Miyamoto Speaks Out On The Wii U’s Power, Price, And Tablet

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Wii U Miyamoto

A lot of strange things have been said about the Wii U since its E3 reveal, many of them not that flattering. We’ve learned that Nintendo’s latest console will have no Blu-ray or DVD playback capabilities, though we still don’t know the system’s release date or price tag. Now, Nintendo’s big names — like Shigeru Miyamoto — have come in to help alleviate some of the fears that the Wii U will become a “Wii Don’t.”

One of the big questions around the Wii U has been simply how powerful it will be compared to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Speaking to GameSpot, Miyamoto confirmed that the Wii U would only slightly outperform the current consoles, never intending to blow the competition out of the running.

“I don’t know that we would be able to sit here and say that it’s going to necessarily dramatically outperform the systems that are out now.”

During its E3 Press Conference, Nintendo included PS3 and Xbox 360 footage of several games, implying that at the least, the Wii U would be able to perform at the same level as those systems. Miyamoto added that with the addition of HD graphic capabilities, he hopes that this will encourage third-party developers (primarily those involved with first-person shooters) to create titles for the system.

Yet when it comes down to price, Nintendo is being very careful — trying to keep the system affordable for mainstream and family gamers. From a cost standpoint, finding the balance between advanced technology — with their Wii U Tablet – and affordable entertainment, is key.

“We’re very sensitive to pricing because people have generally only a certain amount of their spending that they’ll devote to entertainment, and if you’re talking about parents buying something for kids, there are certain price points where parents may be willing to or not willing to purchase a certain product.”

Wii U Tech Demo

Miyamoto went on to say that while making the console affordable is importable, it cannot take away from advancing technology, finishing by saying that the Wii U will likely cost more than the Wii’s $250 initial price.

Among the final topics that Miyamoto touched on was the Wii U’s tablet. Arguably Nintendo’s major focus for the console, it’s the piece that has been receiving the most scrutiny. Hearing murmurs that the device resembles Apple’s iPad, Miyamoto was quick to announce that Nintendo had been working on the device for “several years” before Apple’s table ever launched.

“We felt it was kind of a funny coincidence that, while we had been working on this, all of a sudden right as we’re getting ready to bring it to the public, there’s this tablet boom. On the one hand we felt that if we were to show it off at E3 last year, then people would look at it and say, ‘Oh, it’s like a tablet.’ But on the other hand, it may have actually helped us because it made it easier for people to understand the concept.”

It seems like Nintendo is sound in the justifications, yet at the same time it’s just a little too late. With rumors spreading that Microsoft is on their way towards their next console, it may be that Nintendo should have waited a little longer, or spent more time focusing on raw power, rather than the tablet. Understandably, they have crowned themselves the innovators of the gaming industry, but it will take a lot to turn the tide.

Give us your opinions and lets us know what you’re thinking, Ranters.

Source: GameSpot, GamePro

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  • Dante

    So an article a day from Nintendo regarding their “new” system. Does this reek of desperation to anyone but me?

    Look Nintendo, you had your chance, most of us have THIS GENERATION systems already, a PS3 or a 360, and if you think most of us are going to give that up to play on your little novelty then you are deluded.

    We wanted Next Gen, you gave us the Wii, so now you attempt Next Gen & barely outmatch Current Gen systems? LOL

    I can see it now, Nintendo, the newest 3rd Party Developer for Sony & Microsoft, I’ll welcome you guys to the fold as I play Mario on my PS3.

    • Lanceride

      You do realize that the Wii is the best selling video game system of all time, right? They made a ridiculous amount of money off of it, and they still are. It’s not desperation at all. They don’t need desperation, they still make the most money. They always have.

      • http://www.betterwithpopcorn.com Prax

        Um, what? The Wii isn’t the best selling system of all time. The best selling system of all time is the PS2, and by far… like nearly double. The original Playstation sold a lot more too. The Wii is the best-selling system of this generation, yes, but it’s reached its ceiling, which is why Nintendo is the first of the big three to come out with a new set of systems.

        Thing is, they don’t seem to be exceeding anything that Microsoft or Sony can do, they just seem to be matching it. Which is bad news for them, because it’s clearly something they’ve overlooked. Microsoft’s likely to come out with a new system probably in 2013, and Sony will be right behind them in 2014, and while the Wii U will be (graphically and in terms of power) catching up to its competitors, the Xbox 720 and the PS4 will be catching up to PCs. So, ya, I think they are kind of desperate because not everyone is head over heels in love with their new system as they probably hoped.

