The 10 Worst Video Game Sequels



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  1. Who writes this stuff. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is the best game I ever played

    • Can I call you anus for short?! LOL THE… GAME… SUX!!! Get your head out of your name!! LOL

    • It was harder then the first one

  2. stop sucking re4′s dick, the game sucked compared to three, re 4 5 and 6 arent even horror, the only half decent part of 4 is the regenerators, other then that the game sucked

    • Like hell it did. RE 4 is more of a horror game then RE 5 and 6 are.

  3. I seen a picture of Beyond Good and Evil 2 for this article so I had to check this out if it did have that as one of them I would of had to hack some people.

    • Agreed. Same reason why I clicked on this. Beyond Good and Evil is easily one of the greatest most under appreciated games of all time. Everyone needs to play that game and hope that the teaser trailers for the sequel become a reality.

      • Yes stop teasing people with pics from Beyond Good and Evil 2.

        • I agree, I clicked on here because of that picture because I wanted to know what type of madman would think of beyond good and evil, or even beyond good and evil 2 as bad (even though number 2 isn’t out yet.

  4. i’m sorry but i don’t agreed with most of there list here

  5. curse why you invold final fantasy -_-

    • Because Final Fantasy has gone downhill ever since the 16bit era, that’s why.

      Every release they DO is a disappointment.

      • And yet people keep buying the game release after release…Hmmmmmm…

        • People are idiots. It’s a franchise that has powerful branding and good marketing, so of course people will buy it. It’s Final Fantasy.

          Doesn’t stop the recent games from being utter trash, however.

  6. dragon age 2 should have been number one on the list. It is a sequel (of two versions) that may have destroyed an excellent game and backstory.

  7. nobody considered FEAR 2 or 3 to be on this list?

  8. I lovad force unleashed two so thats wrong who ever that posten that

    • Are you that stupid? It’s Loved. And also Posted not posten dumb ass.You really are an idiot.

      • I believe you are the idiot for disobeying the forum rules AND also not being able to discern the actual meaning of his comment despite his grammatical errors. For that reason you ma’am, are ignorant and completely lack any form of understanding or interpretation.

  9. F*** we get it duke nukem forever sucks but I’m sooooooo sick of seeing it #1 one worst games of all time or worst sequels so f***ing what it’s bad we got it dosnt compare to the 90s ones but s*** if I had to pick one disappointing game to play I’d pick duke forever over sonic 06 it’s bad but folks move the f*** on

  10. 3 of the games on this list are retarded. People who say Duke Nukem Forever was a bad sequel obviously haven’t played or experienced all of Duke Nukem 3D or the ones before that, it’s silly, retarded, and amazing, just like all the other ones. I’m not sure why you’d call a sequel that is basically just like the first games a bad sequel, the only difference is the graphics. FF XIV is amazing, and Resident Evil 6 was the first Resident Evil to make me extremely happy since Resident Evil 2.

  11. duke nukem is a good game you should put all call of duty and battlefield on the list because these 2 game seria is the worst in the whole word

  12. I don’t get the hate on Duke Nukem Forever. I mean, what were you expecting? You say yourself in the article that the problem is that fans grew up. So how is that the game’s fault? The game is what it has always been. If it is immature and embarrassing, guess what, it always has been.

  13. Resistance 2. Resistance: Fall of Man was a great game with a compelling story. Resistance 2 was just awful. It’s like the developers had no clue what made the first one so good.

  14. actually banjo kazooie nb was very fun i enjoyed it for about 3 months it was well worth the £15!

  15. how the hell does nuts and bolts always get the sack from people who pretended to have grown up with the banjo games, or those who never even played it in the first place?

    “Boo hoo, its not a platformer so its the worst game eveer!!!! :( ((”

    why does this website have the worst content aggregating top 10 lists ever?

  16. I take it everyone is just going to pretend that dmc 2 never existed??

    • DMC 2? DMC 2 is the greatest game in the WORLD compared to DMC: Devil May Cry. THAT’S a sequel/re-imagining that should have been on this list.

  17. I like Duke Nukem Forever for it’s “obnoxious and insulting festival of immaturity”.

  18. Star Control II is one of the most revered games of all time, as can be witnessed by the giggles and gawks the game still extracts from new players who have found it due to its thankfully public domain status and even a recent HD fan port (that alone tells you the type of loyalty this game inspires). It is one of the best video game sequels of all time (SC1 was a very meh game that was basically only the combat from 2 with a smaller ship roster and an OK tactical game).

    Star Control III was a big ol’ mess, devoid of the charm of the previous game and replacing the bright and perfectly realized artwork with terrible sock puppet videos. It lacked what made the first such an amazing game – personality and an engaging plot. It is one of the worst video game sequels of all time.

    The high and the low, all in one series, with SC1 being a perfect.

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