen console might be, both in terms of current processor comparisons and claims made by folks involved with the tech. What we have found out is that the Xbox 720 will be about six times as powerful as the current console generation, and will yield about 20 percent more performance than Nintendo’s next-gen console the Wii U.

To put that into a more real world perspective, tech blogs Fudzilla and SemiAccurate are claiming the graphics processor for the 720 is a riff on AMD’s 6000 series GPU, not the 7000 series. Those same tech blogs point to the Radeon HD 6670 as the closest comparison to what will be under the Xbox 720’s hood. Of course, to be six times as powerful as this current gen, one has to imagine some added flourish will be put into whatever GPU Microsoft manufactures or licenses.

Aside from that, though, we really have no idea how powerful of a machine Microsoft is creating for the next-gen, but we imagine that to change within the next couple of months. Much like when the Wii U details started floating around, we expect more details to slip out here and there to give a clearer picture of the Xbox 720 — with hopefully a big reveal taking place during E3 2012.

And then there is Sony, who is going to be watching from the shadows, keeping a careful eye on what their competitors are doing, so it would behoove Microsoft to go create a console with a little more longevity.

What would you like to see out of Microsoft’s Xbox 720 in terms of a GPU? Are you disappointed to hear that the closest comparison to that GPU is a lesser model PC GPU?

Source: IGN, Fudzilla

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  • Poncho

    So much for next gen leaving the Wii U in the dust

  • Just want to play

    i would like to see the xbox gpu on par with what is on top at the time of release on pc

    • james

      then it would be to much money.

    • Truefact

      Right now nVidia’s flagship card is about 700 dollars, and AMD’s is about the same. If you REALY want to pay that much, may as well get a PC.

  • Astenvares

    wow imagin if Sony does release the PS4. as it is the PS3 is stronger and more capable then the 360. PS4 will be the Alienware of consoles. Bad A, Stylish, and expensive as all get out.

    • Cyryl

      ONCE AGAIN…it has to be pointed out that BOTH the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are EQUAL in overall capability. They each have certain strengths over the other.

      Repeat after me:

      The PS3 is NOT “stronger and more capable” than the Xbox 360.
      The Xbox 360 is NOT “stronger and more capable” than the PS3.

      WHY is there always at least ONE individual who finds it necessary to bring this overbearing, TIRED speculation to the table?

  • Unkeptruth

    Its called next gen 4 a reason so make it with tech tht is still good 5 to 10 yrs down the line

  • Ken J

    How do they come up with these numbers?? Six times as powerful as current gen but 20 percent more performance than Wii U? So are they saying the Wii U is almost 5 times as powerful as current gen then?? lol

    • Yahya

      Yes, that’s exactly what their saying. It what everyone has been saying since E3 last year. The rumored WiiU specs are about 4-5 times that of 360/PS3

      • Ken J

        I highly doubt that. At least based on Nintendo have shown so far…

        • yuuchun

          I dunno. There have been rumors of the WiiU having a modified 4800 in it. which as you’re probably aware, is much more powerful then what is currently in the systems.

        • Yahya

          but Nintendo has hardly shown anything except the demo kits which were running at like 30 percent full power…

          • Ken J


            That’s basically what I mean, they can claim whatever they want, but they are showing us things that don’t reflect that. I hope they plan to show us something that actually shows off its real power…

  • asdf

    Well… I’ll make my crappy 360 last for another 2 to 3 years. By then I can get a top of line custom built comp that can make real life seem to have poor graphics…

  • azgamerman

    Consoles are much more capable think.simply because each one us exactly the same, it’s easier to push a game to the fullest because developers know exactly how much RAM and processing power is available, and use it to the fullest extent.

  • Pawnty

    Rofl, Sony will chill back until M$ makes their announcement to see what they are doing and then modify whatever top secret hardware they have in development to be 5x more powerful than the Xbox720. keeping count that would be 11x more powerful than the current gen 😛

    • Yahya

      yah and that console would cost 1000 dollars with a 300 dollar loss on everyone. Besides the newest chips are only like 1-3 tez better than that.

  • SuperTrainStationH

    Gee, what happened to the 8 months of rock solid certainty to all those claims that Wii U was clearly just an underpowered stopgap system BARELY playing catcuhup in the graphics processing department with HD systems from back in 2005?

