All-New ‘WWE 2K14’ Gameplay Trailer Debuts Online

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WWE’s latest PPV creation ‘Battleground,’ is now just over two days away. Featuring a fully-stacked card of muscle-bound “Superstars” and scintillating “Divas,” the all-new event is expected to ring the changes inside the hallowed squared circle, culminating in an exciting title fight between bearded Billy goat Daniel Bryan and “Apex Predator” Randy Orton.

Coinciding with the buildup to the event, Yukes! Interactive has unleashed a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming grapple title WWE 2K14 – a game that like the show itself, is attempting to iterate on an ever-aging formula.

Despite being caught up in the collapse of former-publisher THQ last year, the WWE game franchise will still be looking to provide plenty of fan service, when it reappears on store shelves this October. As one of, if not the last 7th-gen outing for the former Smackdown! series, the game’s engine is beginning to badly crack around the edges – so how does Yukes! plan to paper over WWE 2K14‘s glaring gameplay obsolescence?

Aside from the new ’30 Years of WrestleMania’ mode announced back in August, new moves will be taking up much of the creative slack this time out, at least according to the title’s latest trailer, released online today, and available for viewing above. Newcomers include:

  • John Cena’s ‘Attitude Adjustment’ to two stacked opponents (shown here as perpetual “jobbers” and internet darlings 3MB)
  • Ryback’s ‘Shellshocked’ to two stacked opponents (performed here on 2 members of 3MB)
  • Kane’s ‘Double Chokeslam’ (performed on 2 men at once, rather than in sequence)
  • Wade Barret’s standing front press into ‘Bullhammer’ finisher
  • Roman Reign’s standing front press into ‘Spear’ finisher
  • Alberto Del Rio’s big boot to the head (connecting with outside ringpost)
  • Top rope ‘Crossbody’ reversal (w/ opponent is caught in mid-air)
  • Yokozuna’s ‘Banzai Drop’ w/ pin
  • Kofi Kingston’s ‘Diving Double Foot Stomp’ (shown here performed from a ladder to a prone opponent on a table)
  • The Shield utilizing three-on-one taunt attacks (shown here as Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns dragging Daniel Bryan to a turnbuckle as Seth Rollins slaps and mocks him)
  • Daniel Bryan’s ‘Double Knee’ finisher

WWE 2K14 Screenshot ADR Boot

Unusually for a franchise that’s perpetually playing catch-up with in-ring continuity, Daniel Bryan’s latest finisher is included, despite being less than 6 weeks old. Had the performer’s popularity not skyrocketed as of late, you can bet these last minute alteration would have taken far longer to materialize. Other, less fortunate fighters from the game’s expansive roster (and their new moves) could include:

  • Antonio Cesaro’s ‘Giant Swing’
  • AJ Lee’s ‘Black Widow’ Submission Finisher
  • Dean Ambrose’s ‘Snapmare Driver’ Finisher
  • Natalya’s ‘Double Sharpshooter’ Submission Finisher
  • Tensai’s ‘Sweet T’ moveset and taunts
  • The Big Show’s ‘Crazy Eyes’/ ‘Cry on Command’ taunt

Does this latest trailer do enough to sway you toward the title? Is the former-Smackdown! series “the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be,”— or will Yukes decide “enough is enough (and it’s time for a change”). Cut your promo in the comments below, and be sure to check out the game’s Undertaker-themed Collector’s Set & Ultimate Warrior pre-order bonuses right here on Game Rant.


WWE 2K14 will arrive on October 29, 2013 (North America) & November 1, 2013 (Internationally), for Xbox 360 & PS3 consoles.

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