        The Wii U is already set to break a bunch of cardinal rules put into place by Nintendo when they released the original Wii. It’s going to have to rely on third party developers to be a success, it’s going to do what other companies are trying to do instead of being its own system, and it’s going to try to steal market share from those companies instead of forging their own Niche. Not to mention it’s going to go over $250 as Miyamoto said himself, which is a recipe for disaster. They won’t be able to sell this thing for under $400, and even that’s modest and likely at a loss.

        Not to mention that they’re stock went into a nosedive after they announced the console. And you think they’re not desperate? There are some executives over at Nintendo sweating bullets right now.

        • http://gamerant.com William Case

          Nintendo has a pretty firm understanding on how the market and the consumer feels right now. They understand that these *exact* conversations are happening, and know that people are thinking “They screwed up.”

          But as Dante pointed out, the Wii sold its share of units: 86 million. Not many can say that their console reached that number, nor that quickly (Even with the PlayStation 2 hitting 150 units worldwide, the Wii cut their time in half). Nintendo has learned through the years that if they can hit that *specific* market, then they can win regardless. When the Wii came out, we were having this came argument, and look what happened?

          As a writer, I’m not here to say one side is right or wrong, but to help play Devil’s Advocate and get people talking. In the meantime, I feel as if Nintendo has found a niche, and has utilized it.

        • Brian Walker

          Throwing numbers around made me go look it up, and not only are you right, but I found a hilarious figure. Did you guys know that the Atari 2600 sold more units than the original Xbox? I am currently laughing out loud.

          Ok, back to ranting.

          • Dante

            Hehehe, Sony Fanboy here, I am laughing too, I contributed to those 2600 numbers, or my Dad did. 😀

        • SteveDOF

          WE already know MS and Sony are playing down expectations of a “massive leap” in power for their next gen console and talking more about broadening their markets to include more than “just the hardcore”. So the Wii U has just most likely “levelled the playing field” as far as power goes.

          I agree that Nintendo are not aiming at a “niche” market, I don’t think they ever have. The fact that the Wii was branded a “casual gamers” machine was not their plan. Yes, they wanted that market, but did not think that it would cost them so many “hardcore gamers”, who they tried hard to keep – and failed.

          Nintendo want, the casual market, the hardcore market and any other market they can sell to. Sony and MS seem to be agreeing with that strategy.

      • Dante

        It is desperation, it reeks of it, trolls are breathing it in as the numerous articles stroll across their bridges.

        The Wii did sell a lot of units, to people who had never owned a video game system before. Most of these Wii units, I would venture a guess, are so laden with dust right now their owners have trouble finding them.

        Nintendo abandoned us, the gamers, long before we abandoned them. Now all of the micro-press releases about this new system do nothing to persuade us, rather they antagonize us; reminding us of the time we were abandoned by our childhood friend.

        • SteveDOF

          This really childish. Nintendo tried very had to persuade third party Devs to bring mature content to the Wii. The problem was that games journalists set their minds against the Wii and those devs then assumed that the machine could not support a mature hardcore market. Which was dumb, since some of the best selling games on the Wii were the few hardcore and mature titles; Metroid prime, Resident evil, House of the dead, Madworld, Goldeneye and a few others. This idea became a self-fulfilling prophecy, with the lack of content for their needs the market went elsewhere and third party devs sat back and basked in their “wisdom” being proven right. Nintendo did not “abandon anyone”. If any of this is their fault, it is that they failed in their endeavours to bring enough mature content to the system.

      • Ryushi

        Not best-selling of all time, but it was given the award of the fastest ever selling console.

    • Dello

      You know, Ps3 and XBOX owners have been saying this exact thing since the Wii came out, that Nintendo was gonna fail utterly, and go the way of Sony… But, despite what y’all may personally think about the Wii, it has not failed, not at all… Nintendo isnt going anywhere, and they are still inovating the industry, if perhaps not the way you’d personally like to, while Microsoft and Sony are only ever releasing new, improved versions of the same exact model… ya know, Sony exects said when the Wii first came out that they didnt belive motion controls were the future of gaming, that they were a gimmick and wouldnt be pursuing the tech themselves; 3 years later they’re releasing PS Move and Kinect, to try and catch up with the Wii’s numbers and new category of gamers. Mark my words: expect the next Xbox and Playstation come with a tablet option, or one to be deeloped for the current consoles a few years after the Wii U comes out.
      And dont write me off as the ranting of a Wii fanatic, cause while I may always and forever be a nintendo fan, I play my 360 almost exclusively these days, cause it fits my currant style of gaming better. I’m just not arrogant and small minded enough to say that just because the Wii and Nintendo isnt currently pandering to my prefered style of gaming that it has failed all gamers everywhere epically, that its doomed to fail and that Nintendo should run out of business and demoted down to 3rd party status cause theyre not giving me what I want. Just saying

