GR Pick [Video]: The Worst of E3 2011

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Worst of E3 2011 Video

E3 2011 has been over for a week now, and gamers have had plenty of time to come to grips with the announcements made at the show. It’s easy to reel off the highlights of this year’s event, headlined by Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PlayStation Vita, though those are not what we’ll be focusing on here.

E3 offers publishers and developers a massive stage and an enthusiastic audience. When a demo truly connects the effect can be electric, as with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves at E3 2009. However, the opposite can also be true. Any number of things can go wrong: technical difficulties, flubbed line readings, celebrities ill suited to play games on stage, over-caffeinated hosts.

These “unscripted” moments can be the most entertaining parts of the big E3 Press Conferences, at least for the audience, and that’s what we will be celebrating here. From “Lightsaber — on!” to “We’ll be partnering with AT&T as the exclusive carrier for PlayStation Vita in the United States,” all the most cringe-worthy moments from E3 2011 have been distilled into three minutes and forty-four seconds of glorious failure.

Thanks to the efforts of YouTube user xpantherx, we present you with The Worst of E3 2011.

Yikes, indeed. Time will tell, but it’s tough to imagine any of these “misadventures” overshadowing the defeated groan that escaped the audience at Sony’s Press Conference when the Vita/AT&T partnership was announced — though the “Please reconnect controller” prompt during the Modern Warfare 3 demo at Microsoft’s Press Conference was pretty good, too.

Nintendo doesn’t make an appearance in the Worst of E3 2011 video, so we’ll go ahead and nominate the ongoing Wii U controller issue as its E3 lowlight, even though that news has largely played out post E3. In nearly every other instance, xpantherx seems to have pretty well nailed the noteworthy failures of the show.

Oh, and seriously, great job, Jeremy.

What was your favorite foible of E3 2011? What other moments would you have included in the Worst of E3 2011 video?

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Source: xpantherx’s YouTube Channel

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  • Nathan

    good job jeremy

  • Detriment

    thats an easy question… The biggest blunder at E3 had to be the KINECT being forced down everyones throat…

  • Ken J

    I don’t get what everyone’s problem is with AT&T. I have AT&T and so does my gf, and my friends with T-Mobile they sometimes have problems with reception, when they do I always check my phone and mine is always working fine when theirs’ are not, Metro PCS, not even going to mention, everyone I know with them I always seem them looking for reception, especially data, lol. Verizon, I only have one friend with Verizon, neither of us have 4G, so we’re both 3G, and I download things faster than him all of the time. But I don’t know about 4G, supposedly Verizon is faster than AT&T on that.

    My only complaint about AT&T is the cost of the plans and how they neuter certain features from phones and make you pay to use them while others get them for free, that pisses me off. But I never have any problems with reception and the 3G speeds are pretty fast, so I won’t complain. Actually, one of my friends used to talk all this crap about AT&T and he had T-Mobile. Now he has AT&T and he has even admitted that he gets much better reception now with data than he used to with T-Mobile… I remember before we would be taking photos and uploading them on facebook, and literally, out of the 4 of us, 3 of us has AT&T and he was the only one on T-Mobile. 2 iphones and my blackberry, we were all able to connect online and upload photos, tag ourselves, etc. fine, and he’ll be like “hm, I don’t know, I can’t get any data service.” LOL

    • Rob Keyes

      I’m Canadian so I can’t use AT&T but that video doesn’t pick up the audio right – there were TONS of loud booing from the audience on the one side after that audience.

      Not sure where you live Ken J, maybe it’s crap in California?

      • Ken J

        I think AT&T has a bad reputation since they seem to be one of the biggest, and it seems like it’s popular to talk crap about them. Like I said, people do that here too, everyone when they hear AT&T, immediate the trash talking starts, but when it comes right down to it, I lose reception and calls much less than they do with their network, so I just don’t understand it myself…

    • Mikey

      I don’t think people groan because of AT&T’s service. (Its not like anyone actually compares their download speeds except in commercials) People groan when they hear AT&T exclusive, because it means in order to use a product, we all have to wait out our old contracts and sign up with another (possibly more binding) contract with AT&T, just to use a cool new product. Remember when the iphone was AT&T exclusive. That was crap, and now that iphone is supported by other services, everyone can get one. I guarantee apple’s profits went up over that move. Now Sony is making the same dumb mistake.

      • Ken J


        Um, other than Metro PCS or those prepaid phones, what other service does not require a contract??

  • Griffin

    LOL-its not like we invite random celebrities for guest appearances (cut to Lil Wayne promoting EA Sports Fifa 12)

  • lastdrag0n89

    Those kids were killing me hahaa, can you be any faker?

  • Bradley Davis

    The “Good shot Jeremy”s were absolutely killing me when i watched Sony’s press conference. I wanted to stab that guy in the throat. Good video xpantherx

  • Fgghjhfvbnj

    Yeah microsoft disappointed me with all that kinect BS! Sesame street?! What gamers gives a crap about that!?????

    • Rob Keyes

      Who said that game was for hardcore gamers?

      That game got MAD applause at the Xbox 360 E3 Press Conference (We were there) and it’s made for kids and families if you couldn’t figure that out.

      Ps. Tim Schafer is running that and he won’t disappoint.

  • Alex

    I’m assuming they may be booing the vita for exclusively partnering with at&t instead of multiple carriers. And as far as carriers are concerned at&t does have the best 3g but Verizon has the best coverage and 4G speeds