Rumor Patrol: Wii U Only as Powerful as a Current Xbox 360

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Rumor Wii U Might be Just as Powerful as Xbox 360

The recent releases of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land have brought in a lot of positive buzz and profits for Nintendo to kickstart this holiday season. With all of this holiday cheer however, comes more rumors about the Wii U – with the latest reports claiming the system may only be as powerful as the current Xbox 360.

Nintendo has already claimed that the Wii U will be a serious competitor in the next generation of HD consoles with Reggie Fils-Aime, also stating that the next Nintendo console will be “competitively priced” to compete in the next gen.

“Competitively priced” may translate into “more expensive” – though, if the Xbox 720 happens to be cheaper than the Xbox 360 price at launch, Nintendo might want to make sure they look carefully at their pricing strategy. It doesn’t help that a significant number of polled Japanese gamers don’t seem to care about the Wii U.

Back in June Shigeru Miyamoto came forward and stated that the Wii U will only be slightly more powerful than current gen consoles. If the system specs below are any indication, then what Miyamoto said will be true and the Wii U will be on par with the current generation of consoles (PS3 and Xbob 360) – something many have feared would be the case. If this is true then gamers will not be too keen on paying more for something they can purchase now for less – a point our own Anthony Taormina brings up in the latest Game Ranter Banter.

Check out the rumored specs below:

  • Quad Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU
  • 768 MB of DRAM “embedded” with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU
  • Unknown, 40nm ATI-based GPU

The source of these rumors, Wii U Daily, also mentioned that Nintendo is testing two versions of the console, one with 768 MB of RAM and one with 1 GB, and that this memory is on the same chip as the processor.

According to Reggie, the Wii U is gearing up to disrupt the market with innovation like the Wii, DS and 3DS before it. Assuming the par-for-the-course specs are true, innovation will have to be the deciding factor as to whether the console will be able to compete with the Xbox 720 and PS4. Nintendo definitely has a good track record with new and unique products – and there’s no doubt that gamers are anxious to see what they do with the Wii U (for better or for worse).

How much do you think Nintendo can charge for the Wii U – assuming the specs are accurate?

The Wii U is set to launch sometime in 2012.

Source: Wii U Daily

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  • Mforce

    Who manufactures Xbobs? You misspelled it in the parenthesis in paragraph three.

    • Kevin

      Since we are pointing out mistakes, it is in the fourth paragraph not the third.

    • SweetSchism

      i didnt realize everybody was as perfect as you. hey guys! this guy should be the new admin of GameRant, he’s the best for the job: he’s PERFECT!

  • Yuuchun

    I heard rumors of a modified HD 4800 being in there.

  • KanTstandYa

    why does someone always have to comment when the writer makes a small grammatical error. we all know he meant Xbox. and Nintendo RIP what kind of company releases a new console that’s the same as a 6 year old console??. especially when those company’s are about to come out with a even better console?? great strategy Nintendo.

    • GamerFreak77

      Actually the version shown @ E3 was this one, which is under-clocked hardware. The final version will be way more powerful than the Xbox 360 & PS3. Even this version has way more RAM + It’ll have an up-to-date custom built Graphics Card. I hate all this rumour crap on the net these days, it was the same when all these so-called know-it-alls said that Nintendo was doomed. Listen up RUMOURS ARE NOT FACTS!!!

      • knock.knock

        Well the track record of these rumors have been pretty accurate thus far.

        – There was the rumor that 3ds wouldn’t do so well. It didn’t.
        – There was the rumor that Nintendo was doing bad profit wise. It is doing bad.
        – There was a rumor that Nintendo was creating some ugly Add on for the 3ds. They have.

        and now this.

        I love nintendo as much as the next guy, but you win some you lose some, and right now it looks like they’re loosing.

        • Yuuchun

          Yeah all true. I hate that stupid looking add-on.

      • balian55

        ur right rumours arent real but RUMORS most of the time are XD

        • SweetSchism

          you realize that Americans spell it “rumor” while most the rest of the world spell it “Rumour”? its not a typo.

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    told you this would be so!

  • jeenaud

    this is misinformation because all other web sites say that this is an underclocked development kit and that ther is a more powerful version.

  • Josh

    So an unnamed video card that could be alot more powerful than any of them out there now, (along with no specs on the GPU bus speed or even bandwidth numbers) and adding a whole extra CPU core and 256 more system ram then the 360 and its the same specs REALLY, where did all of you learn your math skills fanboy collage. In the computer world that much change adds more power, and considering Microsoft can barley optimize an operating system to handle on a lower spec pc. Look at the PS3 its lower in specs and runs better. Ive never had a nintendo game slag, drop framerate. Its in the hands of Nintendo lets give a little faith.

    • Yuuchun

      Well, in one area the PS3 is weaker, the GPU. But the CPU is across the board better.

      It’s kinda funny really. Xbox should have used Blu-ray. As it is now, they have to compress stuff to fit on the dvds.

      And PS3 should have made a CPU that is easier to program for.

      At the end of the day though both are so similar performance wise one should get one based on the games they have.