      • Dello

        *go the way of SEGA (not Sony)

  • Tyberious

    I find it funny how nintendo is acting like they had the tablet “idea” first. If they had been working on the tablet for years then that would mean apple had been working on it for longer since they had released long before last years E3. I’m sorry but, nintendo has to stop thinking that every idea that goes on the market is there. I bet you if someone came out with a good platformer (one better then the mario series) then, nintendo would be like “well we invented the platformer so “we” deserve the credit.

    • Jose

      They were only stating they did not copy, not that it’s theirs.

  • http://gamerant.com William Case

    Nintendo is stumbling to pick up what they lost during E3. They realize that consumers are looking at the Wii U and saying “no.” Unfortunately, they have little to show for it (because they lack the physical product to wave around, or they are building up… which I doubt).

    I will give them extreme credit that they are sticking in there, staying with their convictions and trying to sway people with their logical assessments. Problem is, it’s all a little too late and the logic is… well, backwards.

    • Ryushi

      Nope. They waited so long for two reasons:
      A) The Wii was not intended as a long-lasting console (even though the 360 has the worst life of any console).

      B) Nintendo has a trend to have five years in-between their consoles, and they’ve always done this, all the way from the NES. So, it’s really more tradition for them.

    • SteveDOF

      Actually you are wrong. According to research from EEDAR;http://wii.nowgamer.com/news/6351/wii-u-consumers-universally-positive-analyst

      “Consumer response to the Wii U has been universally positive”. We have seen a lot of third party devs praising the Wii U too. Most negative reactions come from fanboys and Journos, and much of that is based on assumptions.

  • Kenny

    I don’t know about the Wii U. I’ve always been a big Nintendo fan, and I’ve stayed as one during the Wii’s years. The new console idea is not what I was hoping for. and it seems Very expensive. and the 1 controller idea really put a huge impact about my opinion about the console. I’m gonna see where the Wii U heads, but I’d wish Nintendo just made the console more like the N64 or Game Cube.

  • http://Jasondoss.Bandcamp.com Jason Doss

    As a long standing nintendo fan, I will say I was very impressed with the Wii U. Though I will agree with the power statement. We all know that they’re very capable of creating it, but the question is why don’t they? I think if they took enough time to work on it, they could make an elite system that blows everything else away. Is the Wii U it? Of course not. I guess we’ll have to wait another 6 or 7 years to find out.


    Nintendo is falling out of the console wars and if they keep this kind of productivity they’ll be gone before you know it sorry Nintendo it is what it is

    • Dante

      I would argue & agree with you, for one I think they are definitely out of the Sony – Microsoft console wars. The older gamers, like myself, have moved on.

      I don’t think they’ll be gone though, they have dominated a new market, it’s not for me, but it is for families & single-use buyers. Tons of Wii’s were sold purely based on the marketing of getting everyone (dad, mom, grandma, & grandpa too) involved in the gaming. This struck a cord with casual audiences (the lion’s share of the population) but like most board games it eventually ended up dusty on a shelf.

      Still the Wii contributed to numbers sold and like board games newer iterations continue to inexplicably sell (do we need that many versions of Monopoly – really?) – cue Wii U.

      If the Wii was the new Monopoly then Wii U is Monopoly Gold Lord of the Rings Edition. I’m still not interested, but tons of families are.

  • Gamer@heart

    The Nintendo hater have me LMAO right now.
    Let’s see where to start, well the Wii U is suppose to have a piece of Waston in it. The first computer to win Jepordy. Uh, well it’ll probably be the first system whose games bother to use the full HD. I’ve read that the PS3 and 360 rarely have games in true 1080p and even then you find that it’s some of the few PS3 games that do support the full HD. Well, there isn’t much for Sony or Microsoft to do but up the power so devs feel the urge to use the full HD and they could up the power under the hood. Well really all the PS4 and 720 will is slightly more powerful versions of the PS3 and 360. LOL, and you guys are gonna spend big bucks on it too, even though there not much difference. Or is it that you guys are wanting Sony and Microsoft to pull some new mythical screen definition out their butts. Play games in 2160p. Yeah you’d still see 1080p though.