    I say if Wii U is going to be the new Super NES, than let this new Xbox be the new Genesis, and with two AFFORDABLE, similarly matched systems with better graphics and new technology clawing at each other for the best game selection, the only winnners will be the gamers, no matter which system.

    I personally went the Wii/360 route this generation, I can’t wait to see what games Microsoft has in store since for a 8th gen Xbox since they seem to be focusing on building a varied library rather than competing with raw horsepower.

    • Poncho

      Another SNES… I hope so. The SNES is and forever will be the greatest console of all time. All time. Can’t wait for next generation, I think the Big Three will have to go all out to stay in the console race

  • cj

    Who cares? The games won’t even use all the power until 2+ or 3+ years after. Hell, they’re not even using all of the disc space (well, BD space anyway). They both better support BDXL so they can not fill it up even better.

    • Dante

      LOL, you’re right though, but I think current development, at least cross-platform, is hampered by not all consoles using a high capacity disc like a Blu-Ray — cough, cough, looking at you X-Box.

      I too would love to play a 200hour epic Action RPG, do you think they could fit the entire Mass Effect Series (sans Multiplayer) on one Blu-Ray?

  • Patrick

    Just more expensive =P

    • Slyko227

      the 720is rumored to be the same price or cheaper than the 360, there is an article on here

  • Troy

    I think this console war is going to be very interesting. Microsoft and Sony may have already learned their lesson with Nintendo. So now they’re toning down their consoles raw power so it can be cost efficient. What’s happening now is that Microsoft is giving Nintendo a good head start in the same vein on how Nintendo gave Microsoft a head start when the 360 came out in 05. What it all comes down to is a few things: Is it affordable? Does it have backward capability with the previous console? How quick is the learning curve to playing games? How will you save your game progress? Will the console cater to digital distribution? Lastly will it play online and do you have to pay a fee to play online? I see this to be a very close race give or take.

  • Dante

    11X 20X 60X this is getting ridiculous.

    Wii U – nothing shown gamewise, random demos & a Zelda concept
    Xbox 720 – nothing
    PS4 – nothing

    Until they show us something these little tidbits are kind of irrelevant. Not to mention the dreaded price-point. I mean doesn’t 1,000,000 times as powerful mean about as much money?

  • ATG

    That’s somewhat disappointing. A Radeon HD 6670? Meaning my PC is more powerful than an Xbox 720 already? smh oh well, if PS4 doesn’t impress i’ll consider skipping this gen.

    Hopefully it’s just a rumor.

    • iDancethroughshadoWs

      LOL! you were seriously surprised that your pc would be more powerful than a console! lol.

      • ATG

        IDance you are the dumbest mother f*cker in these comments. F*ck off.

        • Ken J


          Careful there buddy. Just watch the content. Well, most likely it’ll all be changed to butterflies in a little bit so it’s all good, lol.

      • Phendy

        Lol! You should seriously stop commenting! Lol. Gay boy + pc obsessed to the point of ignorance= screwed for life :(

  • hanzo

    Six times? How many years ago did it come out? It should be 15 times better so they can shoot for the future. Though i cant wait to see hacked versions of the 720

  • Joe

    Before you all get in a uproar, 6 times more powerful than DX9 hardware is not much at all.

  • ATG

    Whatever happened to the Avatar-ish graphics rumors?

    So this means Xbox 720 will look like Battlefield 3 on PC, high to ultra settings with 30fps (guesstimates).

    I didn’t expect it to look like Avatar but this? I was hoping it’d be based on a GTX 580 or 590, or AMDs 6990 or something close. I’m sure a 6670 is a big leap for a console-only gamer but for me this is extremely disappointing.

    AMDs 7000 series and Nvidias GTX 600 series leave these in the dust and they release around the same time. IF this is true, let’s see how well they can work a 6670 like they have with the current GPUs in PS3 and Xbox 360. Considering how old those are, maybe they can work around Xbox 720

    • Joe

      A 6670 Would come no where near ultra settings on BF3. Think of it this way. I bought an 8800 GT when CoD 4 came out. An 8800 GT 1g is approx 50% more powerful than a 6670.