      • Yuuchun

        If the rumors hold true about the 4800 HD, that will be a massive help to the system, as current systems (360/PS3) GPU’s are roughly 3 generations behind.

        Though, if the Xbox launches the way it did for the 360, it’s not unreasonable to assume the system will sport a HD 8000. if not that it will surly use a HD 7000 card, which if rumor holds true will be a beast.

        Lots of rumors these days…

        So while nintendo will be upgrading, it will still be behind.

        • Josh

          Very true, I agree that it seems nintendo will always be a generation behind. I love PS3 exclusives, and nintendo’s. Not trying to troll but I really only like Gears, now 360’s interface is fantastic the new one not the blade one. Nintendo is always showing off when we all least expect it, skyward sword made me fire up my Wii again. I play across all platforms and am a graphics wh@!e, I choose pc if availble but go to whatever is fun

          • Commander Shepard

            Ive never heard of a graphics whale before.

          • Yuuchun

            I’ll agree that the interface is allot better. I think the settings on the Xbox dashboard need a fine tuning it’s easy to not be able to find what you need as far as privacy settings are concerned, and if I’m a gold member, I should not have to see ads. I’m more of a fan of the Halo franchise, not so much a Gears fan.

            I haven’t really touched my Wii since Other M. Loved that game. I just can’t get passed how much of tranny Link looks like in this one.

  • ATG

    More powerful than 360 and PS3 or not, Nintendo is behind again in the hardware department. 720 and PS4 will release shortly after. Nintendo will probably sell more though. This isn’t a crap console, just geared towards Nintendos usual market.

  • Ryan

    @ knock.knock

    – 3ds has a better year one sales than the original DS.. how is that selling badly (before the holiday season aswell).
    – Nintendo R&D on two new consoles costs money.. you do know sony and xbox made massive losses building upto their current-gen releases.
    – yeah its pretty ugly.. but if it works then thats great. 3ds lite will come with dual analog anyways.

    to all the people thinking sony and m$ are going to release a new console soon are fools lol.. unless soon means 2-3 years. In that case.. your probably right.

  • swrqq

    erry Christmas ,Christmas top gift

  • TheAvenger

    I don’t know what Nintendo is thinking…
    Why would anyone want to buy this?
    The controller looks terrible (and all the evidence suggests that it’ll handle terribly as well).
    The graphics and processing power is 6 years behind the rest of the gaming world.
    And it’ll most likely be WAY overpriced.

    -Just my opinion, but personally, I, nor any other person I know is interested in buying the Wii U.

    • TechGameStuff


      • GameCollector

        So, by evidence you mean…no proof at all?

        -Loads of developers/article writers actually used the Wii U controller at the E3, and said it was very comfortable, despite appearing large.

        -You can’t judge the graphics as we know absolutely nothing about what it ACTUALLY HAS inside it.

        -In a G4 interview, Reggie has already stated that the Wii U won’t be far off from the price of the Wii when it first launched.

        -Well, to be fair, just about everybody I know is very interested in it. (Well, the people I know that play games, anyway.)

  • SuperTrainStationH

    I like how all of a sudden we’ve created this fantasy world where the most powerful console ALWAYS is always the most successful and will always have the best selection of games for the traditional gamer.

    EVERY SINGLE CONSOLE GENERATION has proven this notion objectively incorrect.

    Yes, so Wii U, being the least powerful 8th gen console, is destined to failure, and to have the poorest quality and selection of games.

    Just like the Nintendo DS, was doomed to failure and to have the poorest quality and selection of games because the PSP was clearly a whole generational leap ahead of it.

    Just like how PlayStation 2, being the LEAST powerful 7th gen console, was destined to failure, and to have the poorest quality and selection of games.

    Just like how Dreamcast, the MOST powerful 6th gen console, was guaranteed to be a success, and to have the widest and most appealing selection of games and be a long lived, thriving platform.

    Just like how PlayStation, FAR FROM THE MOST POWERFUL 6th gen console, was destined to failure, and to have the poorest quality and selection of games, faced with insurmountable competition from consoles twice or even three times as powerful.

    Just like how the Super Nintendo was doomed to fail and to have bad games and bad graphics with its inferior technology as obviously superior, super powered 32 and 64 bit super-platforms with CD drives stormed store shelves in the early 90’s.

    Seeing a pattern here?

    Yes, so go ahead and say Wii U is going to be a bad system with bad games because it’s “only” 50% more powerful than high performance systems currently available.

    I on the other hand will make that judgment based on the games themselves and what I experience when I’m behind Wii U’s controller, rather than by making comparisons to theoretical competing consoles that aren’t even on the horizon yet.

    Oh, and just a disclaimer, the Mii based Wii U tech demos they showed at E3 2011 deliberately look like plastic dolls, they aren’t a reflection of the Wii U’s capabilities. I feel the need to specify that since so many “hardcore” gamers were eager to pass judgment on the original Wii based entirely on Wii Sports and Wii Fit.

    • GameCollector

      +1 Internets for using proper logic.