    Now Nintendo has the problem solved. You wanna make and sell a new system. Not only is the Wii U a new system with more power than Wii but Nintendo made a new innovative controller, something Sony and Microsoft laugh at but then play catch up years later. Motion controls ring a bell? Well I’m sure that Sony and Mircosoft are going to play catch up yet again in 6 years.

    Sony and Microsoft will never learn and their fan base will no doubt always bash Nintendo because the fans are brainwashed into thinking innovation is murder of games.

    • Dante

      So it’s everyone else who is brainwashed huh?

      Now that is funny.

    • Dante

      No one here is saying that you shouldn’t buy one, just that we are not going to.

      On you comments about graphical power – Hate to break it to you but when the Wii came out and all of us “haters” were out in force, the Nintendo faithful were the first to say that graphics didn’t mean anything. Now graphics are apparently Nintendo’s panacea? LOL

      Well I wish you and your gigantic controller luck Sir, as for me the PS3 then the PS4, Gamecube was my last foreseeable Nintendo console.

    • ios

      Sorry to tell you,but the so called “innovative controller” isn’t so innovative at all !

      It’s just like on my gamecube or wii with my NDS attached !
      Nintendo did this already years ago…and even Square soft used it for the Mana game.

      That controller is nothing new,sadly !
      I have the feeling they are running out of ideas !
      And who needs just another Xbox or Playstation on the market ?
      I for sure not !

      If I can play my games on Xbox or my Playstation.why buy the Wii U ?
      Because of a Gimmick ?

      And Third Party mostly will port there games,sure at the beginning they will try a few games,but if those do not sell well the Wii U will be dumped down wirh ports..boring !

      Nintendo lost their identity with that console..:(

    • SteveDOF

      Firstly Nintendo are not putting out an article a day. most of the spate of recent articles are excerpts from interviews at or close to E3. Secondly, how on Earth would publicising a console be deemed “desperation”? No doubt Sony would kill to get “an artcile a day” on the Vita. Grow up.

  • Chris

    I love Nintendo because they innovate. Not because of their graphics. That why I love Sony and Microsoft. Because with those games I can blow things up. And that’s fun. But it’s also fun to jump on turtles and brown mushrooms. I’ll be getting all of the new systems from the three big companies.

  • http://Jasondoss.Bandcamp.com Jason Doss

    Gamer@heart: I couldn’t agree with you more. Nintendo has always been ahead of the game with the “gaming experience” level. And not to mention I can go on and on how sony has ripped off so many things from nintendo. The move, wow such an original Idea sony! Never seen anything like it! Ha. Will I purchase a Wii U? Absolutely. Is it the greatest system ever? No. Because damnit you just can’t top the snes. XD

  • th3squirr3l

    I agree and disagree with just about everything said here. LOL.

    Personally, I can’t wait for the Wii U. It’s not about graphics. It’s not about “innovation”. It’s about the best damn franchises and IPs in videogame history. Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mario (and the expanse of spin-offs thereof) to name the biggest… And now that Nintendo is finally at least trying to step their game up in the power aspect of the console (both processing and graphics), good ol’ Ninty is gonna be getting Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed finally, your typical “hardcore market” games. (lol@ those of you who buy every iteration of CoD and call yourself a hardcore gamer…) So I see this now as Nintendo’s chance to take back part of the market they lost with the Wii, and bring us back to the times of the N64 and GCN.

    I actually agree with Gamer@heart… Why keep buying the next Sony or Microsoft console when you’re getting the same exact thing, over and over again? Albeit with improved visuals, of course. Rarely do I see an innovative or original game exclusive to PS3 or 360.

    As for the whole 1 controller rumors… Well, that’s just it. They’re only rumors.

  • angryguy77

    have fun with that controller. The only good thing that could be used for is if God calls you to the top of a mountain and engraves the ten commandments onto it.

    I want to game, not play with gimmicks which is what the big n has become.
    I was a loyal customer of theirs until they made it clear they didn’t want my type around-they wanted kids and moms.
    I think they lost a whole generation of gamers who are in their late 20’s and 30’s. Just think, if they would have not turned their back on us, they could have kept us and grabbed the demographic they now own.

