‘WWE 2K15’ & ‘NBA 2K15’ Confirmed For Next-Gen Release

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The next-generation of console gaming arrived on store shelves this past November, and with the new platforms have come a handful of solid games that could only exist thanks to the upgrade in tech that the Xbox One and PS4 both provide. While gamers wait for an additional wave of blockbuster software to keep them entertained, the annual onslaught of sports titles can’t be ignored.

Take-Two knows the importance of its sports-related repertoire and confirmed that NBA 2K15 will be arriving this year for Xbox One and PS4, but the company will also be bringing its recently acquired WWE license to next-gen consoles as well with WWE 2K15. During the company’s latest earnings call with investors, Take-Two president Karl Slatoff announced that both franchises would be hitting Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

“In addition, during fiscal 2015, consumers can look forward to exciting next generation releases from our NBA 2K and WWE franchises as well as other unannounced titles that promise to raise the bar for excellence. We will have more to share about our titles throughout the next several months as we head into E3.”

While NBA 2K15 doesn’t come at all as a surprise given that NBA 2K14 was a launch title for both Microsoft’s and Sony’s latest platforms, WWE 2K15‘s arrival will mark the first installment in franchise history to appear on a next-generation console. Apparently the investment has paid off rather well for Take-Two and 2K Games, because sales of WWE 2K14 “exceeded expectations” and the downloadable Superstars and Legends only helped the company generate more profits.

“Our WWE franchise has quickly proven to be a successful addition to our portfolio.”

“Sales of WWE 2K14 have exceeded our expectations and the title is being supported with add-on content including a Season Pass featuring many of fan-favorite WWE superstars and legends. We believe there is a meaningful opportunity to grow this series by further leveraging 2K’s marketing power and development expertise.”

WWE’s arrival on Xbox One and PS4 should mean good things for those awaiting a better experience akin to actually grapplers facing off in the squared circle, but it’ll still be some time before gamers will get a look at the game in action. That said, there’s still plenty to get excited about over the prospect of a next-gen powered wrestling game, and the prospect of chasing after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on next-gen consoles is a rather tantalizing one.


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Source: Videogamer