    • Yahya

      Avatar- ish graphics aren’t close to being possible in PC games so that rumor was BS. a GTX 580 would be really expensive… MS realizes the majority of gamers aren’t interested in spending 500 plus on a console.
      BTW… if the 6670 ant run stuff on ultra that’s sad because with the right setup an r4890 can run skyrim and bf3 on high… with 30-40 fps in 720-1080p

    • Ken J

      You know, wordpress can kiss my freakin’ ass… I just typed out a pretty detailed break-down on the video cards and what their numbers mean and I just got an error screen that says my post is spam and there’s no way I could get it back to try to edit what it thinks is spam… What a piece of crap…

    • Ken J


      Ok, the STUPID piece of crap service they use to filter out spam completely just made me lose my post, but I’ll try to sum it up again…

      I am going to post it paragraph by paragraph to see where the word or words are that this stupid filter considers “spam.”

      Basically I was trying to tell you that the 7000 series cards right now is pretty much a waste of money. They are way overpriced and you will not see a benefit to owning them for at least a year or more. Also, don’t play the numbers game, a bigger number doesn’t really mean it’s faster unfortunately. The first number is really just a series number, you’ll better determine the speed by the second number. Meaning a 4800 series card is technically faster than a 5500 or 6500 series card. And also true is that a 5800 and 6800 series card will be faster than a 7500 series card. And right now, the 6000 series cards are about $200 less than the 7000 series cards. I say as long as you have a high-end directx11 compatible card, like a 5800 series card, you’ll be more than capable for all current games. I’m running a 4890 and playing BF3 with everything on high just fine.

    • Ken J

      But what you’re saying is kind of true, the specs of the next xbox, if this is true, is technically already outdated.

    • Ken J

      And the console isn’t going to actually release until a year later or more.

    • Ken J

      By that time…

      • Ken J

        …you can probably buy…

        • Ken J

          …a 7800 or higher series card for $200-$300 and you’ll be twice the power of the next xbox with that one upgrade alone given you have a solid backbone meaning a computer with a decent motherboard, memory, and cpu like a i5 or i7 which is cheap, even today. Imagine a year later…

          • Ken J

            Ok, I figured out what was setting off the spam filter… I was trying to type 7800 or seventy-nine hundred series card, but those three numbers together, seven, nine, and zero, is the name of someone who has been banned… OMG, I couldn’t figure out what the hell was keeping my post from posting!!! So frustrating…

          • ATG

            @Ken J LOL thanks for breaking it down so much!

            And I appreciate that no one was being a douche if I was wrong in my comment.

  • Lifer

    as long as I can access youtube, netflix, HBO, ESPN, Facebook, Craigslist, Bing, VUDU, DODO, ICU, POONU, and all the extra NON gaming sites then I’m sold…then maybe Download Galaga to play every now and then. Will its new proccessor highten my Galaga experience?!

  • kobraman88

    even if the Wii U is that powerful they will never use it to its full potential especially on their own games coz they wouldnt know good graphics if it slapped them in the face loool
    obviously third party games will use the consoles potential but say Microsoft and Sony dont release a console for another 2yrs what decent games will the Wii U have that can utilise its full power, not much if you ask me, but seeing as Nintendo have always been 20yrs behind Xbox n playstation this is a massive step up for them
    But i’ll wait for the 720 and PS4

    • Astenvares

      you are making the mistake Microsoft and Sony made. DO NOT underestimate Nintend. You have to remember Nintendo is the former president of all gameing. Plus Nintendo has some of the most beloved characters in all of gameing history: Mario & Luigi, Link & Zelda, Kirby, Belmont (think thats how you spell his name – Guy from Castlevania), Mega-Man & Zero, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, etc… Any games with those characters are garenteed(?) sales and they are Nintendo’s games. People will buy these games and others just for sentamentiality. However I’m still looking forward to the next PS but only a fool would undercut Nintendo and the Wii U

      • Ken J

        I still remember when Sony and Microsoft were making fun of Nintendo saying how motion gaming will never catch on and how dumb they were to focus on casual gamers. And now look at where we are with the Move and the Kinect… 😀

  • shawn

    I would personally LOVE to see the next xbox running at NATIVE 1080p with 60fps 120 optional(as we have 120hz tvs) and be able to do so very effectively. also perhaps more RAM and AA specs in it as the jagggedness sorta drives me bonkers!

    But as for it supposedly being 6x powerful then the 360, i would love to get the system! assuming its not super expensive cuz its a multi media device. >_> i want a game system, not a media center. thats why i have a computer! lolz just my 2 cents