    • SteveDOF

      Nintendo did not “turn their backs” on anyone. The lack of mature hardcore games for the Wii was entirely down to third party devs. Nintendo would have been over the moon if such games were made for the Wii.

      • angryguy77

        they did. It wasn’t just the Wii, it has been a slow progression on their part. It started with the gamecube which was the last Ninetendo system I purchased. I gave it a go, I liked the RE remakes and some of the other titles. But when it came to the first party games(which was the reason I was so loyal), I discovered they were not making these games for gamers, they were making them for kids(they even started this in the N64 days to a lesser extent, but they had a good mix of games with that system). Metroid, Zelda to name a few were way to easy. I was disappointed to say the least. In that time I played Halo at a friends house and proceeded to trade the cube in. I was tired of few and far between games that were targeted towards my demographic, I was tired of the sesame street level challenge. I stuck with that company through countless game and hardware delays and swore by them for the longest time. But the writing was on the wall and I wasn’t going to be suckered in anymore.

        I’m not going to tell someone not to like a console. If motion control and a sprinkle of a few grown up games is your thing, then go for it. But I have to call anyone out who says Nintendo will give the 25-30+ gamer what they are looking for consistently. It doesn’t, and they knew they couldn’t compete for the same demographic with Sony and MS by doing business as usual. They could have, but they chose not to and they targeted a different group. Nintendo would never in a million years give its customers a game like Gears of War,God of War or Ninja Gaiden.

        I’m sure the WII U will sell, but I don’t see it selling as good as the Wii. Kids will nag their parents for it and get it. But I don’t see the casuals who made a large part of their base but this new system.

    • SteveDOF

      The Wii U has more controller options than any other console. If you don’t like the new controller, try the classic controller or CCpro, personally for FPS games, my own preference is the Wiimote and nunchuck, but each to their own.

  • Centaur Machine

    Lots of people say that “Why bother with Wii U when everyone already has a 360 or PS3?”.

    At 36 years old, I’ve passed on all the current consoles. I used to be a console gamer, but the latest just didn’t interest me enough.

    I am a PC gamer, but I like Nintendo for the fact that they bring a _reason_ for a console – an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. PS3 and 360 are just dumbed down low graphic quality PC games. However, I was disappointed in the Wii’s controls, so I passed on the Wii as well. But the Wii U looks to have it all and more.

    So I think the opposite: why bother with 360 and PS3 when you can get a Wii U? Keep in mind that there are millions of new gamers all the time; gamers that don’t have a current console, or maybe considering upgrading from a Wii or a handheld.

    Not to mention the fact that Nintendo has almost all of the most successful game IPs to themselves.

    Don’t be foolish; Nintendo is leading the console wars, and the others are playing catch up – not the other way around. It doesn’t take the most powerful system to be the leader. Sony wants to pack on tons of features that no real gamer cares about, or they don’t support their features, or they remove features later since they are bleeding money. Microsoft had it right, and just created a cheap PC gamebox, with – in 2005 – had a game system with graphics that would have taken hundreds of dollars more to create on a PC. But Sony lost sight.

    Finally, complaining that Nintendo doesn’t play DVD’s is just silly. Does anyone not have a DVD player at this point? A few people?

    You’re just wearing out the machine. The lasers in particular only last so long, you know.

    When I turn on a game console, the last thing I’ll want to put into it is the latest terrible Hollywood scratched up rental.

    Even a devout elitist PC gamer like myself will be looking at the Wii U with a bit of envy, even consideration, I think.

    • Andrew

      Nintendo was never about graphics and power that Microsoft and Sony are obsessed with, Nintendo was about having fun and trying something new. Sure, Nintendo keeps adding sequels to games like Mario and Zelda, but they can because people love those games!

      In all honesty, first person shooter which Microsoft and Sony keep spitting out actually get pretty boring after awhile. To me, almost all shooters are the same and COD is the MOST OVERRATED GAME EVER!

      I started with a GameBoy color and a N64. That is where all the classic games came from and always will. Nintendo is always going to be the wise grandfather of all games. They are the only company that has made classics from the beginning and until this day. Sony and Microsoft, please, a real gamer is not one who started out on them. It’s the Nintendo people who may or may not have moved to other systems but still dust it off to play a classic.