CD Projekt RED Hopes to Make ‘The Witcher 3′ Better Than Skyrim & Dragon Age

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Witcher 3 Better Skyrim Dragon Age

For an independent developer, CD Projekt RED has made a strong impact on the fantasy RPG genre during this generation. With its adapation of The Witcher book series into two successful games, the company has become a fan favorite amonsgst hardcore role-playing fans, but has not had quite as much success with mainstream gamers like Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series has. CD Projekt RED hopes to change that with The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

In an interview with Game Informer, Michal Nowakowski, Vice President of Business Development for CD Projekt RED spoke about the company’s goals for The Witcher 3:

“Because we believe that the third game is going to be something that is going to be enjoyable for a lot larger group of people than the previous games. Even though we still feel that the previous games could still be enjoyed by a larger group of people that actually bought them…

It’s really difficult to achieve numbers like some of our brand competition like the Dragon Age franchise, Skyrim, or what not. Are we that much behind them in terms of the quality of the games? Of course, we have a lot to learn, we do know that. But I really do think we can deliver a game of at least similar quality as they do, if not better. Of course, our target is to be better, always.”

Nowakowski’s comment on sales notwithstanding, we felt that The Witcher 2 stood tall among its peers as we rated the title better than Dragon Age 2 (review), and on par with Skyrim (review). However, The Witcher’s greatest strength, its deep and detailed storyline, may have been its biggest obstacle in attracting mass appeal in North America as Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series is not well known and not as easy to digest as some other popular fantasy RPGs. The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition did a better job in explaining its mythology and detailing who the major players are, but some still found the game’s story and conversation trees difficult to follow. Even with this impediment, the first two entries have managed to sell over 5 million copies combined.

Nonetheless, if CD Projekt RED can integrate a truly open world into The Witcher 3 that could rival the size and scope of Skyrim while keeping a strong narrative intact, the franchise may succeed in its vision of eclipsing its competitors, or at least, coming closer to matching them in sales.

The entire video interview with Michal Nowakowski can be watched below:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is expected to release sometime in 2014 for all “high-end” platforms.

Source: Game Informer

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  • Daniel Carlson

    the first two were amazing games. the game is already a million times better than dragon age. if it wants to beat skyrim it needs to start soon and they need a multi-platform release for that to work.

  • DarthMalnu

    I take this as a a sign of what healthy competition should be. He’s not blaming anyone for lower comparitive sales. He’s saying “those guys made great games that are well known and sold well, and we’re striving to surpass that level in our next effort” not “My game is great and their game is weak, and if theirs sells better, it’s because gamers don’t know quality anymore”… or as I like to call it the EA/Activision method of competition.

    Hopefully they intend to boost sales through hard work, not watering down. I like to think it’ll be the former for once.

  • Atomic Gumshoe

    Don’t get me wrong I love Skyrim but it would not be hard to surpass it in terms of quality and gameplay. If they are offering what they claim to be, then I could easily see the Witcher 3 making big F*** you money. They already are decently well known all they really need is a strong marketing presence.

  • Jak Frost

    see dragon age is awful but skyrim thats going to be hard i cant wait fro this game

  • Leo

    It sounds like a tall order to beat skyrim, but I wish them the best of luck.

  • jwalka

    the way i see it they’ve already s*** on dragon age and most other RPGs by simply having more meaningful decision making moments and a more mature and different (for a alack of better word) story and characters.

    great studio and great game series, def looking forward to witcher 3 and their sci-fi game :)

    • jack b

      I agree. Cd Projekt Red knows how to create quality games.

  • Menta

    CD Projekt Red ended up in a pretty good position in the most recent console cycle. Witcher 2 released in a less than ideal (but still impressive) state on PCs and CDPR spent the following ten or so months patching and improving it and generally being responsive to customer feedback. The end result of this effort became Enhanced Edition, which achieved enough success to apparently fund not only Witcher 3 but a video game adaptation of the cyberpunk 2077 roleplaying property.

    Hopefully CDPR lives up to their self set goals. I’m a fan of the franchise and I’d love to see Witcher 3 outperform its predecessor and provide an alternative to the offerings brought up by major publishers in the next cycle.

  • David

    DA would not be too tough, but Skyrim… I doubt that. I have over 300 hours into Skyrim and I am still going strong. If they truly want to beat Skyrim, then it will need Mod support. Without it, it will never fly. I have played Skyrim on both the 360 and PC, and ability to mod the game takes a great game and pushes it into the Epic game territory.

    • jwalka

      are you kiddin me ? wtf is there to do in skyrim besides the guild chains, that piss poor faction story line and the main story line ? all the mentioned bits of garbage can be complete (if the game doesn’t glitch on you like it did me) within 50 hours (like i did). dont try and make the game sound like it has tons of content and depth when it sure as hell doesn’t.

      f***ing hate it when people exaggerate the longevity of a worthless game just for the sake of defending garbage.

      • doc

        You’re wrong.

        • Darren

          I’ll second that, your wrong Jwalka.

        • Darren

          Jwalka: I’ll second that, your wrong.

      • Daniel Carlson

        Jwalka you would be the only person who likes rpgs but dislikes skyrim

      • muki

        Your still wrong Jwalka…