Reggie Fils-Aime Puts Wii U Ahead of Xbox One

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Reggie Fils-Aime 3DS Video

Over the last year or so much has been made of the Wii U’s, and by extension Nintendo’s, financial struggles. 2013 was the first year in a long time that the company posted a loss, but Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime thinks things will turn around rather quickly.

In fact, Fils-Aime doesn’t believe his company’s latest console is out of the running at all. A recent uptick in May suggests the console may be on the rise, and so he’s interested to see how things shake out between all three major consoles in June.

In an interview with the Seattle Times, Fils-Aime discusses all things Nintendo, from potential price points for the recently announced Amiibo figures to the incredible success of the 3DS platform — the best-selling platform last year. But a major point of focus for Fils-Aime will continue to be the Wii U, and so the publication grilled him about the console’s past and its future.

Nintendo Amiibo Figures

While Fils-Aime was never willing to admit defeat with the Wii U, he does suggest that the company’s ongoing quest for software perfection hurt the console’s launch titles. Games like Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and Wii Fit U were originally planned as launch window games, but Nintendo was unwilling to compromise on those games’ development simply to meet a deadline. And as a result, the Wii U’s selection was rather limited at launch.

The interesting point there is that when we announced the Wii U and when we announced all of the launch details, we fully expected games like “Wii Fit U,” “Pikmin,” the “The Wonderful 101” to be in the launch window. The Nintendo quality bar is really what kept us from launching those games potentially in February or March and so that’s what created the lack of software during that initial launch phase.

The reality is that what we needed was all of that great content to launch when it was initially planned, but to also have that great content also be the highest quality. That’s really tough to manage.

Now, however, Fils-Aime believes there is a strong line-up waiting for Wii U owners, starting with Hyrule Warriors later this year all the way through Super Smash Bros. on Wii U. Not to mention, the company’s 2015 slate, which includes the new shooter Splatoon and The Legend of Zelda on Wii U.

With such a strong lineup on the way, Fils-Aime believes that the Wii U is poised to turn the corner. Mario Kart 8 was only available for a short time last month, but it alone was able to boost Wii U sales by a reported 85% percent. In short, Fils-Aime can only imagine what a full month’s worth of sales, combined with excitement over Nintendo’s recently announced E3 2014titles will do for the Wii U.

Mario Kart 8 Angry Luigi

As far as whether or not this will help the Wii U stay competitive with the Xbox One and PS4 is unclear. Still, as Fils-Aime points out, the Wii U is leading the charge when it comes to lifetime sales, besting the PS4 by a small margin.

The dirty little secret is if you look at life-to-date numbers, between Sony and Nintendo they’d be pretty close in terms of PS4 vs. Wii U, with Xbox coming in third place. I think it’s going to be a three-horse race for the balance of this cycle.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the PS4, which hit 7 million units sold in April, may have already passed the Wii U in terms of lifetime sales, and in a much shorter amount of time.

That being said, it appears the company’s E3 2014 presentation did exactly what Nintendo and its fans hoped. It generated excitement for upcoming games and likely helped make the Wii U a more enticing proposition. We, like Reggie, are eager to see how June’s sales numbers shake out.

Do you think that Nintendo’s E3 2014 showing will help boost Wii U sales? Which of Nintendo’s recently announced games are you most excited to play?

Source: Seattle Times

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  • Daniel

    Until these games are released, the sales may not boost like we would hope.

  • Daniel

    I actually would be thrilled to see some good three way competition. I’d hate for one to dominate the other by a landslide.

  • Titanium Dragon

    Well, apparently the XBox One is way behind, both in total numbers sold and, allegedly, in terms of ongoing volume. The XBOne was doing well for a while, but it has been crumbling, while the Wii U’s numbers have been rising.

    The fact of the matter is, I’m pretty sure he’s right; the PS4 is probably somewhat ahead of the Wii U in overall sales, but the Wii U is apparently the #2 console, not the #3 one in both overall numbers and continuing sales.

    I think that once they hit all the points they need to – Super Smash Brothers, Zelda, some new IP – they’ll be doing quite well. People just didn’t have a REASON to buy the Wii U.

    And we shouldn’t underestimate Wii U Fit; the fact that it hadn’t launched earlier on is practically criminal, but Wii Fit is an enormous mover.

  • Bill Fred

    Got a friend who owned xboxone. No one ever been to his house to play it, instead we’re jumped into our pals who owns ps4 and wii u. Wii u was definitely fun, super fun and funny as well, we laughed a lot. Ps4 is fun too but it was a little too much adult. So we played wii u a lot more. I even bought a nunchuck though i don’t own a wii u just to play with my dude’s wii u!
    i’m from brazil and sorry for my bad english, not my native language!

  • Melvin B. Benson V

    I actually just bought myself a Wii U. Although I bought it used so I could purchase Mario Kart 8 (with free download. Picked Zelda) and ZombiU, I’ve already found it incredible. It’s like a social network console. I’ve always found Nintendo to have a lame online experience, but this one is MUCH better than both Microsoft and Sony.

    It feels very similar to Steam, where you get instant community updates, both in games and outside. A shame it’s hardware is only between 7th and 8th gen so we won’t see the same games as Xbone and PS4, but it promises to have some really unique experiences.

    Not to mention the tablet doesn’t feel like a gimmick at all. I expected it to be lame like the 3D on the 3DS and the motion on the Wii. It feels normal.

    • Joe

      I am, personally, Glad that it cannot run most of the newer games because most of them are not that amazing. The Graphics on Wii U are just as good as PS4 and Xbone. they are 1080p. the processor on the others is better, so it just means faster running movie sequences and more enemies on screen at once. The limited hardware on Wii U will make developers have to get creative which I think is good for gaming overall.

      I fully agree with the tablet not feeling gimmicky at all. it is comfy and when used properly can add to a game. Lego City Undercover is a good example. Also, Warioware. Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4 both have a nice feature of putting all of your HUD on the tablet leaving the TV to just have the beautiful visuals without all the clutter. Simple touches make a difference.

  • Joe

    I think that Nintendo had the strongest showing at E3 this year. (The Robot chicken thing was awesome as well and it shows they have a good sense of humor) I was hoping for Sony or Microsoft to sell me on their systems and give me a reason to own one. So far, nothing announced has my interest. Surprisingly, I wasn’t even impressed by LBP 3. Xbone had Project Spark, but still that was meh. Both of those games are game builders. like Mario Maker. The difference, LBP is really cool, but I get tired of it quickly and Project Spark just looks like the developer said, here, make the damn game yourself! (Especially with throwing in Conker) but Mario Maker is Nintendo saying, Here, make your own Iconic Mario Game. Also Splatoon! That is a game that actually does advance the shooter. CoD and Battlefield are basically the same game each time, adding nothing new. Splatoon adds strategy, new ideas like using your teams color to travel faster, being able to see people hiding behind a wall due to the ink being visible. It will be an interesting year.