‘The Witcher 3′: Gameplay Teaser, XB1 Collector’s Edition, & Card Mini-Game Unveiled

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By now most gamers have seen plenty of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. With dozens of gameplay trailers, live demos, and screenshots released regularly, this game wants to ensure people don’t forget it come February.

However, for those who still relish the silky smooth beauty of The Witcher 3, we have another gameplay teaser to show. It features a brief portion of a full in-game quest, and focuses on both the combat of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and some of the branching dialogue options. Check it out above.

Additionally, CD Projekt Red has unveiled Gwent, an in-game collectible card game that lets players manage one of four different factions in a head-to-head battle. In essence, Gwent packs a full scale war into a collectible card game.

  • Over 150 unique playing cards.
  • 4 distinct factions: the mighty and cunning Nilfgaardian Empire, the brave Northern Realms and their siege weapons, the agile and devious Scoia’tael, and the brutal monsters of No Man’s Land.
  • Powerful spells allow players to control the weather and affect units on the battlefield.
  • An array of combat styles caters to individual playstyles: close range with heavy knights, long range with skilled archers or artillery with powerful siege weapons.
  • Powerful hero cards, unique to each faction.

It says a lot about a game when a developer can release a 6-minute trailer and still call it a “teaser. But that’s a testament to the scope of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a game so massive that we’ve already seen three 45-minute chunks of it and none have looked the same.

On top of that, the fact that The Witcher 3 features a comprehensive card game like Gwent only reinforces the depth of this RPG experience. With over 150 cards to collect, we bet players will find a pleasant little distraction in Gwent or, if they want, a completely different type of game-within-the-game.

By now most gamers have likely made up their mind as to whether to pre-order The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or not, but for those who haven’t CD Projekt Red has a little something special to sway you. This week, CD Projekt unveiled The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition for Xbox One, which includes exclusive physical content. Yes that’s right; the only way to nab one piece of this Witcher-themed loot is to pre-order this version of the game. There is a Collector’s Edition for PS4 and PC, but this Xbox One version comes with a little something extra.

The Witcher 3 Collectors Edition Xbox One

Packed in with the Collector’s Edition is an extremely detailed statue of Geralt battling a Griffin, a replica of Geralt’s Witcher medallion (that’s the XB1 exclusive), a steel book case, an art book, a cloth map of the game world, two collector’s boxes, and your very own Gwent card decks (two sets). No price yet, but we’d venture to guess this bounty will command a somewhat steep price tag. However, there’s no denying you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

Obviously, for a game that found its fan base and is arguably best on PC, it’s a tough proposition to go for the Xbox One version, but we’re sure the prospect of a Witcher medallion will hold some sway. And with this game signaling the end of Geralt’s story, there’s no better way to hold onto those memories than with some collector’s items.

What has most impressed you from any of The Witcher 3 demos? Will you pre-order the Xbox One exclusive edition of the game?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt releases February 24, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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  • Brian

    Pretty sure its the card game thats an Xbox One exclusive even check the website bro.

    • http://gamerant.com Anthony Taormina

      You are correct. For some reason the press release was poorly worded. The post has been updated. Thanks bromie.

      • Ken J

        Anthony, go to thewitcher dot com and scroll down to the collector’s edition. Click on PC and PS4, the medallion and cards and everything is all included on every platform…

        And go to amazon, do the same, search for the witcher 3 collectors for ps4 and pc, all exactly the same things as announced for the xbox one. There is no mention of any xbox one exclusive anything…

      • Ken J

        Oh, no, on Amazon, the Xbox 1 has the card decks.

        • Ken J

          Your article says the medallion is exclusive, so I was looking at that, didn’t notice the change in the other thing.

      • Ken J


        And yes, CD Projekt Red did specifically say before that they would not do platform specific exclusives, but they’ve now tried to narrow it down to only in-game things like DLC’s. Here is their statement:

        “Looking at the heated comments, I believe that our announcement of the physical addition of two decks of Gwent cards and a cloth map, requires a further word from us.

        Here at CD Projekt Red, we always put gamers first. Our PC versions are released DRM-free, we bend over backwards to give you the most beefed up editions of our games (be it standard or Collector’s), and we deliver the same game, regardless of platform or version you buy. Moreover, we promised not have any exclusive DLCs, neither per platform nor per retailer, and we do stand by our promise–nothing has changed, nor will change in this regard.

        Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that these extra items might be desirable for Witcher fans playing the game on other platforms. However, as we are not offering any platform or retail exclusive DLCs or any other form of gameplay differentiation, we do have to find other ways to support our partners. We are also providing special pre-order items for certain retailers around the world, including Witcher comic books, posters, steel books or medallions. Funnily enough, we did not notice any heated comments on the pre-order specials.

        What is the reason? Why are we doing this? We need the support of partners to make our game visible worldwide. This should hopefully translate to better sales, which will in consequence allow us to do what we have been doing for the last 10 years, i.e. reinvest this money to make more great RPGs, while still sticking to our values.”

        Notice how they kept saying that they “had” to do this to keep support of their partners… Sounds like Microsoft did the same thing they did with Crystal Dynamics, basically paid them or might have even threatened to remove their license to release the game on Xbox One unless they provided those extras. Read the wording, they definitely added those things pretty late in the game and it seems it was “necessary” in order to keep “support of partners.” Sounds like MS is getting desperate and turning to dirty tricks…

  • Ken J

    I don’t think I’ll have time to do anything else once this game comes out…

    • evilhippo

      “I don’t think I’ll have time to do anything else once this game comes out…”

      Yup, I intend to stock up the fridge, take the battery out of my phone and put a sign on my door saying “Playing Witcher 3, unless you can see my house on fire, do not ring this door bell or a werewolf will eat your face”


      • Ken J

        LOL, just sell your car so you can stock up with more stuff. Get another car later when you’re done with the game and you might actually leave the house. 😀

  • tinkywink

    I’m impressed that they’re still releasing The Witcher for PC no matter how much it gets pirated. I bet Witcher 3 will be in the top 10 most pirated list of 2015.