Wii U Selling on Secondary Markets for Up to $1,000

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Wii U Price Gouging

While the verdict is out on just how well the Wii U will sell when it launches this November, pre-orders for the console’s two packages (the 8GB Basic Set and the 32 GB Deluxe version) suggest Nintendo has another winner on their hands. By now gamers that are interested in picking up a Wii U are having to settle for a post-launch pre-order that could potentially be fulfilled if Nintendo were to increase their launch day inventory.

However, those that remember the Wii’s launch will figure that this “sell out” will last well into the New Year, if not beyond then. Additionally, those that fought tooth and nail for motion controlled-wonders will remember the amount of price gouging that took place on secondary markets for the Wii, and should not be surprised to hear the same is taking place for the Wii U.

According to Ars Technica, and a thorough perusing of eBay, Wii U pre-order holders are selling the promise of their console at nearly a 60% mark-up in the case of the Deluxe Set — whereas the Basic versions are averaging about a 15% mark-up. Gamers that are still waiting to see what Nintendo has to offer in terms of compelling Wii U content will laugh at the idea of paying $600+ for the console, but for some desperate parents or Nintendo fans this may be the only answer.

Similarly, over on Amazon the online retailer is offering Wii U consoles for upwards of $600 to $1000, a jaw-dropping amount, but one that some will be willing to pay.

Some gamers might be wondering why Nintendo doesn’t respond to the pre-order sell-outs and simply boost up inventory, but to answer that you’d have to be Nintendo. For every console launch, not just of a Nintendo device, there have been rumors of manufactured shortages, but Nintendo has vehemently denied those claims.

Since it was fairly easy to come across a 3DS on store shelves during launch, we’d venture to guess that Nintendo didn’t want to go overboard with console inventory out of the gate. We’ll see whether gamers continue to clamor for the console after the holiday season is over, though.

Would you be willing to pay double or triple for a chance to have a launch-day Wii U? Should Nintendo increase their inventory now that they know the console is selling out, or is it smarter for them to keep demand high?

Nintendo Wii U launches on November 18, 2012.

Source: Ars Technica

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  • ATG

    People are such idiots if they buy this at a grand. Just tell little Timmy Santa Claus ran the f@#$ out!

    People can be such suckers.

  • Spy

    Think about it on the other side, though. You’re really excited for a console that sells out everywhere the first day, but you can’t get one. Well, that sucks but you still technically can purchase it. It’s really a person’s choice. http://www.trivworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Charlie-Sheen-Winning1.jpg
    Pic related, mfw I sell a Wii online when it first came out at almost double the retail price.

  • Dante

    So does doing this very thing at every recent console launch make me some kind of a villain?

    I personally don’t think so, I made a ton of cash on PS3s (yep people were willing to spend more than $600 – LOL), 360s, Wiis, and I expect the same on Wii U’s.

    I am simply selling them at a price I think someone is willing to pay, obviously I am not wrong.

    If I am a villain though, so be it, I choose to be called Darth Urterer.

  • KanTstandYa

    lol i wouldnt pay 50$ for it.

  • Travis

    If people are willing to pay marked-up prices then more power to the people who are re-selling them for a profit. I don’t understand needing to have something on launch day so bad that you would pay extreme prices to get it.