Microsoft Has ‘Huge’ Xbox 360 Announcements For E3 2013

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Xbox 360 E3 Announcements

Microsoft is mooting big things for Xbox at E3 — the Xbox 360 that is. Almost eight long years into its evergreen life cycle, the current-gen console is set for an almighty swansong when the event rolls around on June 11th. Company VP Phil Spencer spoke to the gaming press earlier this week, outlining his vision for the future of the current market leader, as well as its continued potential to surprise.

Spencer states “I think the [Xbox 360] is going to be very vibrant for many years, in fact, we have a huge announcement for E3 that I keep wanting to talk about, but I can’t.” So what might this “huge announcement” entail? Microsoft’s in-house honcho remains tight-lipped, but does go on to detail the stellar success achieved by Minecraft’s belated 360 release, perhaps hinting at another mega-bucks port in the offing.

Whilst an appearance from World of Warcraft remains as unlikely as ever, another MMORPG might just suit Microsoft’s needs to a tee. Offering great longevity and an additional source of income to boot, the only downside to the endeavour would appear to be Microsoft’s less-than-frequent approach to patching. User-interface issues aside (Dragon Age: Origins, Halo Wars, and the upcoming Diablo 3 all successfully sidestepped the mouse and keyboard conundrum) all that remains is the perennial question over cross-play integration, something Microsoft would more than likely solve through segregated servers.

Xbox 360 E3 Announcements

Speaking of servers, the original Xbox featured Live support for 5 years following its successor’s release, eventually pulling the plug on the system in early 2010. That unceremonious shutdown effectively gutted the multiplayer elements from every pre-360 release, an outcome that, if repeated, could prove twice as controversial come 2019.

Sadly, for all of Phil Spencer’s enthusiasm, history isn’t exactly on the side of the Xbox 360. Obsolete consoles, such as the PlayStation 2, tend to stay afloat by tapping into new, ‘high-tech hand-me-down’ markets: the type opened up by a sudden jump to the next-generation. By offering broader, more iterated experiences, from yearly sports titles to party games, many publishers hope to capitalize on these ailing systems’ wide user-bases, though the results are seldom “vibrant” or pretty. Omni-publisher EA has already thrown in their lot with this ‘twilight years‘ Xbox.

With the likes of Batman: Arkham Origins and Destiny still to grace the system’s aging architecture, the 360 certainly appears to be in rude enough health for the moment, though whether the same can be said a year from now is an entirely different matter. We’ll find out what Microsoft still has planned for the Xbox 360 at E3 2013 in just a few weeks.

Sources : GameSpot, Microsoft Game Studios

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  • jwalka

    “hey guys guess what, we’re ditching you for our latest inferior piece of junk and will periodically kill your console with system updates like we did with the original xbox’.

    and don’t say i’m paranoid b/c i had my original 260 for 2 years before it magically died right around the same time the new 360 came out.

    i9 really hope they crash and burn and just leave the console market all together, they suck at everything they do in terms of marketing, R&D, promotion and understanding what the consumer wants (a gaming system not everything else).

    • art


    • A007

      Mine too! I had the original xbox and right before the 360 came out mine completely died…and I haven’t had it for very long 1-2 years.

      Does anyone still have an original xbox up and working today? I highly doubt it..
      coincidence? I think not.

      • 1Wildgamerchild

        I know 2 people with the original Xbox. They were still working last time I saw…probably collecting dust now. Apple has been accused of that with the old IPhones but I know 1 person using the 3GS still. But people do say the the newest firmwares slow down the older models on purpose to make you upgrade. I don’t know for sure but it does makes you think. Big corporations are innovative when it comes to making money. But I’d like to see a game console last 15-20 years.

  • 1Wildgamerchild

    Hey they can’t support a system forever. Do you know how much money and many servers or resources that would take. There are times when you just have to upgrade especially when everybody else already is . That means Microsoft would have to support just you cause you’re the last to upgrade. Imagine me getting technical support on my Atari 2600.

    • art

      so? i was the last of the 30 people in the town of ligonier to still have dial up until a year ago until they finally said “you know here ahve a free upgrade and now we have maybe 6 people with dial up anymore….im not leaving 360 in the near future…specially since destiny is on 360 so i hav e no need to get ONE

  • Cait

    just make the xbox one backwards compatible dammit , it will be good news for a lot of gamers and theyll be happy for it

    • Tyler

      They CAN’T, period. For the same reasons you can’t play 360 games on your PC.

      • 1Wildgamerchild

        They’ll port the best 360 games to the Xbox Live game market. And hopefully the future games will be so good you won’t wanna look back.

        • Cariannis

          Halo 2 was the most played game on the 360 the first year it came out.

      • art

        oh but you can! its called AN EMULATOR…it makes the computer think its an xbox basically so whats so f@#$ing hard about making the xbox one think its a xbox?! because simply put its not but alas im keeping my 360 no matter what and im not getting one…no matter what EVER

      • Cariannis

        Actually they can through software just like the 360 does now.

  • Inuboy

    New Xbox 360 model for 100 bucks, along with maybe including an HDD model for 150-200 dollars. Called it.